Monday, August 20, 2018

The Battle of the Sexes Between Bolshevik Homosexuals

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Certainly, not all lesbians are man haters, but anecdotally speaking the most vitriolic and spiteful haters of men I have ever heard were lesbians. And lesbian Marxist Feminists were the most energetic of those expressing a hatred of men.

They have a non-identical twin among the Bolsheviks in the alt-right, women hating gay men who pose as if men's men. But their act is transparent and obviously scripted in Moscow, as no normal man hates women, nor do normal people express themselves the way these gay women-bashers express their hatred of women and celebration of men, including a shirtless KGB Putin. There is also a shocking number of pedophiles in the alt-right.

This mirrors the history of the National Socialist Bolsheviks and the Trotskyite Bolsheviks, both of which included pedophiles, rapists, homosexuals and misogynists to an abnormal degree and in the highest ranks. The Russian Bolsheviks want to demoralize our people and break up our families. They want to condition us to accept the nationalization of our women so that we do not care when they miscegenate or are raped and abused, because the Bolsheviks want us to view women as communal sex slaves owned by the State, who exist only as meat to be consumed by the lowest and most vicious rapist males and by lesbians.

Moscow is turning White men against White women, and White women against White men, so as to destroy the White race. The alt-right is taking a sharp turn for the worse and its leaders are planning to transition it into a sham "Men's Movement" with no hopes of political success, in order to subvert the political interests of White men, in the bogus name of forwarding them. They are employing the Bolshevik play book of creating a class war between men and women. Homosexuals, both open and closet, are leading the charge, largely because they are most practiced and shameless when it comes to bashing the opposite sex and glorifying their own. We are witnessing the sick interplay of a staged war between Marxist Feminist lesbians and Bolshevik homosexual men in the alt-right. The intended causality is the White family, and ultimately the White race.

White men naturally celebrate White women, because they are wonderful and perpetuate the race. This ugly war is unnatural and evil. It is part of the genocide of the White race. It follows the same pattern as the staged clashes in the streets between the antifa and Bolsheviks in the alt-right, meant to portray Whites as if uncivilized and brutish low-lifes. It is like a grand display of the Jerry Springer show on the world stage. And it deliberately demeans and discredits all who are involved.