Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mutiny on the Horizon for the Democratic Party

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton helped to elect arch-Zionist, Chabad Lubavitch and Russian puppet Donald Trump. Pelosi has long been subverting the Democratic Party. Conveniently, she has declared herself speaker of the House and has effectively taken the impeachment of Trump off the table.

Articles of Impeachment will open up a trial in the Senate. That could reveal a lot Pelosi and the controlled opposition want kept quiet.

But the American People and many Democrats want Trump impeached for his traitorous relationship to Russia and his hush money. There will be loud cries to form a new political party from the ruins of the Democratic Party if Pelosi succeeds in subverting due process of law, obstructs justice and betrays the Democratic base. This will begin with the most openly Marxist, Internationalist and Socialist elements of the Democratic Party and will grow with protests in the streets of America and around the world. Money and an agenda will come pouring in using Trump's treason as a pretext to further betray the best interests of Americans. Subversive elements in the alt right will help this along by playing up their misogyny and degrading the other races so as to antagonize women and non-Whites to unite against Republicans and the subversive leaders of the Democratic Party.

In a trial, the Senate will determine the facts and act as the Jury. The Supreme Court will rule on the law and act as Judge. Both are in the hands of Trump and the Russians. The Russians want to sow the seeds of discord and chaos in America. This will afford them the opportunity to do so.

So where are we? Where is the party representing us and our best interests?