Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Need for New Laws to Proscribe the Violation of Our Fundamental Rights in Social Media and in the Government

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is vitally important that we break the cycle of "propaganda of the deed" and secure our fundamental rights to freedom in this age of high technology. There are proven instances of terrorists committing acts of violence in the hope that the governments will use their violence as a pretext to further restrict our rights. They further intend that this increased oppression will inspire others to commit acts of violence out of frustration, which will then serve as the pretext for further governmental encroachments on our fundamental human rights, in a compounding and escalating vicious cycle of violence and repression. They do this with the intent of destabilizing society and promoting violent revolution and civil war.

Intelligence agencies around the world have an easy time creating and maintaining agents provocateur who engage in destructive acts meant to increase the tyranny of government so as to inspire more violence, which then triggers the programmed and planned response of ever increasing governmental oppression. They are deliberately trying to create instability in Western Civilization by denying us our fundamental rights to freedom of speech and to keep and bear arms, while employing terrorists to provide the illegitimate pretext for their intrusion on our inviolable rights.

Any political party which denies the absolute right to free speech is not a political party, but a totalitarian dictatorship in the making. We presently live in an Orwellian world, where the Federal Government of the United States of America is arbitrarily, selectively and illegally condemning certain sectors of the population and openly pitting itself against its own citizens to intimidate, repress, stigmatize and defame them. This is an intolerable encroachment on our right to representative government for all American citizens on a fair and level playing field. Each and every American has the same fundamental and inviolable right to hold whatever views he or she chooses to hold, and to express them without the power of the State bearing down on them to imprison, defame or intimidate them. The State is presently selectively and arbitrarily stigmatizing, attacking and condemning groups. This constitutes a governmental sanction without trial or due process of law, without any Constitutional authority to do so, and in direct violation of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America. This is designed to have a chilling effect on the free expression of opinions and implies that the State is planning to use its overwhelming force to attack those of its own citizens it has declared enemies. No member of these repressed groups was ever given a fair trial by a jury of their peers and due process of law to defend themselves and their rights, before the Government took the illegal step of publicly condemning them and imposing the sanction upon them of publicly defaming them and shaming them for holding their views. The Government of the United States of America has no legal authority to engage in the orchestrated defamation and public shaming of its citizens.

All this being the case, we can campaign on the platform that our political opponents do not represent American political parties, but instead foreign interests attempting to impart a totalitarian regime within our disrespected borders, in order to render the Constitution of the United States invalid and thereby break the contract between the People and the Government and in the absence of its safeguards against tyranny and oppression impose their biased and foreign will upon the American People.

The American Federal Government has openly acknowledged that social media are a vital and influential part of the American political process. We therefore require new laws which safeguard our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the rights to be heard and to hear, the rights to representative government and to engage in the political process on a level and fair playing field and in a manner and with the views each individual citizen deems fit without restrictions arbitrarily and selectively imposed by politically biased entities in control of social media. These laws must secure our rights to be free from attacks on our person, rights and identity by groups, individuals and artificial intelligence programmed as a weapon to remove us from public view and the public arena. It is the absolute right of each and every American to formulate his or her own views without coercion, duress or the undue influence of anyone else. No one has the right to restrict or define for anyone else what views they may hold and/or express. Social media platforms do not have the lawful authority to selectively prohibit political views in services they offer to the public at large. No one has the right to inhibit the free expression of political views in public platforms which have become an integral part of the political process.

Social media are utilizing special interest groups and artificial intelligence programs to selectively identify, alienate, stigmatize, intimidate, obstruct and destroy the identity and public face of targeted groups and individuals. These special interest groups and the artificial intelligence programs so employed are weapons used to commit assault against American citizens and destroy their reputations, identities and rights. This must become specifically proscribed in the Federal laws of the United States of America. We can campaign on the platform that social media, including publishing outlets, be proscribed by law from employing these highly destructive weapons against anyone, any group, or any set of views. We should legally define deliberate attempts to make a person vanish from public view and the public records, as criminal attempts to commit assault, and as new forms of criminally proscribed assassination and banishment.

There is also the demonstrated need for new Federal laws barring the Government from defaming, stigmatizing or otherwise inhibiting the political rights of its citizens by formally condemning their views. This is demonstrably necessary to break the totalitarian State now being employed against American citizens which has illegally defined by Government proclamation what it arbitrarily and with intended bias deems acceptable and unacceptable political viewpoints. Any attempt by the Government or the quasi-government of social media to tip the scales in favor of one political viewpoint or another is the overt manifestation of totalitarianism.