Monday, August 07, 2017

Modern Man's Contrived Detachment from Reality. . . and the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The film Hypernormalization explains a few of the aspects of how modern man is deliberately rendered detached from reality, and how the bankers are seizing the power of the State to dominate our lives:

The movie leaves unsaid the fuller history of our era's common and contrived delusions and fails to state that there are solutions to the dilemma of our current reality despite the refusal of our politicians and press to explain or identify them. Normalization is itself a KGB term. The KGB derives from a series of jewish intelligence agencies whose aim has always been to forward jewish messianic aspirations and to hide the dominance of the jews.

The purpose of normalization is to secure the power of the communists and make it impossible for counter revolution to succeed, barring military intervention. This is accomplished by normalizing public institutions to the extent necessary for society to function to the extent necessary to keep the communists in power.

Hypernormalization is the destruction of the survival instincts of humanity and the complete surrender of the psyche to the covertly jewish run State. The destruction of the political process through the fomentation of chaos as part of the jews' permanent revolutions does not equate to the destruction of the power of the State. Rather, it is a function of it.

The jews have their own State, Israel. The communists have several States and Russia takes the lead in imposing the jewish Trotskyite permanent world revolution on the globe. But the process of undermining the ability of Gentiles to perceive reality, realize their own self interests and make rational decisions began long before the current practices of Putin and Vladimir Surkov.

Crypto-jewess Esther hid her real name and pretended to be a Gentile so that she could subvert the State and use its powers to genocide the Gentiles. The jews have employed this method of hiding reality and their control of the State for their entire known history.

In this sense, the documentary Hypernormalization is itself a deception and misdirects the attention of the world from our primary enemy the jews and their most significant machinations, their control of government, military forces, banking, the press, communism, capitalism, socialism, fascism, anti-fascism, Putin, Trump, wars, welfare, the major cities, etc. The film also ignores the fact that solutions to our problems do exist and begin and end with solving the jewish problem.

To solve the jewish problem we ought to examine how the jews have blinded most people to their power, presence, influence and agenda. The jews have made their agenda of the destruction of the world and extermination of the Gentiles, the agenda of Gentiles by means of Christianity, Islam and communism. They have hidden their agenda in plain sight and have hidden reality in general behind religious myths that have the Gentiles praying to mythical powers for their own destruction. The jews have the Gentiles blinding themselves to reality and destroying their own survival instincts by worshiping consciousness above genes. And this is not by any means new. The jews ruled gnostic Christianity and the Cathars and had them teaching Gentile Christians that reproduction is an evil material practice that traps devine spirits in the material world of an evil god's creation. They turned Gentiles against their own survival and taught Gentiles not to breed, to eat their own semen, menstrual waste and aborted fetuses. That is truly living in a fantasy world of group suicide, by jewish design.

And the jews have blinded the Gentiles to the reality that jews dominate them and control their thoughts and actions. The jews have misled Gentiles to falsely believe in an abstract, unreal and self destructive series of delusions that: Jews are harmless victims, who do not control the media, politicians or the banking and monetary systems. Israel is an ally of the United States and a political creation not a religious one. Jerusalem will remain an international city (this is changing rapidly, but was a foundational lie of zionism and the formation of the jewish State). Communism is dead and jews have had no disproportionate influence over it and are instead victims of it. The Young Turks were Turkish Muslims and the jews were victims of the Young Turks, not their leaders. That nations who bless the jews are blessed by their god. That American Troksyite neocons were working for the benefit of Israel and American, not Russia and Israel. Etc. Etc. Etc.

These are the primary delusions governing our world which enable the jews to function against us without our awareness of the problem and the source of so many problems they intentionally create for us, as they hide the solutions.

There are solutions, but only if jewish influence is removed worldwide. We can produce our own currency. Whites united control the most powerful and majority of nuclear weapons and can secure our peace, stability and survival with them. Whites can seal our borders and remove non-Whites from our societies. We can keep our technologies secret and maintain control over our agriculture without destroying our soils and the genetics of our crops.

There is no necessity for our destruction. Nothing is beyond our control if we employ our intelligence and our resources to serve our own best interests. The film seems to imply that our situation is hopeless, which is nonsense and the greatest deception of all.

Furthermore, the movie falsely portrays Syria as the source of terrorism. It is also does not address the fact that the existence of Israel is the root source of turmoil in the world and that Israel benefits from and creates terrorism and the deliberate destabilization of the Middle East, together with the Trotskyite jews of America and the KGB communists under Putin.