Sunday, August 27, 2017

The White Nationalists Must Move from the Internet to the Soapbox

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Antifa are using masks as a method to conceal their identities while committing acts of terrorism. Technologies exist which permit police to see through clothing, including masks. The authorities should review privacy issues and equip police at rallies with cameras that see through clothing to be used in the event crimes occur in order to collect evidence. Another possible option is to screen those wearing masks in a fashion similar to airport security in order to scan for weapons and identify those who are deliberately concealing their facial features, perhaps narrowing exits and screening those wearing masks after a crime has occurred. The fact that they are not doing this indicates that government agents may be participating in Antifa.

White Nationalists are being discriminated against on the internet. In addition to filing lawsuits claiming that the internet is a "public accommodation" for purposes of Federal Law, and that antitrust laws are being broken to discriminate against Whites, with Terms of Service agreements serving as sham devices to empower this illegal discrimination; White Nationalists should seize this opportunity to move their message from the internet to the soapbox and garner as much media attention as possible. They should devise ways to protect themselves from terrorists. One approach I have been advocating for years is the use of flashmobs with camera crews, Flashmob / Smartmob Tactics, December 14, 2012:

I suggest we use flashmob / smartmob tactics to generate awareness of the Jewish war on mankind. The following video demonstrates such methods used for silly entertainment, but we could instead do something considerably more substantial:

If Ron Paul follows through on his plans to undertake a college speaking tour in 2013, this will provide us with an ideal opportunity to reach college students eager to understand why their future is evaporating. We should produce an informational brochure and dvd exposing the Libertarians as the new Communists and offering an alternative party which will provide our young with an honest future of prosperity and opportunity.

We could turn what appears to be a random crowd into an organized demonstration opposing the Libertarians and Jews and offering the Power Party as a far better alternative. We will have to comply with all laws, of course. We should have hidden camera crews to capture our demonstration for distribution, and to protect our interests.

In the 1950's through 1970's, the Jews funded and conducted a faux controlled opposition to the Communists using Jewish "neo-Nazis" to make a mockery of the exposure of Jewish subversion. Libertarianism is far more dangerous to Americans than was Communism, and we need to provide a genuine opposition to it, and the Jews generally, or they will destroy us.

There are other creative ways to protect speakers. Hologram projectors could enable White Nationalists to generate a virtual protest and make the Antifa appear to be low tech brutes. Armored vehicles might be available for rent or even just a van that can be used to bring people in and out and then project from the roof. Large television screens sealed in bullet proof glass could be brought in and placed on stage with a remote feed creating a surreal feeling the media would love, that highlights the suppression of Whites' rights to peaceably assemble and speak. The speaker could highlight the fact that his or her rights are being denied by violent terrorists. The protesters will appear ridiculous protesting a giant TV screen. Of course, it will be necessary to catch them off guard.

It is time to become creative and smart, not more thuggish. The soapbox is waiting for someone to ascend and capture the media attention which is not yet being exploited to its full potential.

Under circumstances where it would be legal to do so, drones could be used to conduct a virtual protest. They could also be used to track Antifa criminals who have committed crimes.