Monday, August 14, 2017

Observe This

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Here is an article which addresses the KGB ties to the Alt-Right and what happened in Charlottesville:

Richard Spencer and His Kook-Right Ilk Are Agents of Russian Influence: Kremlin intelligence is manipulating the far-right. It's time to push back.

Unfortunately, it only tells half the story, leaving out the relevant facts that Antifa is also a KGB communist operation, which provides the dialectic struggle necessary to bolshevik destabilization. I tell the full story and would appreciate it if you would help spread the word by posting links to my new site and specifically the webpage The Russian Manufactured Conflict Between “Fascists” and “Antifacists” Meant to Destabilize the West, August 7, 2017, which is so timely and relevant at the moment. It is not fair for me to take on this burden alone and do the work of the American government and media by myself.