Friday, August 18, 2017

Why Isn't the Media Exposing the Red Russian Links to the Alt-Right?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I was exposing Donald Trump as a Red Russian agent and calling for CIA, FBI and Congressional inquiries into Trump's and the alternative media's ties to the Red Russians, before Clinton, the press or the government began addressing the matter. I was constantly asking why there was no coverage of the issue. It was obvious, in your face, but no one dared speak of it.

Now, I am observing the media blackout on the fact that the Alt-Right is a Red Russian front. This is very strange, given the fact that media appears to now be eager to tie Trump to Red Russia in every conceivable way. They are also out to demonize the Alt-Right. So why are they passing on the opportunity to expose the obvious fact that the Alt-Right is a Kremlin run front?

I think they are waiting for several reasons. The first is to have the maximum demoralization effect on sincere followers of the Alt-Right. The second primary goal is to maximize the demonization of the exposure of White Genocide.

There are also other reasons and objectives behind the orchestrated silence. The communists do not want it known that they were architechs of fascism and National Socialism and produced both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. They have also been behind all of the major neo-nazi fronts since the war. The media is very communistic. They also want to maintain Red Russia as the world's guardian against fascism and anti-semitism, and do not want wide exposure of the fact that Red Russia manufactures these organizations to drive jews into the communist camp, Israel into an alliance with Red Russia and Red China against the West, to destabilize the West and discredit fascism and White power, and to motivate jews to move to Israel and Russia, mostly to Israel.

Red Russia is the jews hold card, and Putin stands in the way of White unity. The jews do not want Whites to realize this fact. If Whites unite, we will control almost all of the force of nuclear weapons in the world, and the majority of food production, affording us the opportunity to guarantee our survival and dominate the world to our advantage, as we should. We need only claim what is ours.

Instead, the jews want us to point our nuclear weapons at each other, for their benefit, and Putin guarantees that genocidal threat against the White Race. I suspect that this why is the news is not 24/7 with stories exposing the Red Russian control of the Alt-Right, not yet anyway, despite the fact that they would cover it this way just like they cover a story when a White cop kills a black teenager, if they were honest in their campaign to expose Red Russian infiltration of the American political process and their apparent desire to expose the forces behind the Alt-Right. Instead, they try to portray the Alt-Right as if a form of insanity and evil, rather than the communist front it truly is. The media are focusing their attacks on the bottom rung of the hierarchy and ignoring the Red Russians who manufactured the farce at the highest levels.

This is still further proof that the media is in bed with Red Russia, Red China and Israel against the West. They do not expose our enemies other than to promote the demoralization and destabilization of the White Race. Attacking the Alt-Right is this dishonest way, without identifying its ultimate sources and objectives, advances the KGB's plan to use it to destabilize the West and pit Whites against Whites, as they flood us with anti-White immigrants. It is obviously all part of the plan.

Just as I watched and waited as the media deliberately buried the Red Russian Trump story until after the election, I am carefully watching how they are burying the Red Russian control of the Alt-Right. It will be very telling when they finally cover it. The timing will reveal part of their ultimate agenda.

The story is out there, but is not receiving anywhere near the coverage it deserves:

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