Saturday, April 13, 2019

Social Media Oligarchs and Their Destruction of Our Democracy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The social media oligarchs have begun to rule over us and have subverted our democracy. They employ such sham devices as the "YouTube Community" and Terms of Service agreements to enforce the tyranny of the majority over the minority, and the tyranny of the minority over the majority in ways which the United States Constitution does not allow. They have created secretive kangaroo courts with unknown laws where star chambers impose their will over the masses and over vulnerable minorities.

The claim that there is police force of a "YouTube community" which objects in a very partisan manner to any videos which criticize Jewry is suspicious on its face. In what form does this "Community" exist and why is its often minority voice employed to deny the rights of the majority? I have seen videos with a 95% plus favoritabilty rating of likes over dislikes removed pursuant to the whims of a secret police force of a "YouTube community" and the judgement of YouTube employees working in collusion with them as anonymous judges in a secret court. There is no right to confront the accuser, and the accuser is never identified, so there is no means to demonstrate their bias, organization and political affiliation. There is no right of appeal. Evidence cannot be presented. Only the side of the secret police is given a hearing. There is no due process and no defense is allowed, let alone the commonly asserted defenses of selective enforcement, malicious prosecution or the assertion of fundamental human rights as a defense, including the right of free speech and rights to representative government. No clear definitions exist of proscribed conduct, so insufficient notice is given of the laws being enforced. They are too vague to be meaningful or enforceable, and therefore are enforced arbitrarily and selectively.

These quasi-governmental agencies, who by their own policies act as police, prosecutors, jailors and courts, violate all the most fundamental precepts of justice, fairness and equality. They are instead dictatorial oligarchs imposing their will and political agenda on our nation and our citizenry. They rule with their money, not their ideas, which they ban us from challenging.

We must not allow these billionaire social media oligarchs to subvert our democracy. They have already taken away our freedom. They have already engaged in banishing us, defaming us and alienating us from the political process without affording us any hearing or due process to defend ourselves from their attacks, or a means by which we can assert our fundamental human rights. They have created their stand alone governments, replete with police, courts and prisons in violation of the sovereignty of the United States of America and have used these quasi-governmental offices to destroy and violate our most precious rights, rights necessary to guarantee our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They are not only unAmerican in their existence, policies and practices, they are anti-American and tyrannical to an extent that compels the American Government to take action against them. So why is it not?