Friday, August 11, 2017

Why Is North Korea Announcing Its Targets?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The communists are setting us up in collusion with one another. Red Russia and Red China have instructed North Korea to start naming targets for its nuclear weapons. This will initially shield them from a counter strike, but it has additional long term benefits for the bolsheviks.

If North Korea launches missiles at Guam, the Red Russians and Red Chinese want to ensure that America does not launch a nuclear strike at Russia and China, as would likely otherwise occur. It is only in the interests of Red Russia and Red China that North Korea threaten specific targets. It works against North Korea's strategic interests. So we can be certain that North Korea is only making this obvious blunder for the benefit of Red Russia and Red China and is doing so at their insistence, which is further proof that they control the Red Regime in North Korea and they are responsible for its attacks on us and are orchestrating them.

Imagine what might occur if North Korea launched an attack at Guam without first announcing to the world that North Korea, not Russia or China, is planning to attack Guam. The US might immediately launch a full scale retaliatory nuclear strike on Red Russia and Red China.

As Red Russia and Red China feed North Korea missile and nuclear weapons technology, it will enlarge its range of attack. North Korea will then be able to legitimately threaten the Continental US and they will threaten to strike us. Red Russia and Red China will then have the ability to slow down or eliminate any counter strike against them by creating an ambiguity as to the source of an attack against us. This would provide them with an invaluable advantage for first strike, as the US hesitated to determine who exactly was launching nuclear weapons against us. In this way, nuclear proliferation and North Korea's specific threats favor Red Russia and Red China, even though they harm North Korea.