Friday, December 07, 2018

Time, Space and Survival

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am making a documentary about time, space and the survival of the White Race. I believe our minds deceive us with various conceptions of time and space that permit us to survive moments, while ignoring the consequences of our decisions across broader spans of time. When we establish beginnings, endings and existences, we look for mile markers on the side of the road.

But there is so much more of which we are not aware than that which can conceive, and these conditions affect our future, as they affected our past. All of our images of past and future are in the present. Therefore, we place far greater primacy on what is, than what might be and what is likely to occur. This creates a sort of a mental mouse trap. We seek to feed ourselves in the moment, rather than gauge time across a thousand generations of our genes.

It is common practice to praise the Chinese for the wisdom of their patience and their understanding that time will pass and bring with it its changes. They take small steps on an infinite journey and we commend them for it. But when Whites look to their future with hope and desire, they are roundly condemned as if murderous monsters. In a way, we ought to be flattered that we are so feared for the superiority of our past. But they are trying to kill us off and so vanity is not a sane option.

The Jews are trying to erase our memories of ourselves, our ancestors and what it is to be a White human being. They know that if we forget ourselves we will be lost, merely moments which they define in our consciousness as hatred of ourselves. They hope that the White elders will die off and bury with their old bones all knowledge of the race. And then human children will know nothing of us or those who carried our genes across thousands of years and thousands of miles. We will be as forgotten and irrelevant in the minds of men as are the billions of fossils trapped under the seas.

The Jews bear witness to the extinction of the peoples they have exterminated and to the animals and plants disappearing from the earth, and they celebrate their demise. The Jews seek to exterminate Whites and ruin creation, which they believe is polluted, poisoned with our existence. But that is the Jews and their twisted minds.

What of us? What do we hold in the cupped hands of our minds which entitles us to fence off a bit more time for us? What chronicles of was will be written in the minds of our great, great grandchildren, so that we do not perish like yesterday’s winds? So that they do not wander alone without us seeking for answers only to find them in Jewish lies of what we were.

In the desert the mountains shed their fallen flesh around their knees in a massive pile of sand. Only their headstone bones stand after millions of years warring against the winds and rain. But the earth does not let the specks and grit which once scraped the clouds float away to the stars. She carries her children with her, pulling them close to her breast for billions of days. She tugs at time and draws its strings tighter towards her heart. So it is with the soil of the race. The old which ate the soil as it danced in the light and clothed itself in green robes, return to that same ground after casting off their seeds which wonder the garden and harvest from it their lives. This is how the plants and animals of earth spend time and cross space. The soil must be sound, or the life it yields will wilt.

So we must mark the passage of the race not merely with momentary fragments on the face of a clock or abstract images on a computer monitor, but with real things of vital importance to us and with ourselves, each White person an elemental part of the whole. How many of us are there? Where are we? How are we ensuring the survival of each other? How are we being separated from each other and how is the race being mixed and diluted by the presence of others? These things are as much a part of time as are the positions of the earth with respect to the sun. Our moment is our form not just as individuals but as parts of the race. Just as we know there was a was and will be a next, we must look at what is and assess our situation individually and collectively.

Who are our enemies and why and what would they make of us? What are we to do about it? What did our ancestors do which gave us the gift of our existence? How have conditions changed and what must we do to adapt to them? How do we define ourselves and how can we erase the hostile and negative images our enemies cast upon us and our ancestors like shovel fulls of filth to cover our graves?

In this moment we must celebrate ourselves, acknowledge our worth and praise our ancestors. We must also love that which will come from us for a thousand generations if we do our part in time to make it so. That is a part of time, of being, of not forgetting and losing the wealth carried in our genetic code. A seed cannot grow on a dry stone. Our people cannot stride through time if we do not draw from all that is all that is ours, all that we must have.

The Jews want us to focus only on the moment as if it existed outside the chain of time, as if we have no links to our past or bonds to our future that make us what we are what we were and what we will to be. They trick us into giving away our soil and our children to our enemies. They poison our ground and our blood. And they hope that we will disappear as they atomize and disperse us amongst others.

But that is the Jews. We can and must act for ourselves unfettered from their lies about us. We must come to better understand space and time and how to mark them on the map of the race. We must learn again to trust in ourselves more than abstractions and myths. We are here and will stay as long as we will to live and do what we must to survive. We should not fear the future in the awareness that it is irrational to fear the past.

The borders of maps are very important to our conception of time and space, and this is why the Jews are so insistent that we erase them and our notions of our territories and with them detach ourselves from time and place and become dead. We look at a map and say to ourselves, this was our people’s place at such a time, and then we moved here and there. But what will our great, great grandchildren use to form their bearings on this earth should the Jews erase all memories of us and mix our blood with all others as they surround each of us with non-Whites? They will look upon a map of the earth and see only a reflection of what is not theirs. They will never grasp the ground and know that those who brought them to life held it, too. The map will not be a mirror of their past or guide to their future. Instead it will mean only that there are a million places they cannot go because the Jews forbid it.

It is important to consider the distant past. Think of the White Race in the remote past. Imagine each White person as a part, an elemental unit of the whole. They were always in groups breeding with one another. In a crowd, they would only bump into another White person. That was the nature of the race at that time. Then they began to take foreign labor and face conquest. The blood mixed and often the genius and beauty disappeared.

Now imagine each White person separated from the others by non-White neighbors, then family members, dispersed and heterogeneous like particles of white paint mixed with a thousand different colors growing increasingly diluted on an increasingly messy palette. It becomes more and more difficult to ever reunite male and female of the race to produce offspring of the race. That is what Jews are doing to Whites. And it is not merely taking place in time and space, but also in the abstract, where images that only have meaning in our minds of mixed children are displayed on public billboards and in advertisements. The Jews are erasing the White Race even in our thoughts. We look upon these two dimensional images which capture our thoughts in time and limit our actions in space and we do not see ourselves or our ancestors. We have been erased from consciousness. Instead we see and think about our replacements as our reality. Why do we tolerate this?

I will have a great deal more to say about time, space and survival and hope my documentary will soon be completed.

It is important for Whites to surround themselves with other Whites. We must not allow ourselves to be consumed in mixtures where we cannot find one another and see in each other our selves. It is important for us to consider the nature of time, space and survival. If we do not compose that which is time, we are not, and it will be as if we never were. We live in a time of survival of the self aware and the extinction of the self hating.