Sunday, August 12, 2018

Just as I Predicted Three Years Ago, Trump and Putin Are Working Together to Drive Turkey Out of NATO and into the Soviet Union

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a series of articles in 2015, I predicted that Donald Trump would try to drive NATO member Turkey away from its Western alliances and into the waiting arms of KGB Putin. See as but one example of many, my article Trump's Jewish To Do List? in which I wrote,

Trump's attacks on Muslims, Iran and Turkey greatly benefit communist Putin. As Iran is attacked, Russian oil and natural gas will become essential to the West and the price will skyrocket, just as Putin wants. A bolshevik puppet regime in Syria will provide another front against NATO, if Turkey remains in NATO, but it appears that Trump will see to it that Turkey and Greece will leave NATO. Perhaps he will completely dismantle NATO and press for the internment of all Antisemites and Nationalists throughout the World.

The press is now reporting that that is exactly what is happening. Trump is deliberately driving Turkey and Iran into Putin's crafty claws and making them bitter enemies of the United States. He, Trump, is deliberately destroying NATO by imposing sanctions on our allies. He, Trump, does this at the direction of Putin, and the Lubavitch Jews who now rule both the American and Russian Empires.

In the news:

Russia SHUNS US dollar for trade as it joins Turkey in protest against Trump