Friday, August 11, 2017

North Korea, Red Russia and Red China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Red China and Red Russia are piling up troops along their borders with North Korea. The American media are telling us that they are doing this to seal off the border in case the US strikes and there is a massive flood of refugees across those borders. That is obvious nonsense.

The Red Chinese and Red Russians are lining up their troops as a threat to the USA and to show support for their ally North Korea, which has repeatedly threatened to wage nuclear war against America. Those troops are there to attack Americans, South Koreans and Japanese, not repel fellow communists. They are there to prevent a conventional war and encourage a nuclear war.

Why does our government continue to deny the reality that Red China and Red Russia are our enemies, as much as is their client State North Korea?

Why doesn't President Trump tell the Red Chinese and Red Russians to withdraw their troops from the border starting within 12 hours, or the American government will order the expulsion of all Chinese and Russians within our borders? Better yet, why doesn't he order the expulsion of all Chinese and Russians and halt all their banking operations within our ability to do so? They have made it very clear that they are our enemy.

I suspect the Trump administration is about to mirror the North Koreans in their approach. They will want to see what the North Koreans, Chinese and Russians do if it appears that war is imminent. Trump may tell North Korea it has 24 hours to surrender unconditionally, or face nuclear annihilation, but then again, maybe not, or, maybe, it will be a bombing raid, or perhaps nothing will happen. Then we will watch what happens. They might do this once, twice, or three times, and then strike.

The pressure should be put on Red China and Red Russia who are doing this to us. We should no longer fund their military build up. We should no longer tolerate their games. We should remind Red China that we have the nuclear arsenal to obliterate them, and then see what Red Russia says and does. The communists have made the rules, let us play by them or perish from cowardice in the face of a weaker enemy.

And we should tell the Red Chinese to collect on their bonds from BRICS, because we won't pay an enemy to wage nuclear war on us through its communist proxy State North Korea. Put them on their heels and bring them to heel. Do not let them pretend that they are neutral arbiters of our fate as they threaten our children with nuclear war. Fight back against them!