Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Alternative Media and Its Role in Demoralizing Dissidents

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For a very long time, I have observed that many popular heads of the alternative media continually flip flop in their message, except when supporting communist countries and specific political candidates they promote as if our saviors and last hope for survival. They relentlessly bash the West, except when their preferred political puppet cloaks himself in the flag to win votes. At critical junctures, they promote infighting to control the alternative news cycle and prevent unified action that would actually accomplish something beneficial for their audience.

In this article:

A Warning About the "Gold Is Money", Ron Paul Revolution, Give Obama a Chance Crowd, November 09, 2008

I wrote,

"Almost all of these front groups and operatives continually push gold and silver, even those who now plagiarize my criticisms of Ron Paul. They copy my work in order to steal my thunder and mix my arguments with their dung. They continually flip flop on these issues and constantly reinvent themselves so as to create confusion and disgust in the Anti-Zionist Movement."

And in this article:

How Operatives in the "Patriot Movement" Are Fulfilling THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, November 19, 2007

"Not all of the subversive agents in the "Patriot Movement" sell the same snake oil, which they scrape off of their slimy selves. Instead, World Jewry tries to confuse the Goyim and generate fights amongst their Goyische ranks. Some Jewish operatives in the "Patriot Movement" point out the lies of other operatives so as to win themselves credibility and an audience, which they then subvert, and confuse, and pit against other Goys.

One such team even stages fights among its team members creating a soap opera drama which perpetually distracts from the pressing issues of the day, and which creates confusion and disunity in authentic anti-Zionist movements. The same players alternatively attack, then reconcile, with one another, while Jewry wages war on the human race.

This team stages dramas meant to re-educate Goyim to Bolshevik immorality and amorality. They teach the Goys to spy on one another, with staged fights, just as the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, the Stasi, the Nazis, and other Bolsheviks taught their followers and slaves to do. They teach their gullible Goys to fear being recorded and to denounce one another, just as Bolsheviks always do.

In this way, they humiliate people and discourage organization by discouraging communication and fellowship. This same team runs cover for the Bush Administration, discouraging efforts at impeachment, or even mere criticism, on the sophistical basis that Bush and his crew are not the top men in the Zionist gang. We must, of course, pursue all legal and peaceful means to end disproportionate, traitorous and destructive Jewish influence in our nation, and unseating Bush would go a long way towards that end, not by necessarily providing a superior replacement, but rather by establishing for all to see that the American People do not support Zionist warmongers.

We do not ignore crack dealers merely because they are tools of higher powers. We arrest them and pursue their bosses.

It is interesting to observe this team and note how often they utter the same ultimate message as FOX News, though they use differing sophistical means to arrive at it. They often throw up names of powerful Jews, and Jewish religious movements, who are competitors to top Zionist Jews, and in this way Zionist Jewry uses its operatives in the anti-Zionist movement to pressure other competing Jews.

We can see how they sometimes waver in their message, even to pressure Bush and Cheney when they show signs of reluctance to pursue Jewish wars. Then when Bush & Co. again start to toe the radical Zionist line, the pressure is relaxed and the old mantra returns.

When political events really heat up, this team stages fights to distract from events of the day, and/or seeks to coopt the message and steal the thunder of true leaders of the anti-Zionist movement, and thereby embarrass the movement with the team's farcical antics, bogus conspiracy theories, hoaxes and scripted outrageously paranoid delusions. This team has also acted as agents provocateur attempting to incite violence and revolution.

Note that when it is most important for alternative media to speak up and organize to oppose Zionist aggression, as in the case of the Lebanon War and the war between Turkey and the PKK, some elements honorably do just that, whilst others stage distracting fights and/or coopt the message with lies such as stating that these events are 'unintended consequences' of American foreign policy."

Vladislav Surkov has used very similar methods to generate confusion and the inability to make rational decisions in the masses. Yuri Bezmenov explained that these are standard KGB tactics. This video describes Surkov's manipulation of the public mind to forward Putin's agenda:

I am beginning to suspect that Brendon O'Connell has been tasked with conducting a demoralization campaign. He plagiarizes my work, but mixes it with his insane calls for a military coup in America, his whining about what a lunatic he has become, and his back stabbing against those who have promoted his past efforts. In typical Cointelpro fashion, he falsely asserts that only he has the truth as he plagiarizes it from me and others, that everyone else is fake news including those whom he parrots, and that everyone must promote him to lead a new resistence. Really, he is following the textbook of the Cointelpro agent to the letter. At every turn, O'Connell has been a loser who has handed the jews victory. Now, he is trying to lure people in Australia to follow his failed example and end up in trouble. He has also engaged in espionage against the nation of Iran and tried to badly embarrass it, as he has embarrassed himself with his looney rants.

By Brendon's own accounts, he is mad. He was involved with the KGB controlled Russian Orthodox Church. He lived in Iran and met with high ranking leaders. He was a cheerleader for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Now, when the time has come to demoralize those who support Putin, Trump and Iran, Brendon has flipped on them all and claimed new research and insights which he has plagiarized. But all that information was in his sight for years before he flipped and flipped out. So why the clown act now by this messenger Brendon O'Connell who discredits himself constantly? It is to demoralize the Putin Cult and leave them unable to decipher what is true and what rational course of action they should take. His advice is the same standard as the old Hufschmid crew. Call the authorities and dox yourself to the government so you can share his (staged?) fate.