Monday, August 21, 2017

The Case for White Supremacy: A Logical and Moral Approach to Preserving the White Race

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am working on a book The Case for White Supremacy: A Logical and Moral Approach to Preserving the White Race in which I argue that White Supremacy is a natural, moral and rational approach to White survival. I would appreciate any suggestions as to sources in support of these arguments, and any suggestions as to issues which I ought to address. Here are my preliminary chapters and their introductory statements:

The Founding Fathers of America Were White Supremacists for Many and Good Reasons

White civilization has always sought White Supremacy, even in opposition to the judaizing forces which attempt to dominate it. America's Founding Fathers sought to provide their progeny with a safe and secure territory and sanctuary for them and their natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They understood that the other races have conflicting interests to Whites and that non-Whites and their anti-White interests must be subjugated in America, in order to safeguard the survival and quality of life of Whites and their White descendants. They would not allow Whites to be ruled over by non-Whites, whose interests conflicted with their own. They would not allow non-Whites to breed with Whites, so that their genetic makeup would endure and not be bred out by enemies and competitors.

Non-White Immigration Has Been a Catastrophe

The jewish dominated African slave trade brought blacks into America who have undermined the nation from its inception. The black presence produced America's bloodiest war to date, the Civil War. Blacks have consistently underperformed and have altered the genetic stock of White Americans. Black politicians and media figures have undermined White interests in favor of black interests. Anti-White immigration in Europe has resulted in White Genocide, by design. Freemason and agent of the jewish bankers, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi stated that the purpose of the European Union would be to breed out Whites and render them a vastly inferior race to the jewish supremacists, making easier work for jews to dominate the world. The jews Albert Einstein and Georg Nicolai (Lewinstein) advocated that the Mongoloid races exterminate the White Race. Immigration and the slave trade also undermined the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Whites Do NOT Breed Well in Captivity

Forcing both female and male White parents to work to subsidize other races and wars for Israel and communism, which take mothers and fathers out of their homes during their most fertile years, reduces the White birthrate. Forcing Whites into increasingly crowded and stressful urban environments where they and their children must compete in a race to the bottom with cheaper imported labor further reduces the White birthrate. Our nations exist to forward our best interests, not those of our enemies and competitors. We maintain our territories to provide space and resources to ourselves and our descendants, not to step aside for a hostile foreign invasion which invites in the enemy instead of resisting them. Whites will better breed when White governments, media and educational institutions encourage them to do so. Whites need a positive and encouraging environment in which to bear children. Their racial characteristics must be celebrated in order to encourage their reproduction.

Jews, Russians, Chinese, Muslims, Etc. Are Racial and Religious Supremacists and Whites Must Be Supreme to Win the Competition Against Them, or Face Extermination

The Hebrew Bible, Talmud and Cabbalah teach the jews to destroy all other religions, ruin the governments of the Gentiles, rule the world from Jerusalem and eventually genocide all other races. The Russians have consistently ruined and oppressed neighboring peoples for their entire history and view themselves as if superior with a natural right to dominate. The jews have made the Russians into anti-White communists who promote race mixing and bolshevik internationalism. The Chinese have always believed that China is the center of the universe and that they are a superior race with a superior culture. The Chinese are expanding their empire to take over the world and have the numbers to do it. The Muslims believe it is their duty to convert or kill the followers of other faiths and agnostics and atheists. In order to survive in this world and prosper, Whites must look out for their own self interests and dominate their own fate. Whites are in competition with non-Whites and with anti-White supremacists of many stripes and colors. In order to survive, Whites must win this competition.

Allowing Jews, Blacks and Others to Rule Over Whites Has Been Disastrous for Whites

Led by communist jews, blacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa are genociding Whites. Mulatto Barack Obama deliberately undermined the best interests of Whites in America, in favor of jewish bankers and a non-White foreign invasion. Jewish leaders in America open our borders, attack our fundamental rights and drive us into endless wars for their own self interests. They pit communists against us and created the Mutually Assured Destruction system which pits Whites against Whites and threatens the continued existence of human life. Jews created the Federal Reserve system and promote usury. They dominate our media and use it as a means to promote their interests over White interests. It is fundamentally degrading for Whites to be dominated by non-Whites and anti-Whites. Jews are openly calling for the genocide of the White Race and demean us with their mantra of "White privilege" while promoting jewish privilege in our society and jewish supremacism in Israel and worldwide. Judaism compels jewish world rule from Jerusalem.

Whites Are in a Position to Secure White Survival and Dominate the World in Their Own Best Interests

In order to survive, Whites need only use what they already possess for their own advantage, rather than their own destruction. The vast majority of, and the most powerful nuclear weapons in the world are in historically White countries. Whites united can secure these weapons in White hands and use them to guarantee White survival, White self determination, White peace, White freedom and White rule. Every surviving White society in human history has sought to secure land for their people and their own sovereignty. It is good for Whites to rule and govern their own fate. White supremacy is good, and White submission is evil. Our weapons provide Whites with the means to do good for their own people. Whites also control the most extensive and most productive farm land and provide the currency for international trade. This provides Whites with the means to obtain and sustain Autarky. It grants Whites the ability to become independent and sovereign in trade, and provides Whites with the means to dominate the world's food markets. Non-White rule over Whites has always, and will always be, detrimental to Whites. It is by definition a violation of the fundamental natural rights of Whites to self determination, self sovereignty and survival. Whites must be supreme in White lands in order to survive and prosper. Absolute military dominance is a far more rational approach to mutually assured preservation, than the jewish system of White Mutually Assured Destruction where America and Red Russia threaten to annihilate one another.

Suicide, Slavery, Miscegenation and White Genocide Are NOT Rational or Moral Alternatives to White Supremacy

It is infinitely more moral for Whites to defend their children with weapons they already own, than to voluntarily surrender their children to death, slavery, suicide and absolute destruction. The enemies of the White Race are constantly degrading Whites in the media, educational institutions and government. The racial interests of non-Whites are being advanced over those of Whites by subverted governments in White nations. Miscegenation is encouraged in the mass media, advertising, and by placing non-Whites into constant and prolonged contact with Whites in the schools and workplace. The privileges and rights of Whites as citizens of White nation have been removed, while non-Whites are granted privileges and rights Whites do not enjoy. It is irrational and suicidal for Whites to tolerate their own destruction and enslavement most especially so in their own nations. White Supremacy is the only, the moral and the rational alternative to White Genocide.

Facts and Logic Sustain the Argument for White Supremacy

Nature abhors vacuums and equality. There are no other options than White Supremacy or White Genocide. Our enemies have made that clear. Whether viewed collectively from the mass perspective of the entire society and race narrowing to the focus of an individual, or individually from a person and his family extending outwards to embrace the race and society, White Supremacism not only makes sense, it is the only path to follow which guarantees the continuation of the biological success of the White Race. It is a fact that the other races are seeking to breed out and otherwise genocide the White Race and defeat Whites ability to maintain their own sovereignty, act with self determination, and preserve their exclusivity to their own territory. It is a fact that this will inevitably lead to the extermination of the White Race if left unchecked. It is logical to state that only Whites will view it as in their own best interests to preserve Whites. It is rational for Whites to seek their own self preservation. It is irrational for Whites to subvert their own best interests in favor of their competitors and enemies. It is insanity for Whites to voluntarily submit to the rule of competing and hostile races. It is both factually correct and logically consistent to state that a biological organism must reproduce in order to continue to exist. It our right to define ourselves and reject the attempts of our enemies and competitors to redefine us in ways that serve their best interests and not ours. We can only maintain this right if we maintain our own sovereignty and territory. White Supremacy is the logical choice for the continued survival of the White Race, as well as the only means to safeguard White lives and White freedom today.

White Supremacy Does Not Signify the Destruction of Non-Whites in Their Own Lands

Uniting Whites to create the dominate military force on earth grants Whites military supremacy. Uniting Whites to dominate the international food markets and money supply grants Whites economic supremacy. We can use this power to secure fair trade with non-White nations. Whites can use this power to prevent the other races from exploiting Whites and the global environment, and stealing White industrial and agricultural technology. There is no need for Whites to use this power to destroy the other races, unless and until any such race or races seek the destruction of Whites.

The White Continental Imperative

In order to secure White territories from invasion, the Continents of North America and Australia should be defined as White territories, with Russia extending Europe as a White Continent to the full extent of its lands. This will enable us to surround the other races and prevent them from attacking us on a single front. The oceans and seas will provide secure walls to guarantee that non-Whites are not allowed in without permission. We have endured too many attacks and invasions to fail to provide for our defense in this way. We owe it to ourselves and our descendants to guarantee White territorial integrity by securing entire Continents for Whites and Whites alone.