Friday, December 07, 2018

As I Predicted, Our Enemy Vladimir Putin Is Breaking Our Alliances and Raising Our Oil Prices. Where Is Trump, the Traitor? Where Is Israel, Our Supposed Ally?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am lonely voice pointing out to Putin worshiping American dissidents that Donald Trump is a traitor and Putin is a sworn enemy bent on our destruction. I made these points long before the FBI and Congress began to investigate Trump and I have been fully vindicated. I recently predicted that Putin would try to enslave us through escalating energy prices, as he has long done with Germany, through an alliance with Saudi Arabia's new leader:

Jamal Khashoggi Mossad Agent, KGB Agent and Doenmeh Crypto-Jew

Those cheerleaders for the KGB communist have helped the Bolshevik demon dwarf Vlad Putin to start gouging our families on oil prices. They too are traitors to our nation and to Europe. They are costing you money and may eventually cost you your life.

So where is Trump informing the American People that Putin is deliberately hurting us and that our communist controlled media is helping him to ruin our alliances and our economy? Why was it so easy for Putin to muscle in on Saudi Arabia, and where is Israel complaining that it is being surrounded by Russian puppet States? It appears, as I have been saying for more than a decade, that the plan all along was to use the Soviet Union as an excuse to arm Israel, a fake ally of the USA, only to then have Israel flip and surround itself with Muslim Soviet Republics and aid them in destroying America and American interests in the region, as Israel sells our military secrets to Bolshevik Russia and Red China. Both Israel and Trump are silent as Putin squeezes us out and begins the process of gouging us with ever higher energy prices. Not a peep from Israel about Russia's growing influence on its borders.

And what of North Korea, which Russia created and which Russia is supplying with missile and nuclear weapons technology and supplies? What are Trump and his envoys telling the North Koreans, and why has nothing been done to stop our enemy from developing better weapons with which to kill us? Why is our alternative media cheerleading for treason and for Putin as he continues to hurt our people? You can thank them in part for the soon to rise gas prices and the related costs you will be paying for supporting your enemy Putin and the traitor Trump. Those costs are small compared to the build up of nuclear weapons aimed at us as Trump is facilitating the growth of the arsenals of our enemies by causing us to pay for them. You are paying for those weapons at the pump when you effectively donate your earnings to Russian communists through their new near monopoly with OPEC.

Expect Trump to ask us to pump more oil, rather than take action against Russia and put the hurt to Saudi Arabia. Expect Trump to promote more consumption and environmental damage rather than solve our problems in permanent ways. Expect Trump to continue to betray us to Israel and the communists as he hands over the Middle East to Israel and Russia. Consider the fate of America and Europe as the Soviet Union and Israel cut us off from our energy suppliers and Red China begins to war against our Asian allies? How will we fight wars when cannot even fill our tanks or heat our homes?

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