Thursday, August 22, 2019

Patrick Byrne Reveals His Ties to Russian Agent Maria Butina

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Former CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne has revealed that had an affair with Russian agent Maria Butina:

Byrne uses Yiddish expressions including Yenta and Verklempt and refers to Warren Buffet as his "Rabbi". He is pushing crypto-currency and blockchain. Byrne stated that he is a libertarian as is Maria Butina.

The libertarians have been out to destroy the American dollar to benefit their Russian masters for generations. They used to promote the Gold standard to favor the Russians and the Jews. Evidently they are now promoting crypto-currencies as a new way to ruin us and the international advantages the dollar gives us.

The Jews delight in private currencies because it will enable them to ruin any person they choose by denying him the right to use the private currency, just as social media and PayPal have denied access to targeted individuals. The libertarians support this private means of destroying people.

The Gold Standard is an horrible method. First they tried it, and then tried to make an electronic version of it which would become a fractional reserve system with no means of verification. Now, it appears that the Jews and Communists are out to destroy the American dollar with crypto-currencies and blockchain. I am warning about the dangers of allowing private companies to manage currencies. They can exclude you and starve you and your family and the libertarians will cheer them on as exercising their rights.

I suspect the Russians are also out to generate civil war in America over the issue of gun rights. We are being subjected to Communist "propaganda of the deed" in the form of mass shootings and the government is threatening an oppressive response which will generate more mass shootings in a cycle meant to provoke civil unrest and revolution. The Communists are waiting for that happen so they can hit us when we are weakest, when we are at war with one another.