Thursday, November 15, 2018

Inhibiting My Freedom of Expression and the Public's Right to Know

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

TheRapeOfJustice YouTube channel mirrored my video presentation introducing my book Warnings to the Jews! Premonitions of the Holocaust Thanks to their efforts, my video had accrued more than 42,000 views and 1,700 likes as opposed to fewer than 200 dislikes in just three weeks, when this happened:

Obviously, the public not only has a right to know what I have to say, but a strong desire to hear it and an overwhelming appreciation for my having said it. So why is a stigmata being attached to my factual and truthful statements, one which wrongfully and harmfully imparts fear and discourages participation, as well as deliberately obstructing the dissemination of this information and diminishing the ability of my goods to freely compete in an open marketplace with all others on a level playing field?

These people are not only violating my rights to inform the public and sell my merchandise, they are violating your rights to know and judge your purchases in a fair and free environment, without intimidation or inhibition.

One means to combat this censorship and these unfair trade practices is to broadcast this message as far and wide as possible and attach a price to this discrimination. Please help me to spread the word! I am carrying the flag in this fight, please march with me.