Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Goal of the New Nazis Is the Same as the Goal of the Old Nazis

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The extremist left publication Huffington Post is making much of the horrors of jews witnessing the rise of bolshevik Putin's phony "fascists" and their jewish calling to make "aliyah":

With White Nationalism Emboldened, American Jews Consider Exit Strategies

As I have been warning for more than a decade, the big jews want to scare the jewish masses into migrating to Palestine and drive them into the communist camp against the West, an easy task as most jews already are anti-Western communists.

The problem we will face if the bolshevik "fascists" succeed in chasing Western jews to Israel, is that all jews will then side with the Eurasianist communists against us, who will then roll over Western Europe and attack America. The Eurasian communists rule the Muslims already in our midst, and many Muslim nations, and use them to cut off Western Europe from energy and trade. There are better approaches for us to take than sponsoring and enabling zionism. They are leading us into a trap that at first blush appears inviting.

Just like the old Nazi zionist bolsheviks, the new Nazi zionist bolsheviks are trying to convert not only Western jews to the Eurasianist communist cause, but also all Whites. Though they call themselves the "Alt-Right", they are ultra-leftist socialists who serve and promote KGB Putin and Red Russia, just like Adolf Hitler served and promoted Joseph Stalin and Stalin and Hitler worked together to grind Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe to rubble and ruin so that the communists could take it over without any significant resistence.

If large numbers of jews flock to Palestine, then the Eurasianist communists will have no reason not to nuke the West. If traitor Trump and KGB Putin succeed in dismantling NATO, Whites will have no mutual defense treaty, and Putin can nuke the ancient capitals of Western Europe without fear of retaliation. The jews spent the entire Obama administration sabotaging America's nuclear weapons defenses both physically and administratively, and the communists might well be planning to wage nuclear war against America once the jews have ingathered into their nest.

Communist chieftain Vladimir Putin has made himself the champion of the jews and Muslims against the West. His fifth column of new Nazis are weakening us and destabilizing the West, just like the old bolshevik Nazis. There are better ways to solve this problem than stepping into the old false dilemma of siding with zionists or bolsheviks. We should instead side with our own and combat our enemies on every front.