Friday, March 01, 2019

Kindle's Whimsical Approach to Burning Books

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Kindle has yet again refused to state the specific reasons why it has banned my book E = mc2 and the Jewish Question. Though Kindle claims that the "subject matter" of my work is in violation of its "guidelines", Kindle will not and cannot tell me which guideline has been violated because Kindle does not have a guideline which covers the subject of "subject matter". Furthermore, Kindle has refused to define the "subject matter" of my book, and since it has no definition of the subject matter of my book, the subject matter of my book cannot serve as a justification for banning my book. Instead of answering my questions, Kindle has confirmed my assertion that they are selectively and arbitrarily banning my book without due cause based solely on their assumption of the power to whimsically ban books without any means of appeal and without any notice as to the reasons why the book has been banned. That is quite a capricious and cavalier approach to the historically dangerous practice of burning books. Would they banish or burn heretics with an equal lack of policy and process to the way they ban arbitrarily declared heretical books? That type of murder at the stake is what is at stake in our society if we permit this reckless discrimination, persecution and censorship to stand.