Saturday, February 02, 2019

Our Rights to Free and Representative Government Versus Orwellian "Quarantine" and "Inoculation"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The recent documentary Alt-Right: Age of Rage discusses two extremely troubling and dehumanizing tactics used to subvert our democratic political process. These subversive methods are given the Orwellian labels "Quarantine" and "Inoculation" which liken a certain class of human beings to diseases. The false presumption which is tacitly made by those who ply these subversive arts is that Americans have unequal rights to free and fair representation and this presumption is made under the bizarre pretext that this orchestrated denial of rights to representative government to some, even to a majority, is necessary to ensure free and fair representation for all people in government which has thereby already and deliberately been denied by the forces supposedly seeking its enforcement.

Assuming as a tacit basis for obstructing the rights of some to speak, and the rights of the public to know what they are saying. . . presuming that there exist two classes of human beings, those who agree with those who control the flow of public information and those who disagree with those who control the public flow of information, and that those who control the public flow of information are monolithic at least in their relevant views, organized efforts have been made to limit the public's access to politically relevant information. When those who control the public flow of information wish to censor the views of others with whom they disagree, they believe they are entitled to either "quarantine" their opponents by deliberately preventing exposure of their existence and views in the media, or engage in an unfair and biased propaganda effort through the media to control the minds of the public so as to generate conforming disagreement as an indoctrinated response to favor their biased view. They create a totalitarian mindset through the process of brainwashing the public with an intentionally one sided exposure of the facts and logical arguments, as well as emotional displays of propaganda.

The process of human thought depends upon exposure to information. Neural pathways are formed and the subconscious mind is controlled by the exposure of the brain through the senses to information, which in this instance is controlled by a group that by no means represents the independent views of each and every American. Under our system of government, each and every citizen is entitled to pursue representative government that favors his or her views. Under the law, no citizen has a greater individual right to governmental representation of his views than any other citizen.

Yet this condescending clique, mostly Jewish, presumes that they have the right to limit public discourse to only their views, or the deliberate criticism of the views of their political opponents. They presume that only they have the right to divine the course of government and so abuse the fundamental rights of free speech, private property and public assembly to deny those same rights to others through active collusion to suppress their views from public discourse and thereby deny them representative government. At the same time, they have corrupted the American government and laws to prevent segregation into communities of like-minded individuals who could then seek local representative government that obeyed the views and rights of the segregated community to self determination. In so doing they have monopolized the press, public discourse, public opinion and government to favor their totalitarian control to the fullest extent possible.

We need to start demanding our rights to representative government. We need to take action in the courts to demand remedies to the suppression of our rights to engage in the political process. We need to create our own outlets for public expression and take action in the courts against the monopolies and illegal and underhanded methods employed to suppress our public voice and deny us government representation.