Saturday, February 02, 2019

The Myth of the "YouTube Community" Is a Sham Device to Enable Censorship and Selective Enforcement of Sham TOS Agreements

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

YouTube has deleted the popular channel TheRapeofJustice which featured many videos which brought my work to hundreds of thousands of viewers:

For example, the channel, which had about fifty thousand subscribers at the time, mirrored my video presentation

When last I checked, the number of subscribers to TheRapeOfJustice channel had eclipsed fifty thousand. The video as a mirror had achieved more than forty thousand views in a few weeks and was going viral. At that point, utilizing the sham device of the "YouTube Community" as a pretext, YouTube censored the video with a blank screen warning viewers against watching it, and blocking those features which enable videos to go viral.

By falsely attributing their independent action to a mythical "YouTube Community" whose supposed existence contradicts the raw numbers of viewers, likes and subscribers who in fact represent the real community of YouTube, YouTube creates the false impression of a democratic process to cover up what it is in reality corporate collusion with a censorship lobby to regulate the public disclosure of politically important information. The massive numbers of subscribers, likers and viewers rights are denied and their vote through their participation in YouTube and its features as real members of a community is relegated to the trash heap by an organized minority of censors and gatekeepers, who style themselves watchdogs of their perceived self interests. No numbers are publicly tallied to count the representation of voluntary viewers, likes and subscribers versus organized censors who have been schooled on how to obstruct the public disclosure of information through social media. There is no open disclosure of who it is alleged constitutes the "YouTube Community" of (professional?) censors or the nature of their complaints. No explanation is given as to why the rights of the majority are denied or what numerical basis there is for the allegation that the "community" has ruled against what are often millions of members of the verified and counted actual community of viewers and subscribers.

YouTube is fostering a tyranny of an hostile minority over the fundamental human rights of the majority of the verifiable YouTube community. Under the pretext and farce of the sham shadow "YouTube Community" they have violated not only my fundamental human rights to speak freely and the public's fundamental rights to know what I have say; but given that I was promoting my book for sale, they have violated my rights to compete in a free and fair marketplace across State and International lines, thereby violating the spirit of interstate commerce and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. They have also violated my fundamental human rights to express my political opinions in a fair and free forum and in so doing have corrupted the American political process to render it unrepresentative.

In identifying the effects of the Russian sabotage of the American political process through the means of social media, the American government has officially recognized the fact that social media is a part of the American political system and affords the owners of social media the ability to sway elections to favor those who produce, censor and control its content. The censorship taking place affects the political process, but YouTube does not provide due process to those they victimize with censorship. No fair or equitable process exists for a democratic and open determination of the facts and law which regulate their exercise of dictatorial power to censor. No compensation is given to those whose work is destroyed and who incur damages as a result of the censorship that occurs behind closed doors without public scrutiny or open public disclosure or public process. This organized campaign of censorship is corrupting our political process rendering it unfair and unrepresentative. Our fundamental human rights of representative government, due process, free speech, self determination, public assembly, and free and fair election processes are being trampled by the tyranny of censorship of a monopolistic group of social media barons and fund raising services. Our democracy has been subverted.

What is my government doing to defend my rights and the rights of the public to know my thoughts?

Not only has YouTube censored my work, not only have journals which publish dishonest attacks on me refused to publish my responses, but foreign governments are actively censoring my works and blocking public access to websites which feature them. We live in dangerous times.