Sunday, August 13, 2017

KGB Manufactured Murder and Chaos in Our Streets

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For more than a decade, I have been warning that the jews want to create a revolution and provoke civil war in America. In my book Putin's Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in Our Time I write about how the KGB is staging conflicts between Nazis and Antifa under their control in the West to foment the chaos of Trotsky's "permanent revolution". On my website I recently posted a page with links to demonstrate this orchestrated mayhem. That list just grew longer:

Graphic video shows moment when car drives through protesters

Officials: White nationalist rally linked to 3 deaths

Putin's Support for Europe's Far-Right Just Turned Lethal: This week's cop-killing by a Hungarian neo-Nazi reveals the Kremlin's hidden hand

Russian extremists are 'training neo Nazi terrorists from Europe to use machine guns and make bombs at a paramilitary course where fanatics prepare for "the collapse of civilization"'

Intent on Unsettling E.U., Russia Taps Foot Soldiers From the Fringe

These Swedish Nazis Trained In Russia Before Bombing A Center For Asylum Seekers

Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee

7 stabbed at neo-Nazi event outside Capitol in Sacramento

Antifa: The Resurgence of Left-Wing Street Warfare

Russia unleashes anti-swastika purge ahead of WW2 parade

H.R. McMaster: Russia is trying to 'break apart Europe' with disinformation and propaganda

Who is it raising the Roman salute and shouting, "Sieg heil!" in the top video on this webpage at 38 seconds in:

And what is the nationality of his wife?

Who is it that inspired the "Traditionalist" in the Traditionalist Youth Network, cabbalah expert and Putin advisor Alexander Dugin, perhaps? Have a look at this article by Sinead McCarthy, Order Out of Chaos Magic: The Discordian Origins of the Alt Right.