Saturday, August 26, 2017

What the Anti-Whites Did to Us With Cheap Labor, We Can do to Them With Automation and Robotics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For many years, I have been explaining that the prepper movement is the wrong approach to saving and improving the White Race. We should be developing better as yet unknown weapons, not resorting to hoarding small arms which cannot combat nuclear, biological, airborne, armored, naval or heavy artillery; nor prevent mass starvation.

We should also not pursue the course of becoming primitives, or like the Amish. I love nature, and modern technology and potential new advances are the best way to protect the environment, not reverting the White Race to a primitive existence. I believe the communists are covertly behind these movements to reduce us to hiding and primitive individuals as opposed to a technologically advanced civilization, just as they have always been behind the anti-war and non-interventionist movements, so as to sabotage White progress and defenses as the Asian races advance on the basis of what Whites have created then given away to them.

We will have far more time to enjoy and restore nature if we employ technology to its maximum advantage, and drive out non-Whites who are currently crowding our nature preserves and parks, and forcing us to work extra hours to pay for their benefits and the problems they cause us. Employing our combined nuclear might, the White Race will attain military supremacy and we can devote our energies and resources to more efficient fighting methods and equipment and use high technology to secure our borders, which will be far easier once we have attained the Continental supremacy that will provide us with the seas and oceans as our border fences.

Previous attempts to create White communities have focused on attracting brute labor and proposed living in terrain that prohibits Autarky. I propose we attract the brightest and the best and the use of automation and robotics to supplant labor. We should also use the latest methods of agriculture to maximize yield and minimize the time Whites have to spend producing food.

As I watch new communities currently arise, and others expand, I see that the housing is being taken up by the foreign non-White labor that works the construction industry, creating a vicious cycle for us where non-Whites earn income building their own new housing and ours and so gain a means of invading our society and supplanting us both territorially and occupationally. Modular homes could be manufactured by robots and erected on foundations created with a minimum of labor. These could be constructed year round in controlled environments, 24/7. The equipment, as opposed to the labor force, can then be relocated to build new communities in new places. This would displace the non-White workers and remove any incentive to allow them among us.

As their societies would likely decline, ours will become more sound and secure. We can promote healthy virtues and the growth of our population as we will have more time and economic advantages to produce and care for young. Our media will celebrate us, promote education and make heroes out of those who are most creative and productive.

I believe the jews are producing horror movies about robotics, AI and high technology, and nature shows glorifying a primitive lifestyle, with the intent of discouraging Whites from pursuing robotics, and encouraging them to waste their time and resources becoming primitive, as our Asian competitors and enemies become more technologically advanced. They take a similar tack when they encourage pacificism and the reduction of our military, and pretend that we need fear no one, but Whites.

I would suggest that America is the best place to begin, because America has the protections of the Bill of Rights, and because America has the nuclear weapons to back us in a 21st Century Reconquista of Europe, Canada, Australia and Southern Africa. Unimpeded by non-Whites in our schools and our workplace, we can then set about doing what is best for us, not our enemies and competitors. We will also turn the tables on cheap foreign labor and the theft of our industries and technologies, by using robots to do our work and which will enable us to produce and sell our goods at a price no labor intensive production methods can match, including slave labor. We will carefully guard our technological and scientific secrets and work towards absolute political power and use it for our self interests. As we rise, the parasitic and uncreative races will likely fall.

Just as our subverted governments have let them invade us without firing a shot, we will someday advance far beyond them by merely removing them and by means of benign neglect. We need to attain political supremacy so that we can draft laws which favor our interests and allow us to build White communities.