Friday, March 20, 2020

Netanyahu Becomes Messiah Son of Joseph to Wage War on a Virus

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Benjamin Netanyahu has anointed himself Moshiach ben Joseph and is waging his historic war against Persia with the Coronavirus, which also provided the pretext for him to assume the dictatorial throne as commander of the war against the virus. King Cyrus Donald Trump has likewise appointed himself war-king battling the invisible enemy!

Netanyahu, Messiah Son of Joseph, is presiding over the biological attack on Iran. He is also taking over the throne of Israel with dictatorial powers and a State police force that is spying on the entire population and demanding their unquestioning obedience. Mistake it not, Netanyahu is the first public messiah. Moshiach ben David will soon follow after the war is won. Perhaps Trump will herald the arrival of Messiah Son of David.