Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Inefficient Methods of War of Empires: How Technologies Can Preserve Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America has adopted the method of warfare known as "regime change". This method is engineered to empower the enemies of America to remain and grow stronger over time. It is a form of capitulation, often to Communism and Zionism. It weakens America as it strengthens our enemies.

In order to create the means to "change regimes" Americans must maintain large global standing Armies and Navies. This policy requires us to place "boots on the ground" in foreign lands and administer them, without ever exploiting the territory or wealth we have conquered by force of arms in a way that makes us more prosperous and independent. It is a self consuming and disastrous process of empire building which results in our own destruction.

It is a mistake to assume from the beginning that we must wage war against "regimes" and not enemies. Tumbling regimes does nothing to destroy enemies. Attacking governments, as opposed to destroying enemies, consumes immeasurable volumes of lives and resources that should be utilized for the benefit of our people.

If we redirected the purpose of our military forces, weapons and infrastructure to the security of our borders and the annihilation of our enemies, we could not only better protect ourselves and ensure our survival, we would then be in a better position to put our resources to work for the benefit of our own, as opposed to the control of our enemies. And no one would dare to challenge us.

Our creative forces, industry, agriculture and other forms of wealth and capital are more than sufficient to provide all of our people with a very high standard of living. Were we to expel those who have invaded our country, these per capita resources would grow. Eliminating our debts to the usurers would free up our capital to make it available for our benefit, rather than the growth of wealth of the usurers.

Technology makes it both cheap and easy for us to ruin our enemies without bankrupting ourselves or murdering our own youth in a dysgenic mass suicide. Technology also provides us with the means to eliminate foreign and slave labor. Empires always import labor which ruins their national genius, destroys their genetic heritage and replaces their population. Robotics and other technologies provide us with a viable means to grow our wealth and provide for our needs without foreign or slave labor.

Our wealthy class is not investing our national capital in these directions. Instead, they are redirecting our national capital to enemy States, bleeding off our vital resources and enslaving us to their usury and to our sworn enemies. Were we to stop this antagonism towards our survival we could quickly grow our wealth and create a far better society for our own people.