Thursday, February 28, 2019

Further Examples of the Book Burning Purge at Amazon

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Proof is mounting that Amazon has engaged in a politically motivated purge of a specific class of books, those which advocate the best interests of White People:

In each instance, they have attempted to justify banning these books due to their "subject matter" without further explanation, and directed the authors to their "guidelines" which are not guidelines but simply a statement that Amazon has the power to censor books. Amazon sells countless products which produce negative customer experiences, as evinced by the many millions of negative reviews of products Amazon continues to sell. Their "guidelines" are being employed as a sham device for Amazon to hide behind as it censors books for political reasons.

The Nazis also burned books that they believed would produce a negative customer experience. The Nazis also presumed that they knew best which books to allow the public to read, and also had no regard for the public's right to know facts and opinions which offend special interests. The slippery slope leads to the abyss and we are tumbling down it. Amazon has the power to influence politics and deny us a level playing field to obtain representative government and exercise our fundamental human rights. Amazon is violating our fundamental human rights by selectively discriminating against us.

Kindle burns books! It is my new mantra.