Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Response to an Inquiry: Who Hacked RED ICE, and Why?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I received a letter inquiring if the hacking of Red Ice indicates that the Alt Right is not a controlled part of the enemy's agenda. Here is my response:

I do not know who hacked Red Ice. If the decision to do it was in fact made high up, as is likely, it could be part of the demoralization process. Their goal is to make it impossible for the political process to work and to cause the masses to abandon logic and factual information, so that they cannot make rational choices. Attacking free speech is one way of destroying the political process and compelling the masses to look to revolution and civil war as if solutions.

Putin supports 'fascists' abroad while outlawing fascism in Russia. The communists are behind antifa. It is therefore proven that they instigate the fight and control both sides. So we should not be surprised when fighting actually takes place, and the fact that one side is attacked and suffers a loss does not prove that the fight is unstaged at all levels of the hierarchy instigating it. In a rigged boxing match, one man takes a fall. That is not proof that the fight is not rigged.

I am not accusing Red Ice, here, just demonstrating that the communists artificially created the fight and in a fight there will be victories and losses, or there would be no fight. The communists want to intensify the conflict and for there to be no political solution. The hacking of Red Ice could be a part of that agenda, as it obviously has a demoralizing effect on the Alt Right.

They do not want anyone to be happy. The revolution is permanent until all is destroyed. The communists arm both sides so that they consume one another and look to foreign enemies for support.

I am grateful to you for these thoughtful questions and objections. All the best,


I expect that the Alt Right response to these attacks on free speech, including the censorship of Daily Stormer, will be to declare that if free speech is denied, that revolution and civil war are the only available remedy to this tyranny. They will declare the political process defunct and turn to Russian media as if an uncontrolled outlet to spew their contrived vitriol against the West, NATO and America in particular. In other words, they will turn to the world's worst tyrants and most ardent bolsheviks, and declare that they are champions of freedom and the enemies of bolshevism.