Monday, August 28, 2017

Takeaways from the Latest North Korean Provocation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The press is reporting that North Korea has fired a missile over Japanese territory:

North Korea fires missile over Japan in aggressive test

If these reports are true, then that missile should have been intercepted and shot down. The fact that it was not proves that Japan has no effective defense against North Korean missiles, and that North Korea has committed an act of war against Japan.

North Korea would not commit such an aggressive act without assurances from Red China and Red Russia that they will fight for North Korea. North Korea would also not have committed such an act without assurances that Red China and Red Russia had subverted Trump and America, and likely Japan and South Korea as well; and will ensure American, South Korean and Japanese defeat.

We also have to wonder what new weapons the communists have, that they are itching for a fight. And we need wonder to what extent they have sabotaged our military abilities.

The only military move likely to stop North Korea would be a preemptive nuclear strike. It may be the jews are creating a scenario where the US will be obliged to begin a nuclear war.