Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Worst Case Scenario Is Unfolding in Communist North Korea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

This article states that many experts believe that Russia and China have been supplying North Korea with specialized rocket fuel, as I have been saying for quite some time:

A Potent Fuel Flows to North Korea. It May Be Too Late to Halt It.

The article further discusses the fact that our crypto-communist leaders did nothing to protect us from this danger, as they laid in bed with Red Russia and Red China, and concerned themselves with attacking Iran, instead of protecting America from the communist alliance of Russia, China and North Korea. Why would Red Russia and Red China supply their communist client North Korea with rocket fuel, but not hydrogen bombs? Since they are supplying the rocket fuel, it is almost certain they are also supplying the H-bombs. Those bombs are probably going to go off soon. That seems to me to be the plan, to lure the USA, Japan and South Korea into launching an attack, and then detonating several hydrogen bombs in a local doomsday campaign, much like the Samson Option.

I suspect Russia has supplied North Korea with several hydrogen bombs. They will detonate these as close as they can to Japan and South Korea. They will also likely clad them with Cobalt to make them as dirty and deadly as possible. I hope it does not happen, but the situation is bad and getting worse. Most people have their heads buried in the sand on this issue.

One of the reasons why I believe Russia is supplying North Korea with H-bombs and missile technology and supplies, is the fact that the North Koreans are advancing too quickly and without necessary testing to be doing it on their own. They must be getting help.

Another interesting and telling fact is that the North Koreans are attacking Japan. Japan is a traditional enemy of China and Russia, and the jews hate Japan because the Japanese are highly intelligent and are racially aware and racially homogenous.

This is the worst case scenario, and North Korea is probably worst case: