Friday, March 15, 2019

Brenton Tarrant's Propaganda of the Deed

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brenton Tarrant murdered 49 people in an attempt to take away our gun rights. Tarrant anticipates that his terrorism will provoke the government to deprive us of our rights to keep and bear arms. He believes that this will prompt the American people to revolt against an increasingly tyrannical government. He is engaging in classic communistic and anarchistic "propaganda of the deed." His manifesto The Great Replacement is Zionist, anti-Capitalist and calls for the Balkanization of America.

The New Zealand government has taken the bait and done exactly what Tarrent wanted them to do. They are moving to take away their people's rights to keep and bear arms. His attack has been a complete success.

He is following the Communist playbook to gin up revolutions and provoke a race war. Putin must be delighted by all of this. If Tarrant is not working directly for the Russians, he is working indirectly for them by succumbing to their agenda and forwarding it. He is also a Zionist who wants all Jews to move to Israel. And Tarrant claims to be a member of the Knights Templar, all of which recalls Anders Breivik and his rampage of murder. It is also reminiscent of Charles Manson's false flag murders meant to spark a race war.

The mass media are responding exactly as Tarrant predicted they would. There will probably be more book burnings and social media is already becoming more discriminatory against Whites. The more restrictive they make the means of communication to achieve political parity and representative government, the more the media and corporations will inspire such insane acts of violence. As they make it impossible for politics to succeed in giving Whites a voice, the more they will drive Whites to engage in public violence in acts of desperation and protest, despite the fact that it is morally wrong and politically counterproductive to do so. John F. Kennedy said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

The media are in love with the story because it fits in perfectly with their agenda, but only because Tarrant wanted it to fit their oppressive agenda and deliberately engineered his violence to achieve that end. The mass media will never discuss how censorship and repression are inspiring these horrible acts and are in part to blame for this horrific mayhem. They also falsely and generally accuse White Nationalists, as if they are collectively to blame for Tarrant's insane acts, this as they violently oppose generalizations which collectively blame Muslims for acts of terrorism committed by insane individuals.

The media are also not addressing the violence in movies and video games, which is turning masses of people into psychopaths. They want easy answers which strip of us our rights and impose government and corporate tyranny on Whites, which only compounds the problem, and which will inevitably inspire more violence as a response to the increasing repression. That is what Tarrant wants. He wants Whites to face increasing restrictions on their rights, so that they will violently rebel against the increasing oppression in a self feeding cycle of violence and tyranny.

Instead of restricting our means of communication and political activity, corporations and the mass media should be affording us greater freedom of communication and augmenting the public debate with a level and fair playing field. Every human being shares the same rights to freedom of expression, self determination and representative government. If the corporations and mass media continue to presume they have the right to selectively silence individuals with differing views, those with pro-White views, then they will increasingly inspire unstable individuals to express themselves through violence because they will not have the option of civil discourse. The hysterical mass media and the corrupt corporations make Brenton Tarrant's propaganda of the deed a success, and therefore encourage more of it to the detriment of us all.

In order to better understand how "propaganda of the deed" works, consider the increase in Muslim terrorism that would occur if the Koran were banned from all the major booksellers. Further image that Muslims were banned on all major social media outlets and artificial intelligence was used to delete anything and everything they wrote and said. What would happen if every foul act committed by a Muslim was used to justify the elimination of civil rights for all Muslims. That is exactly what governments, the mass media and corporations are doing to Whites. Since they are making it impossible for Whites to engage in civil public discourse about their own destiny and rights, they are inspiring unstable Whites to express themselves with violence, having no other public means to express themselves. It is a predictable response and Tarrant predicts more to come. The media, despite their pretense of sophistication, has been taken in by a sick terrorist and was outclassed. They have no clue as to what just really happened, but Brenton Tarrant does. His propaganda of the deed was a stunning success, most unfortunately.