Saturday, November 07, 2020

Back in Print: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I Second Edition

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have just released the revised, enlarged and illustrated second edition of my book ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I. It is available in paperback and as an ePub Ebook file here:



Friday, October 30, 2020

Back in Print: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume II Zionism Second Edition

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My book ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume II Zionism is back in print in a revised, enlarged and illustrated second edition:



Monday, October 12, 2020


I am happy to announce the release of my new book Beware the World to Come. This is the most important book I have written. You can find it in paperback here:

It is available in ePub EBOOK format here:

Sunday, March 22, 2020

The United States of America Should Repudiate Its Debts to Red China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Red Chinese hold much of our national debt. Since they gave us Coronavirus, we should fine them and start to collect on the fine by repudiating the debt the Red Chinese hold. It is the product of fraud anyway, so let the Communist Chinese collect their debts from the Jewish bankers who created them, both the Red Chinese and our American national debt.

If we do not repudiate the debt the Jewish bankers have created through fraud, they will steal all our gold reserves and the gold reserves of every other nation when they deliberately collapse the central banks of the world. The Jewish bankers will also steal our national forests, air and water rights, roadways, rail systems, and the airports and airlines industry. But that is only the beginning. They are going to take our farms and homes, our industry and schools, and all the rest of our private and public property. It is coming and not far off if we fail to fend them off.

A Russian Trojan Horse is heading to Rome. The USA and Italy Should Invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Russian military is planning to invade Italy with medics and disinfectant trucks. David Ben-Gurion, Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Dugin all planned for the Russian Communists to take over all of Continental Europe and now Trump and Coronavirus are making their dreams come true. Trump has so weakened NATO that it is not being employed to battle Coronavirus, though it should be, especially given the Communist origin of the biological weapons attack. The United States and Italy should invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter and request international assistance. The Red Chinese spread this disease to Italy and the United States and it is NATO's mission to protect us from the attack, and not open the gates to Soviet Russia.

Ayn Rand Paul has Coronavirus

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If ever there has been poetic justice, this is it. Crypto-Communist Ayn Rand Paul, who needlessly and deliberately delayed Coronavirus legislation in the Senate with a ridiculous amendment he knew would never pass, has tested positive for Coronavirus. Ayn Rand Paul probably caught it from one of his Communist contacts, likely a fifth columnist spreading the disease in America, as Rand did by delaying needed laws.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Netanyahu Becomes Messiah Son of Joseph to Wage War on a Virus

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Benjamin Netanyahu has anointed himself Moshiach ben Joseph and is waging his historic war against Persia with the Coronavirus, which also provided the pretext for him to assume the dictatorial throne as commander of the war against the virus. King Cyrus Donald Trump has likewise appointed himself war-king battling the invisible enemy!

Netanyahu, Messiah Son of Joseph, is presiding over the biological attack on Iran. He is also taking over the throne of Israel with dictatorial powers and a State police force that is spying on the entire population and demanding their unquestioning obedience. Mistake it not, Netanyahu is the first public messiah. Moshiach ben David will soon follow after the war is won. Perhaps Trump will herald the arrival of Messiah Son of David.

Debunking the Allegation that the US Military Unleashed the Virus on the Red Chinese and the World

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Communists have accused the United States Military of causing the global pandemic we now face by allegedly releasing the virus as a bioweapon at the World Military Games in Wuhan China. There is no basis in fact for the allegation and it defies logic.

The only element of the alleged crime which can be proven is opportunity, but this proves nothing other than the irrational anti-American bias of those making the accusation. The USA was only one of 110 nations to have participated in the games. Beyond that, agents from any other nation on earth could presumably found there way into Wuhan. So why is the American Military being accused solely on this basis, when any other nation on earth could be accused on the same basis?

Of course, Red China had not only the opportunity to release a bioweapon in Wuhan, but also the facilities to produce it which are present at the very location the disease arose. Does this fact elude the architects of the anti-American propaganda? Therefore, the nation with the strongest opportunity to spread the virus was Red China, not America.

What motive would the American Military have to infect China and the world with the virus? The Communists in Red China are known to have mass murdered some one hundred million Chinese, and Communists in general are known for slaughter the old and decrepit en masse, which this Khmer Rouge type virus does. The Red Chinese have the Communist incentive of destabilizing the world and had the opportunity to develop a vaccine long in advance of releasing the disease. Why would Americans destroy the American economy in predictable ways? The Communists would destroy the world economy because that creates the needed conditions for the spread of Communism.

But we should ask qui bono, who also benefits? It appears that the bankers first and foremost benefitted from this disease. Israel has seen its enemies ancient and recent fall to the virus. Israel considers America and Europe to be Esau and Amalek and so delights in our extinction, and especially relishes the suffering of Persians, Romans, Greeks and Germans.

So while there is ample proof that Red China released the virus, perhaps in collaboration with the Israelis and bankers; there is no evidence whatsoever that the American Military played any role in the bioweapon attack.

The other theory alleging to prove that America manufactured the virus claims that the presence of multiple strains of the virus in America serve as proof that it originated here. The claim is a non sequitur. Quite the contrary, that would tend to prove that America is the primary target of the attack because we a multiracial society. In order to render the virus most effective it would have to be modified to attack the specific genetic make up of the targeted race. Therefore those who crafted it to attack Iran, Italy, Germany, China, South Korea and America would multiple strains and concentrated them all in America. Another explanation is the fact Americans are most likely to have engaged in travel to these regions and returned with the virus.

It is disgraceful that there are so many Americans who bear such a strong self hatred and so strongly carry Communist sympathies that they would help to disseminate this Red Chinese propaganda. It makes one wonder if there is a fifth column in our nation also helping the Communists to spread the disease. The Communists always accuse the US of their Communist crimes. The KGB/FSB always accuses the CIA of the criminal acts the KGB/FSB has committed. And they a fifth column of American traitors, mostly Communists themselves, who echo their lies.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Trump's Address on Coronavirus: Bandaids and BS

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President Trump addressed the nation tonight and revealed his inane plans to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. He is scapegoating Continental Europe for his failure to protect the American People. He is failing to take needed measures to stop the spread of the disease and develop cures for it. Trump refuses to direct and fund the needed programs to create manufacturing plants for masks and gloves. He is not directing research into utilizing the antibodies of those who have recovered to cure those who are ill.

The government should be providing us with masks and gloves, but since they failed to prepare for this crisis, enough gloves and masks do not exist. And even in spite of this reality, they refuse to start manufacturing them in new plants. The government should be encouraging us to wear improvised masks and providing us with instructions on how to make them at home.

There should be regional quarantines immediately imposed. New methods of buying and selling goods and services should be immediately developed and implemented, so that we are not constantly exposing each other in tight lines. New methods of ensuring the sterility of goods from Coronavirus must be developed and implemented as soon as possible. There should be screening of those who handle goods at distribution centers and there should be monitoring for the presence of the virus, which can live on surfaces for more than a week. We should be contemplating how to handle the delivery of mail and packages and the government should instruct the people as to the duration goods can be left untouched before the risk of infection is low or nil.

But the governments of the world are refusing to take meaningful steps towards solutions. Instead they are blaming each other and deliberately dividing us.

Trump is seizing upon this crisis as an opportunity to fulfill the very old Communist plan to divide the West into the Atlanticists of America and Great Britain and the Eurasianists of the Soviet Union and Red China expanded to claim all of Continental Europe. He is handing Continental Europe over to Putin and China and driving a wedge between America and our ancestral lands. Trump is giving Vladimir Putin and Alexander Dugin precisely what they want and is following the Eurasianist communist plans of Lenin. And Turkey is opening its gates to flood Europe with Asians and Africans, on behalf of the communists. I predicted all this would happen some 15 years ago, and now it is.

Jewry is hanging Haman on his own gallows. Americans put Trump into power on an anti-immigrant platform and now Europeans are being hung on that gallows with a flood of immigrants, a tidal wave of disease, and separation from America which will lead to the unification with Communist Russia and China.

But America will also hang if we let Trump fulfill the Israeli plan to ruin us. He is going to auction off the nation to the bankers at the sheriff's sale he is about to hold in a fire sale of our gold reserves, national forests, water rights, air rights, mineral rights, roadways, and everything else we own. Then the bankers will own everything and turn off the tap of all essentials needed for survival for every American, because we are a free people and it is their right to keep us from surviving because they will privately own all the means of our survival. And you won't be able to protest our demise in the streets, because the government will state it is forbidden because crowds spread the virus. And you won't be able to protest our demise on the internet because the private companies who own it will you tell it is their right as free people to silence you.

Time to act is now and the curtain is closing on the stage of our limited freedoms. The next act is the closing act when they start killing us all.

Hear it for yourselves, listen to the flustered fool, the puppet of Israel and Russia, we are being severed from Continental Europe and no meaningful steps are being taken to stop the spread of the virus domestically:

CORONAVIRUS CHRONICLES a New Series by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have created a new video series I am posting on bitchute. It chronicles the developments of and surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. You can view it here:

The Coronavirus Chronicles with Christopher Jon Bjerknes

End Game Now

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The world is collapsing around us and all it took was a bad virus. All this seems worse to us because we are so spoiled, but look at what the bankers did in the world wars and the great depressions, which was far worse than anything we have seen yet.

The stock market is crashing and the economy is in real trouble. But when there is this kind of volatility, those in the know make the most money. So why are they after all the money if they intend to destroy its value is the pertinent question.

They are obviously imposing their tyranny through private ownership, not the State. Government censorship has not yet occurred, but private censorship is rampant. Government refusal to honor the coin of the realm as legal tender has not occurred, but private refusal is rampant at online payment services, credit cards and banks.

They are imposing bolshevist tyranny by buying up and monopolizing all of our means of subsistence and commerce. They are now going to have the opportunity to foreclose on everyone and take all our homes.

They will also foreclose on the government and take all our public land, gold reserves and natural reserves including air, water, grazing and mineral rights. They are buying everything and then using their private ownership to regulate our lives and take away our freedom. That has essentially already happened.

The next step is private currency, so that they can strangle anyone they chose by refusing to allow them to participate in the economy even to the point of making it impossible to buy food or pay rent. They do this in the name of their freedom to restrict your freedom. The coming government lockdown and containment will prevent riots and public protests. It will crush the economy and make it even easier for the bankers to buy up everything with no public protest.

This is the end game of cultural Marxism and Libertarianism. This is where they meet and it was all planned when the bolshevik Trust sent out agents like Ayn Rand to poison our minds, and neo-Trotskyites like Leo Strauss and his colleague Milton Friedman said business can do whatever it so chooses and ethics be damned.

So who is going to join me in screaming out to the public that we must act immediately?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the markets and money supply interact. There is a good deal of talk about consumer confidence, but this going to break through the barriers of supply and demand and into the realms of massive unemployment and homelessness.

When the markets cause a loss of value of trillions of dollars how does that interact with money supply and purchasing power? Money supply is theoretically unaffected, but purchasing power in latent form is and I think that has a huge impact on the economy.

Todays momentous event signify far more than the completion of the Bolshevik revolution of Trotsky and Lenin. This is the fulfillment of the Jewish messianic prophecies. They will soon build their temple and anoint their King. So who cares about that when the markets are falling?

We should, because the prophecies command them to destroy the nations and judge the Goyim at exactly that moment. That means not only poverty and slavery. They have that already when you compare the average human to the banking elite. They want more than that. They want a world without Gentiles, so that they can correct the corruption of the Earth that Gentile blood represents.

Friday, March 06, 2020

The Babylonian Talmud States that Adam Was Androgynous

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For many years, I have been writing about the fact that Judaism teaches that the God of the Jews is an hermaphrodite. Since Adam was created in the image of this god, he was androgynous. This is one of the reasons why there are so many Jews pressing the androgynous agenda into public life, including forcing it upon our children. Here are a few of my articles on the subject:

Jana Ben-Nun has also been exposing the agenda to promote androgeny and corrupt humanity, both mentally and genetically. She has been unfairly attacked for telling the truth, which she did in the video shown here:

The Babylonian Talmud states not only that the God of the Jews is an hermaphrodite, but that Adam had a double-face, or two faces, one male and one female. The Talmud explains this to mean, that its god separated the faces male and female from Adam to create Eve from Adam. Jana argues that to make things right, in the minds of Talmudists and Cabalists, human beings are being reverted back to this alleged original state of androgyny. For those who doubt the validity of her claim that the Talmud states that Adam was male and female, see the following proof from Tractate Berakoth, folio 61 a-b, and Tractate Eruvin, folio 18a:

Johann Andreas Eisenmenger pointed these facts out several centuries ago in his book The Traditions of the Jews, Volume I, pages 15 and 16 of the English translation. Jewry claims that he was lying in his book, but the facts prove him correct. Eisenmenger wrote,

"In Berachoth, a Talmud- treatise, 'tis said, 'that God form'd Adam, with a double Visage, The Passage runs thus:' Rabbi Jeremy, Son of Elieser, says, 'God created the First Man with Two Faces; as we read, 'Thou hast fashion'd me behind and before.' Which Words Rabbi Salomon explains thus: 'He made him with Two Faces, one before and the other behind; and cut him in Two Parts; and out of one Part he made Eve.' In a Treatise entitled Eruvin, we read, that Adam had a double Face, from the Words, [Footnote:-- Ps. CXXXIX. 5.] 'Thou hast fashioned me from behind and before. On these Words says the Rabbi Eruvin, Salomon writes thus: He divided him into two Parts; for on the one Side he was a Male, and on the other a Female.' In Bereschith rabba, in the eight Parasha, we read these Words, 'Rabbi Samuel, Son of Nachmans said, 'In the same Hour, wherein God created Man, he made him with Two Faces, and sawing him asunder, made the Back part to each of them, one on this Side, the other on that.'"

Psalm 139:5 states,

"Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me."

Joseph Wheless wrote in his book Is It God's Word?, at page 216,

"First of all, the Hebrew God was to his Chosen People merely a man, or Superman, human altogether in form, functions, and attributes, with some attributes of a spirit or Jinn added, such as changing shape at will, like the gods of Homer.

As for his human or 'anthropomorphic' form and functions, this appears unequivocably from the Beginning: 'Elohim created man in his own image, in the image of Elohim created he him,' indeed, it is positively added: 'male and female created he them, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth' (Gen. i, 27-28). This, indeed, would imply an hermaphroditic sexuality in the person of Elohim (as a single deity), or a female consort, or a plurality of Elohim or gods, male and female, like the gods and goddesses of Olympus."

Since the God of the Jews in an hermaphrodite, Adam was created in its image as an androgynous being. It is interesting to observe on this point, that the male has both a X and a Y chromosome, but the female does not--at least for now.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

In Print: Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume II Zionism

Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume II Zionism is an in depth examination of the documented collaboration between the Nazis and the Zionists. It is available here in paperback:

and here as an ebook:

Friday, October 11, 2019

Turkey Invaded Syria, So That the USA Can Invade Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I reported earlier, the real reason why the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry is because Donald Trump would not or could not attack Iran. With the threat of impeachment and eventual criminal prosecution hanging over his head, Trump is now setting us up to make that attack.

Trump gave Turkey the greenlight to invade Syria, because Syria is an ally of Iran and there are Russian forces present in Syria. Turkey is a NATO ally. The presence of Turkish forces in Northern Syria places NATO forces at the ready to attack not only Damascus if necessary, but also to confront any Russian forces intending to join the battle on behalf of Syria and or Iran.

In the name of pulling American troops out of the Middle East, Trump is instead readying them for combat with Iran. In the name of ending Middle Eastern wars, Trump is instead preparing to launch the worst one yet.

Trump, at the behest of Israel, has created the necessary conditions for an American attack on Iran and has Turkey securing Northern Syria for the benefit of Israel, so as to draw any fighting away from Israel and towards Turkey. Turkey would then have the option of invoking Article 5 of the NATO charter and bring in the full forces of NATO against Syria and Iran, whether it is the United States or Saudi Arabia which triggers a war with Iran.

US President Donald J. Trump has betrayed us to Israel yet again. In the name of instigating a new era of peace, Trump is instead laying the ground work for World War III, which could easily commence should Turkey or the US engage Russia in combat.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Going Hard on Bitchute

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am going to do my best to awaken a political consciousness in Americans. I aiming to be the first channel banned on Bitchute for telling the truth about the Jews, that is how hard I am going to go after them. My channel is:

Here are my first Bitchute only videos:

Sunday, September 01, 2019

With Pro-Russian Republicans Battling Pro-Chinese Democrats, How Can America Defeat the Communists?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Silicon Valley is deeply invested in Communist China which provides the hardware for their industry. The Chinese produce the equipment they need for their global surveillance networks and will provide the troops they need to suppress Americans and exterminate us.

The Russians provide the force to threaten us with nuclear war that would certainly eradicate the American People. In the build up to this war, the Jews have Democrats siding with the Communist Chinese against America, and the Republicans siding with the Russians against America. The Communists and the Jews have us inviting in the Trojan team horses to define our political discourse. They have us pitted against one another while siding with one arm of the Communist International or the other against our own people. And if comes to civil war, the Republicans will welcome in the Russian Communists to "save" us and the Democrats will invite in the Chinese Troops to "rescue" us. And both will crush the American People and work together for world conquest.

The Communist Chinese and their Jewish allies are stirring up trouble in Hong Kong to take over all Chinese banking and trade and create a pretext for suppressing the Hong Kongese with iron fisted measures. The Jews are working to destroy Chinese and American currency to set the stage for the implementation of a world currency and/or private currencies which will afford the Jews yet another means for global control. Any nation resisting this currency will be immediately crushed by it.

The Republicans are using legitimate concerns about the Chinese Communists and their historic attacks on America as a campaign issue for Trump, but that are not taking the needed steps to protect America from China and Russia. Instead, they are using the exposure of the danger as means to further divide us and thereby endanger us.

Just as Trump is not expelling millions of illegals and safeguarding our borders with deadly force, but instead is playing games about building an entirely unnecessary wall, Trump is not taking the needed actions to control Chinese aggression against America. Trump is not expelling the hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies in our country. Trump is not strengthening our alliances against the Chinese and North Korean and Russian Communists. Trump is instead weakening and subverting our alliances while playing into the Communist subversion of our two party system with one side in bed with the Chinese and the other in bed with the Russians, who are both allies against us.

Trump is now polling well behind the ridiculously poor candidate Joe Biden. The Libertarians are setting up to spoil Trump and put in a Democrat just as they twice put in Obama and celebrated the victory they handed him. We must run a third party candidate against Trump and the Democrat after the primaries. It should be an easy win if we have a good candidate who stands against the Communist Chinese loving Democrats and the Russian Communist loving Republicans, who both openly subvert American interests for Israel. Our candidate can make a campaign issue out of 9/11 and the Epstein scandal, as well as the fact that both political parties are controlled by our enemies Israel, China and Russia and sold us out time after time to these enemy forces and continue to do so in the name of combating them.

We can also gain political power by exposing the transfer of high tech to China and Israel which continues unabated under Trump. It is not coincidental that Israel, Silicon Valley and the Chinese are the primary sponsors of surveillance technology the use of artificial intelligence for the suppression of free speech. It is not a coincidence that Israel, Silicon Valley and the Chinese are heavily invested in one another and support one another. This is highly dangerous to our liberties and our nation. Why are we not doing anything to protect ourselves, but instead run to the clown Trump to "save" us by inviting in the Israelis and Russians to destroy us, both of whom are fully in bed with the Communist Chinese and Silicon Valley against us. Think of how financially reliant the Israelis and Silicon Valley are on Chinese high tech industries. Consider the fact that Chinese have stolen these industries from us with the full support of the billionaires club to which Trump belongs.

If we can put a truly America first president in power we can quickly destroy the power of Israel, Russia and China. The Chinese do not produce great engineers or inventors, rather they employ millions of spies and insist those doing business with China surrender their trade secrets and manufacturing methods. We can quickly and easily overcome them with our native genius if only we provide leadership that serves us instead of the Jews and Chinese. All we need do is try. Then we can enact laws to protect us from Silicon Valley as well and we can safeguard the value of our dollars and prevent the Jews from creating a global currency with which to further enslave us.

Do not allow the Communists to pit us against one another while taking either the Russians or the Chinese side against our own national security interests. Do not allow both parties to undermine our traditional international alliances. And do not sit out this election which will entrench Communist power in our nation in either the clown disguise of Trump or Silicon Valley and Israel's puppet party, the Democrats.

Monday, August 26, 2019

One of the Jews Behind Mao Tse Tung Has Died

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One the Jews who made Mao and enabled the Jewish communists to spread their creed and enslave billions, has passed away. Sidney Rittenberg ultimately profited as a Jewish capitalist from "Chinese" communism:

Sidney Rittenberg

Sidney Rittenberg, former American advisor to Mao, dies at age 98

Who ever said Jews cannot be accused of being both communists and capitalists never met Mr. Rittenberg. Will anyone other than me remind the world that Rittenberg is partially responsible for the enslavement of the Chinese and the slaughter of tens of millions of Chinese, as well as the creation of America's number two enemy at the moment, behind Israel?

That old anti-Semitic canard that Jews are behind communism and its crimes can't be true can it? What about old Trotsky and Kaganovich who have tens of millions of corpses under their belt? We can't talk about that can we? It might hurt some Jew's feelings and that would be illegal, wouldn't it? Such laws pave the way for the next wave of Jewish genocide under the cover of Bolshevik laws prohibiting free speech.

A Great Joke Floating Around the Internet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I just heard a great joke which is circulating through the internet and should be seen by everyone because it so succinctly tells a forbidden truth with great humor:

"Trump offered to buy Greenland from Denmark and the Danish responded with an offer to buy the United States from Israel."

More Campaign Issues With Which We Can Win

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Russia investigation by Robert Mueller was an obvious whitewash to cover up for Trump. . . and the Democrats. The Democrats and the Republicans were very slow to investigate Russia's interference in the Presidential election and American politics in general. Both parties let it happen on purpose, and then used it as a means to destabilize America, rather than respond to Russia with real measures to punish them and their agents and prevent any recurrence of their interference.

That is a winning campaign issue for us. We can win over disaffected Democrats by pointing out how they went along with the whitewash, delayed a response to Russia until after the election, have themselves been compromised by Russia and Red China, and refuse to take any real action against Trump by impeaching him.

Our candidate can assure the American People that he or she will take real action against the Communists who are interfering in our elections. We will also seek real elections reforms to guarantee that votes are accurately recorded and that only those entitled to vote do vote and are permitted to vote. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are fighting for free and fair elections. Instead, both are ensuring rigged elections with Libertarians as spoilers to keep Israel first candidates in power as they put Trump and Obama in power in alternating swings which benefit Bolshevik-Zionist Israel.

We can and should provide a real alternative to the totalitarianism of the Democrat-Republican-Spoilerlibertarian scheme which is entrenching Jewish power in America. The Democrats are not happy with their leadership and we have an opportunity to not only expose Israel-first Epstein compromised Trump, but the Democrats who keep Trump in power and cover for the Communists and Israelis who have compromised them, as well.

Here is the latest proof that Trump is in bed with Putin, who is likely also blackmailing him with his sexual acts, as was alleged in the dossier and which allegations take on new dimensions in connection with Trump's ties to Epstein and the failure of his government to investigate Epstein and preserve his testimony and the related evidence:

G7: Trump's demands for Russia's readmission cause row in Biarritz

Epstein may well have provided the Russians and/or their Chabad handlers with compromising material on Trump, to supplement that which the Russians allegedly garnered on their own. Trump may well be one of the most compromised leaders in the world, which would explain his psychotic pronouncements put in his mouth by those who hold the files.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Campaign Issues We Are Missing Out On

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If we had a viable candidate for President, he or she could present many winning campaign issues to the American voter. For example, our candidate could pledge to instigate a full investigation of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking and blackmail ring. He could also promise to investigate Israeli, Russian and Chinese spying on America and their infiltration of the Democratic and Republican parties and interference in our internal politics. An America-first candidate could declare that he will bring to end the anti-American loss of big tech to Israel and other nations, and to halt and reverse the surrender of the American military and intelligence agencies to Israel.

An authentically America-first candidate could pledge to deport illegal aliens en masse and greatly restrict legal immigration, in contrast to Trump who has done neither, and the open borders Democrats who are waiting in the wings to grant amnesty to a mass of invaders. He could propose new laws to bar social media censorship and set up a Federal police force to guarantee the rights of free speech and free assembly at public gatherings, which would provide adequate protection for all and arrest anyone who violates the civil rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly of any person or group.

These are real things for which the American People are clamoring. They are disgusted by the obvious corruption and tyranny to which we are constantly subjected. There is an opportunity for victory. If we seize it we will win. If we do nothing but whine and complain, we will lose everything by default.

A New Take on Trump's Nebulous Claim that Jews Who Vote Democrat Are Disloyal

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish media and Jewish advocacy groups were in a quandary about how to interpret Donald Trump's proclamation that Jews who vote Democrat are "disloyal". Did he mean they were disloyal to Israel, or something else?

Trump's new attempt to present himself as the King of the Jews, their messiah, the Moshiach, indicates instead that Trump meant that the Jews who vote Democrat are disloyal to HIM, their official King, the Moshiach. Trump has abused the power of the American Presidency to issue executive orders which undermine the separation of powers and strip the Congress of its authority. He has been acting as if he were King of America. Trump is now issuing orders to the American People directly. And even if one agrees with the spirit and intent of those orders, a day will come when he will start issuing orders with which no sane American would agree. He will start ordering Americans to obey the Jews and slave for Israel in no uncertain terms. This slippery slope leads to a hell worse than anything Trotsky and Lenin conjured up in the Soviet Union.

It now seems clear that Trump has ordered American Jews to obey him as their de facto King. That is a major step from sucking up to the common Jews, to ordering them about and demanding their loyalty.

Adam Green has sent me a link to this article about Donald's brother Fred, which indicates that he viewed himself and his family as Jewish. He also evidently mocked Christ, just as his brother Donald has now declared himself to be the anti-Christ. And note that Trump and his Jewish buddies declared that Trump is the second coming of God, not Jesus, a very important distinction to the Jews:

Friday, August 23, 2019

Is Donald Trump Planning to Move to Israel and Establish a Chabad Monarchy If He Loses the Election in America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I wonder if Trump is planning to move to Israel if he loses the election. They could provide him with sanctuary from prosecution. He loves to talk about how popular he is in Israel. Chabad could anoint him King with Jared next in line for the throne.

Ivanka Trump could run for President of the USA against Michelle Obama, First Lady Jared Kushner versus First Lady Barack Obama. If Ivanka won and Jared was Prince or King of Israel, it would bind the nations in the old fashioned way of monarchs.

All of this opens up a very important question. How will the nation of Israel respond when some group anoints a King in the coming third Temple? Will there be a revision of the laws? What authority will the monarchy claim immediately over the nation and its people? They will almost need the USA to impose the monarchy on Israel, I suspect.

This could be one way they could create the monarchy in an official State capacity and then hand it over to the real Moshiach. I seem to recall that Netanyahu stated the Talmud is the law of the land in the Jewish State. It has stringent guidelines for the rise of the King.

If Trump Is King of the Jews, Is Jared Kushner the Prince of Israel?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The only way Jared Kushner gained the power he has today was through nepotism. Kings form dynasties. Adam Green believes that Jared Kushner is slated to become Moshiach King of the Jews. Will Kushner inherit Trump's throne?

I have a difficult time envisioning Kushner as the Jews' messiah, but if that is what the Jews have planned, just about the only way he could get there is by inheriting the throne from his daddy in law Donald Trump. So this new development of Trump posturing as King of the Jews has led me to reconsider Adam Green's prediction that Kushner is the coming Moshiach. If Kushner is the best the Jews can do, surely we can stop them through political means if only we will try. It is actually a plausible scenario, using Trump to create the dynasty so that Christians will not rebel against it, then shoehorning in the dud of a Jew Kushner to begin the Jewish monarchy. I still think it will be someone else, but this may be the scheme they are working on for now.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Patrick Byrne Reveals His Ties to Russian Agent Maria Butina

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Former CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne has revealed that had an affair with Russian agent Maria Butina:

Byrne uses Yiddish expressions including Yenta and Verklempt and refers to Warren Buffet as his "Rabbi". He is pushing crypto-currency and blockchain. Byrne stated that he is a libertarian as is Maria Butina.

The libertarians have been out to destroy the American dollar to benefit their Russian masters for generations. They used to promote the Gold standard to favor the Russians and the Jews. Evidently they are now promoting crypto-currencies as a new way to ruin us and the international advantages the dollar gives us.

The Jews delight in private currencies because it will enable them to ruin any person they choose by denying him the right to use the private currency, just as social media and PayPal have denied access to targeted individuals. The libertarians support this private means of destroying people.

The Gold Standard is an horrible method. First they tried it, and then tried to make an electronic version of it which would become a fractional reserve system with no means of verification. Now, it appears that the Jews and Communists are out to destroy the American dollar with crypto-currencies and blockchain. I am warning about the dangers of allowing private companies to manage currencies. They can exclude you and starve you and your family and the libertarians will cheer them on as exercising their rights.

I suspect the Russians are also out to generate civil war in America over the issue of gun rights. We are being subjected to Communist "propaganda of the deed" in the form of mass shootings and the government is threatening an oppressive response which will generate more mass shootings in a cycle meant to provoke civil unrest and revolution. The Communists are waiting for that happen so they can hit us when we are weakest, when we are at war with one another.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Anti-Christ Versus the Second Coming of Lenin. . . How Can We Win? . . Or, How Can We Lose If We Join Race?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Must we again slavishly choose between the lesser of two evils in the American Presidential race, the Israel-first anti-Christ Trump or some open borders Communist from the Democratic Party? Are we such a subservient and dysfunctional nation that in yet another Presidential election we must vote either for the Bolshevik or the Zionist? Where is the candidate who represents our best interests, not the Jewish agenda of Bolshevism and Zionism? And do not deceive yourselves, both the Democrat and the Republican will be both Communists and Zionists.

It is pathetic that we do not have a candidate to vote for who pledges to serve American interests. At no point in my life have the American People been so distrusting of the politicians who govern us. Yet, we have not yet fielded a Presidential candidate who is willing and able to seize the opportunity and provide a viable option for functional government that will serve the citizenry, not World Jewry.

We should not allow this opportunity to pass us by. A strong voice can take advantage of the distrust and insecurity generated by the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and the censorship of the social media oligarchs. We have a better chance at victory than at any other time I can recall. The outrageous actions of the government to violate our most precious rights, their pedophilia and other blackmailable crimes, and their open treason to Israel and the International Communists have awoken the American People to our plight.

We are losing by default, because all we are doing is complaining instead of taking control of our destiny. We have a chance today to truly drain the swamp, including the mammon serving Anti-Christ pervert Donald Trump. But instead of just complaining, we must lead and govern our own fate. We must cease to be sheep baying that the shepherd is leading us to slaughter. We must instead stop following him into the abyss and provide our own leadership. It is not our fate to be forced to choose between two agents of Jewry seeking our demise. It is our fate to reject enemy leadership and lead ourselves. We need only fulfill our fate and we have a tremendous opportunity to do so.

Now That Trump Is Claiming to be Christ. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Now that Trump is pretending to be the King of Israel, we ought to reconsider his ability to remain President of the United States. For one thing, titles of nobility don't sit well on any American, let alone a President. For another, Trump has openly displayed his disloyalty to the United States of America. Jesus said in Matthew 6:24:

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

Likewise, Donald Trump cannot serve Americans and our enemies the Israelis. He has declared himself to be our enemy by accepting the throne of Israel, if only jokingly. Trump has quite seriously declared that American Jews are disloyal if they are not loyal to Israel, when the contrary case is true. American Jews are disloyal if they are loyal to Israel, for they cannot love America and our enemy Israel. Therefore, they, like Trump, are disloyal to the US if they are loyal to Israel.

We have a domestic enemy as President and he ought to be impeached for the offense of treason. It is the Constitutional duty of the Congress to impeach Trump and then remove him from office. Of course, they, like him, are faithful to Israel not America, so it will not happen.

Trump Got It Wrong, Twice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

US President Donald Trump boldly declared that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal, because according to Trump all Jews ought to be loyal to Israel and the Democrats oppose Israel. It is not worth rebutting Trump's patently false claim that the Democrats, including Israel-firsters like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are in any way anti-Israel. The more pressing issue is the obvious fact that those American Jews who are loyal to Israel are those Jews whom the American President should identify and condemn as "disloyal" because they are disloyal to America.

Trump is terribly confused as to the Constitutional role of the American President. His statements disqualify him to be our President. Our President should not promote disloyalty to the United States.

Christian Zionists are also disloyal to America and to Christianity. Trump today donned the crown of the anti-Christ by sacrilegiously promoting the belief that he is the second coming of Christ. The Jews are upset, because they do not want a Goy claiming to be their King. They had Jesus crucified for the claim that he was King of the Jews, and Jesus was a Judean, INRI.

But the Christian Zionists do not condemn Trump for his blasphemous statements. The Christian Zionists have been following an anti-Christ agenda for centuries and so are quite comfortable with judaizing heresies. It is only the Jews who are outraged at Trump's sacrilege for claiming the throne of David. Israel is a Jews-only State and Trump offends them with his pretense to the throne.

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Statue of Liberty Is a Deliberate Subversion of American Sovereignty Which Was Crafted by Judeo-Freemasonry to Foster the Exodus of Eastern European Jews to America

The Founding Fathers were clear in their mandates for immigrants seeking to become Americans. The Founders expressly stated that only Whites of good character were eligible for citizenship.The Founders of the United States of America expressly stated:

"United States Congress, 'An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization' (March 26, 1790).

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof on application to any common law Court of record in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law to support the Constitution of the United States, which Oath or Affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such Application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a Citizen of the United States. And the children of such person so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

United States Congress, 'An act to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization; and to repeal the act heretofore passed on that subject' (January 29, 1795).

For carrying into complete effect the power given by the constitution, to establish an uniform rule of naturalization throughout the United States:

SEC.1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any alien, being a free white person, may be admitted to become a citizen of the United States, or any of them, on the following conditions, and not otherwise: --

First. He shall have declared, on oath or affirmation, before the supreme, superior, district, or circuit court of some one of the states, or of the territories northwest or south of the river Ohio, or a circuit or district court of the United States, three years, at least, before his admission, that it was bona fide, his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty whatever, and particularly, by name, the prince, potentate, state or sovereignty whereof such alien may, at that time, be a citizen or subject.

Secondly. He shall, at the time of his application to be admitted, declare on oath or affirmation before some one of the courts aforesaid, that he has resided within the United States, five years at least, and within the state or territory, where such court is at the time held, one year at least; that he will support the constitution of the United States; and that he does absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty whatever, and particularly by name, the prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, whereof he was before a citizen or subject; which proceedings shall be recorded by the clerk of the court.

Thirdly. The court admitting such alien shall be satisfied that he has resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States five years; and it shall further appear to their satisfaction, that during that time, he has behaved as a man of a good moral character, attached to the principles of the constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same.

Fourthly. In case the alien applying to be admitted to citizenship shall have borne any hereditary title, or been of any of the orders of nobility, in the kingdom or state from which he came, he shall, in addition to the above requisites, make an express renunciation of his title or order of nobility, in the court to which his application shall be made; which renunciation shall be recorded in the said court.

SEC. 2. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That any alien now residing within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States may be admitted to become a citizen on his declaring, on oath or affirmation, in some one of the courts aforesaid, that he has resided two years, at least, within and under the jurisdiction of the same, and one year, at least, within the state or territory where such court is at the time held; that he will support the constitution of the United States; and that he does absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty whatever, and particularly by name the prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, whereof he was before a citizen or subject; and moreover, on its appearing to the satisfaction of the court, that during the said term of two years, he has behaved as a man of good moral character, attached to the constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same; and when the alien applying for admission to citizenship, shall have borne any hereditary title, or been of any of the orders of nobility in the kingdom or state from which he came, on his moreover making in the court an express renunciation of his title or order of nobility, before he shall be entitled to such admission; all of which proceedings, required in this proviso to be performed in the court, shall be recorded by the clerk thereof.

SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, that the children of persons duly naturalized, dwelling within the United States, and being under the age of twenty-one years, at the time of such naturalization, and the children of citizens of the United States, born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, shall be considered as citizens of the United States: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons, whose fathers have never been resident of the United States: Provided also, That no person heretofore proscribed by any state, or who has been legally convicted of having joined the army of Great Britain during the late war, shall be admitted a citizen as foresaid, without the consent of the legislature of the state, in which such person was proscribed.

SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Act intituled, 'An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization,' passed the twenty-sixth day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, be, and the same is hereby repealed."

The Jews sought to move millions of Eastern European Jews to America in preparation for the formation of a Jewish State in Palestine and the spread of international communism. They used their disproportionate influence to change the laws of the United States to favor that invasion. The Statue of Liberty was a significant part of their propaganda campaign to destroy the intentions and laws of the Founders. We should demand that the statue be brought down. It was crafted by Satanist Freemasons and the oft repeated and anti-American slogan inscribed on it was written by a Sephardic Jewess named Emma Lazarus, who wanted to open our gates to an Eastern European Jewish invasion,

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Lazarus did not warn us that the Jews she was guiding to our doorstep in the Trojan Horse of the Statue of Liberty sought to enslave us. And they soon did. Many warned of the dangers of the invasion. They told us that we must not lose Harvard University, the press and the government to the Jews. Alas, our forefathers were duped and their kindheartedness and philanthropy was employed against them to open our shores to the Jewish invasion that has since caused us so much harm.

The Jews are busy tearing down all of our monuments to our great American leaders. The Statue of Liberty is an idol of our enslavement. We should demand it be removed and place in its stead a tribute to our Founders inscribed with their ideals for our nation.

I Warned You that Trump Is a Bolshevik

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump is vividly displaying his commie red colors. He sides with the Chinese communists against the Hong Kongese, Americans and our allies. The "Don", who is a puppet working for the Jewish mafia, sides with the North Koreans against Americans, the South Koreans and our allies. He takes KGB Putin's side against America, NATO and our other allies.

Now, Bolshevik Trump is threatening to commit Red Terror against American citizens. Trump is attacking the First Amendment with his support for capital "Hate Crimes" laws which proscribe criticism of the Jews on pain of death, with his attacks on the free press, with his promotion of the genocidal Noahide laws, and with his use of State powers to discourage organized dissent to oppose his dangerous tyranny.

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Just as the rules employed by social media oligarchs to silence us on the internet are vague, arbitrary and draconian, so too is Trump's campaign to silence us. These forces which pretend to oppose one another are a saw blade suspended as a pendulum which swings back and forth cutting away at our rights, our human dignity, and soon our necks. This ever increasing set of anti-American regulations are intended to cause us to self censor out of fear of retaliation for speaking the truth and defending our selves, our neighbors and our nation.

Just as social media is prompting us to self censor for fear of being removed from the public arena and just as antifa and Jewish alphabet non-governmental and now governmental agencies attempt to intimidate us into silence for fear of losing our means to earn a living and enduring dishonest public shame; Donald Trump is now threatening our very lives with capital punishment for speaking the truth and defending our rights. He is now threatening to deny our fundamental constitutional rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and the right to keep and bear arms. He is also calling for the summary execution of the accused under his Bolshevik laws which proscribe free speech on pain of gun confiscation and death. And Trump not only desires to murder the free, but their families as well, a classic Bolshevik tactic to destroy the genetic material of freedom loving human beings.

Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin immediately proscribed free speech and "anti-Semitism" when they took over Russia and mass murdered 30 million people by 1923. Trump has done the same. He is just as much a Bolshevik as were they.

He has created a climate of fear and governmental intimidation, whereby citizens now have to weigh the consequences of speaking out against him and his Jewish agenda of murdering all those who speak the truth and defend their rights. Trump has now placed a breeding pressure on European civilization, whereby the cowards and stupid will thrive and the best, most courageous, honest and noble who are willing to defend their fellows are murdered by the State.

The State is now hobbling the citizenry, which it views as its slaves. And it is Trump, not the phantom "Deep State" who is doing it. Behind Donald Trump stands Chabad Lubavitch, Zionism, Israel and international communism, in other words World Jewry. The misdirection of a supposed "Deep State" is a delusion behind which Trump hides the fact that he is controlled by Jewish leaders and always has been. He is implementing their Jewish agenda to enslave and exterminate us. He is openly threatening our lives and we must organize to speak out against him in the public square.

Donald Trump has not only trampled on the First Amendment, he seeks to shred the Second, which secures our rights to keep and bear arms, and he does it in the name of silencing dissent against disproportionate and tyrannical Jewish power. Trump is another Trotsky and he is aiming the State at us with the open threat of our genocide.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein: At What Point Does the "Witness Protection Program" Become an Obstruction of Justice?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many are floating the theory that Jeffrey Epstein's "suicide" was staged and that he is still alive and part of the witness protection program. If that is true, and Epstein is prevented from testifying in the civil suits that have been filed related to his sex trafficking, such an act would obstruct justice in those cases. So we must ask, can a crucial witness be withheld from those seeking justice in the court system? And we must further wonder what criminal justice is to be had for his victims? Beyond all of that, who watches the watchers who may well have conflicts of interest leading them to seek to suppress Epstein's testimony by any and all means?

Did Epstein Secret Away Files on All the Pedophiles He Covertly Filmed and Photographed?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jeffrey Epstein obviously ran his pedophile ring as a blackmail trap. A blackmailer protects himself by storing his material at various locations around the world with instructions that it be released in event he is killed. Epstein surely would have done this.

So now that he is allegedly deceased, why have not these files depicting the pedophiles he filmed been released as punishment for his murder? Why has there been no immediate retaliation? Is Epstein still alive? If so, that would explain why no one feared to stage his death. It would be better to stage it, than commit it, because if Epstein played a part in the charade, there would be no incentive for him or those he entrusted to release compromising material.

On Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Suicide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been patiently waiting for the response of Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers to his reported death before weighing in on the matter. After being found wounded in his cell, one would expect that if Epstein believed he was in mortal danger, he would have communicated that fact to his very competent legal team and they would have informed the press and the court. One would also expect that if Epstein were suicidal, his lawyers may have been cognizant of the fact and would have taken steps to acquire medical treatment for him. Would not Epstein have alerted his lawyers that he was in danger, if he believed that he was? Perhaps he did, perhaps not.

One of his lawyers, expressly speaking on his own behalf and not as Epstein's counsel, has issued a statement calling for an investigation into Epstein's death:

Epstein's lawyers may well know more than they have yet publicly disclosed. There may be forthcoming lawsuits seeking damages for Epstein's death, whether it be ruled a suicide, murder, accident, or other cause. Thus far, the cards are being held relatively close to the vest. This is an under-reported aspect of this case.

If Epstein did not tell his lawyers that he believed he was in mortal danger or that he felt suicidal, then perhaps something else happened to Epstein, which he expected would occur and which he wanted to occur. Perhaps, like Pollard, he had friends in Israel who sought to provide him with sanctuary from American justice.

I suspect books are already being written on the matter, but the story has yet to be told. Epstein's lawyers will likely have their own story to tell.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Not Out of the Iranian Woods, Yet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President Trump reportedly called off a retaliatory strike against Iran. That was a wise choice, but does it signify that the likelihood of war is now far less than it was? I doubt it.

Every day that passes without a war is a good day. That said, we should watch what happens in the coming weeks for signs of a troop build up surrounding Iran. It would be stupid to hit Iran without first massing troops around the nation. Furthermore, the US would be ill advised to instigate a war without generating popular support among the American People and the allies of the United States, which does not presently exist.

Before waging war in the Persian Gulf, the Allies of America would probably begin to massively increase their reserves of oil and secure the Saudi Arabian military. An increase in oil shipping would indicate that this is occurring. America would also likely increase domestic oil production.

The winds of war are still whirling. If Iran is in on the game, they will begin threatening not only the US, but Israel, as well. And they will boast of their enrichment of weapons grade nuclear materials.

Israel will probably use the situation as a pretext to demand more military handouts from America. The news cycles will rock back and forth to play upon the emotions of the American public and make it impossible for them to decipher what is real and what is not. It is a process of attrition. The constant barrage takes it toll on the psyche of the American People and the lulls only intensify the magnitude of the horrific moments.

They are obviously trying to amplify the impatience of the world for some final result to occur. The odds that it will be peace seem low at this time, most unfortunately.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Being Pressured to Attack Iran?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Agnes Callamard of the United Nations stated that there is credible evidence that the government of Saudi Arabia committed the premeditated murder of Jamal Khashoggi. She calls for a criminal investigation into the matter:

This places the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman in a very awkward position. The government of the United States and the press could exploit this opportunity to pressure the Crown Prince into attacking Iran. They could potentially promise him that they would use their influence to suppress this proposed United Nations investigation and/or its findings if, and only if, he wages war against Iran. Recall that the United States pressured Saddam Hussein into attacking Iran and then Kuwait.

Friday, June 14, 2019

CNN Article Pointing to Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A recent CNN article by Nic Robertson is drawing the conclusion that the circumstantial evidence surrounding the recent bombings of ships in the Gulf of Oman points to Iran. I would like to point out that the Gulf War was very good business for CNN and established the network as a major player in mass media. The Wikipedia article covering CNN states,

"The first Persian Gulf War in 1991 was a watershed event for CNN that catapulted the channel past the "Big Three" American networks for the first time in its history, largely due to an unprecedented, historical scoop: CNN was the only news outlet with the ability to communicate from inside Iraq during the initial hours of the Coalition bombing campaign, with live reports from the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad by reporters Bernard Shaw, John Holliman and Peter Arnett."

There is an obvious conflict of interest in the mass media which forces us to question everything they say that generates war fever. Wars are very good business for the mass media, which creates an incentive for them to generate wars. We face this dilemma at the precise time that the social media oligarchs are partnering with organized Jewry to promote mass media reporting over independent media reporting, even going so far as to censor independent journalists.

I do not believe it is mere coincidence that false flag attacks are wrongly being attributed to Iran at the precise time that the mass media are being resuscitated and the independent media are being purged from the internet. They have largely silenced all the voices who would likely attribute these recent attacks to false flags operations.

A war on Iran would be a golden opportunity for the mass media to reestablish itself as the framer of public opinion in the climate of absolute censorship of independent media. The American People will clamor for news, and only the mass media will be allowed to deliver it with their uniform and scripted voice. Left and Right mass media will speak with one voice on issues of importance to Israel, and the American People will be deluded into committing mass suicide by waging war on Iran.

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Jewish Hypocrisy of Tyrannical Anti-BDS Laws

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Zionists are aggressively combating the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement by attempting to proscribe it by law. This violates the fundamental human rights of freedom to choose among products, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to self defense. The international Zionist organizations behind these laws are also violating the sovereignty of the nations where they seek to impose these tyrannical proscriptions on the citizenry and government.

What is more, these Jews are absolute hypocrites. The Jews heavily organized to boycott Russian and Polish goods, and to block the Tsars' access to the money markets for loans. In this way, they so weakened the Russian Empire that they rendered it ripe for the Bolshevik Revolution during which they seized control of the empire and promptly mass murdered 30 million of its best citizens. Having destroyed Tsarist Russia and lacking the bogey of fabricated Tsarist oppression, they placed Adolf Hitler in power to oppress German Jews.

After the big Jews accomplished the creation of a new Pharaoh, Hitler, the Jewish masses set out to boycott German goods internationally and thereby overthrow the Hitler regime and wreck Germany. The big Jews opposed these boycotts, but seized upon the opportunity as a pretext for the Transfer Agreement which would enable them to found the nation of Israel.

Samuel Untermyer formally established this pretext for sincere Nazis to acquiesce to the Transfer Agreement by pronouncing a worldwide boycott of German goods and services. Not only that, he called for an official religious "Cherem" to be placed on all German goods. Rabbi Mendelson then performed the Jewish rite imposing the Herem on German goods. This meant that no Jew could touch these goods upon punishment of excommunication. Edwin Black described these events in his book The Transfer Agreement, at pages 350-353:

"So in the first days of September, spontaneous calls went out in various countries to compel the Zionist Organization to stop its deals with Germany.16 If not? Cherem. For centuries, the cherem had been the curse of untouchability imposed against the Jewish people's greatest enemies and most reprehensible sinners. Once pronounced by a rabbi against a non-Jew or inanimate object, the person or object became untouchable for Jews. Once pronounced against a Jew, the Jew was either excommunicated or shunned or both. Anyone breaching the cherem would himself fall under the cherem. [***] The second speaker was Untermyer, who denounced those bargaining with Adolf Hitler to salvage 'a few possessions' belonging to German Jews. Untermyer told the rabbis that a cherem was the only answer to such traitors. [***] The solemn ritual began when two tall black candles were set on a table several feet apart, then lit. A rabbi wearing the traditional talis or prayer shawl, blew three times on the shofar, the twisted ram's horn sounded on the Day of Atonement. Following the shofar blasts, the rabbi of Newark, Rabbi B. A. Mendelson, chanted the decree in Hebrew, 'In the name of the Assembly of Hebrew Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada and other rabbinical organizations that join us in our beliefs, we take upon ourselves. . . as leaders of Israel, to decree a cherem on everything manufactured in Hitler's Germany. From today on we are to refrain from dealing in all basic materials such as metals, textiles, and other things. . . which come to us from the Nazis. . . We urge all to not knowingly violate this boycott which we have this day decreed.'20 Rabbi Mendelson then took his gavel and ritually extinguished the candle flames. As the flames turned to smoke, many in the room were heard to mutter softly, 'Like this for Hitler.'21"

Invoking this Herem on Germany was a declaration of genocidal war and the symbolic extinguishing of the flame of the German life force. The Old Testament calls for Herem against the Canaanites and the other peoples the ancient Jews demanded be exterminated. The Herem as a method of censure and exclusion from the community inevitably becomes the Herem as a war of extermination.

So as the Jews commit genocide against the Palestinians, they deny the world the human right of boycott to stop them. They are not only oppressing the Palestinians in this way, they are viciously oppressing every human being on earth by denying us our fundamental human rights of protest, free unbridled expression and boycott. They are absolute and genocidal tyrants, as well as complete hypocrites. Their ability to control our leaders to subvert our fundamental human rights is firm proof of their grossly disproportionate international power, which they justify with their religious mythology that they are divine and the Gentiles, satanic beasts.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

"Fight censorship! Distribute this video and break the social media monopoly."

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I would like to ask for your help in a new campaign I would like to start to combat censorship and fight back against the information monopoly. When time permits, I am going to upload my banned and censored videos to platforms less prone to censorship. This is not enough, because I have the fundamental right to the full benefits that all others enjoy from every social media platform. As a method of protest and to gain awareness of the criminal censorship and of my work, I ask that you burn DVDs and thumb drives of my videos and those of Adam Green of Know More News.

I will create an intro video describing how the information monopoly has repeatedly censored me and denied me my fundamental human rights to free and fair political expression and scholarly research. We can take a totally neutral position and simply state that the videos are being distributed to promote free speech and counter organized censorship.

We should really produce a compilation DVD with many voices decrying censorship and demanding fair and equal treatment in social media. Let's see if we can create a new form of viral media in a permanent form that can be collected in personal libraries and shared among friends and strangers alike.

We should send members of Congress Adam Green's latest video. A cover letter should demand that our Congress instigate an investigation into Israeli violations of our fundamental rights to free speech, freedom from discrimination, freedom from intimidation and threats, freedom to assemble, and privacy.

We can label every DVD, "Fight censorship! Distribute this video and break the social media monopoly."

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"Treat It as Your Greatest Patriotic Duty Not to Go to War"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A listener of the Adam Green show "Know More News" has corresponded with me. He tipped me off to the work of Grzegorz Braun:

I was struck by this man's talk on two significant points. First, he asserts that Chabad Lubavitch is creating sovereign zones within sovereign nations, States within States. The Jews had long sought autonomous zones within Polish sovereign territory, and spread lies around the globe of exaggerated pogroms and persecutions in order to secure it. This is documented in my book Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust. Having been driven from Poland and the Ukraine by the Zionist Nazis, after being warned to cease this subversive activity or face a massive pogrom, the Jews are now returning to Poland and the Ukraine and reasserting self-sovereignty with growing outposts of Israel. Braun fears they may instigate a war between Poland and the Ukraine.

Secondly, Braun demands that the Poles see it as their patriotic to NOT go to war. Only by maintaining peace can the nation and the people survive this foreign attack. Therefore, the best interests of the nation and the people compel peace.

This is the exact message we should be giving to the American people with respect to the bellicose rhetoric and threatening actions of the Netanyahu-led Trump administration. It is our patriotic duty to NOT go to war with Iran. Only in this way can we save ourselves and our country. Netanyahu has been waging war against America for decades by instigating us to fight self-destructive wars which benefit Israel and Russia, but which destroy America and Muslim nations. It is our greatest patriotic duty to NOT go to war, unless it is against our real enemy who is goading us to fight others who have done us no harm.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Are They Blackmailing Trump With the Threat of Impeachment?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Every time Trump iterates bellicose rhetoric against Iran, the calls for impeachment quiet. Every time Trump backs off the war agenda, the calls for impeachment intensify. The same is true of potential charges against his family members.

It could be that Trump is being blackmailed into attacking Iran.

The Israelis Now Claim God Given Rights, Whereas Before Their Claims Were Political

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israelis used to claim their supposed right to exist were based upon such mundane instruments as the Balfour Declaration and United Nations Resolution 242. They have changed tactics. They now claim a biblical right to exist.

This enables the Israelis to assert ancient rights to vastly greater territories and justify the land grabs as fulfillment of their god's covenant with them. This also justifies, in their minds, their fulfillment of Jewish messianic prophecies.

The shift from political justifications for their existence to religious justifications is a quite significant and immensely dangerous one worth taking note of. They are using it to make the Talmud the law of the land in Israel. That means they intend to govern the world under Talmudic law.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We Must Remain Vigilant That There Not Be a Saudi-Iran War, Like the Iran-Iraq War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is wonderful to learn that the momentum is turning against Trump, Netanyahu and Putin and their plans for an American attack on Iran. But the danger of war has by no means passed.

The last time the Israelis, Americans and Russians conspired to bring war to Iran, they used Iraq as a proxy army. This time they are gearing up to use Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are itching for the fight, too. They have been for quite some time and they have bought up large amounts of armaments in preparation for it.

If Saudi Arabia manages to instigate a war with Iran, it will be different from the Iran-Iraq War in many respects. The alliances are now stronger. The oil disruption will be worse, and other countries will certainly be drawn into the conflict.

The Carter Doctrine states,

"Let our position be absolutely clear: An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force."

This will be used as a pretext for America and Europe to join in the fight, which may expand to Lebanon, Syria and other nations. We need to expose any Saudi false flags immediately and forcefully and deflate any cries for war.

Great News! Bernie Sanders and the EU have Come Out Against Trump's War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It will not take a great effort to end Trump's (Netanyahu's) push for war against Iran. It is so stupid a move, that it is not difficult to convince the American People to oppose it. The opposition is mounting at home and abroad:

Bernie Sanders says war with Iran would be "many times worse than the Iraq War"

Former Bush Aide Shocked at Iran Troop Deployment Report, Says We've Learned Nothing From Iraq Invasion

British general in Iraq says no elevated Iran threat

Trump Will Use the War on Iran to Gain Reelection

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If Trump succeeds in his quest to gin up a war against Iran, he then will use the war he needlessly started as a campaign issue to win reelection. This is an old tactic. Incumbents invoke the old proverb, "Don't change horses in midstream."

When Abraham Lincoln ran for his second term during the Civil War, he said it was, "no time to swap horses!" During the Iraq War, George W. Bush made the same pitch, and it won him reelection.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama also said, "Don't change horses in midstream," claiming that they needed a second term to fix the economy. I suspect that Trump will attempt to employ the same strategy. He will then fight WW III.

Of course, the mere fact that Trump is trying to instigate a completely unnecessary and utterly self-destructive war with Iran is reason enough to vote him out of office. But logic has little to do with politics and the media will cheer on this war with Iran, if Trump and Netanyahu can get it started. Organized Jewry has been pushing for this war for decades in America, and for thousands of years in their religious literature.

I have heard many prominent Jews call for a nuclear attack on Tehran. Let us hope that it was impassioned rhetoric and not insider knowledge of what has been planned.

Let's Petition Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states in the relevant part, "the right of the people [***] to petition the Government for a redress of grievances". The White House affords us with this option to petition the President:

We should start petitioning the White House to stop serving Israel and Russia. I suggest we instigate a petition demanding that the President not take military action against Iran and stop threatening Iran with a show of force.

We should also petition Trump end all forms of censorship and the violations of fundamental rights which exists in all "anti-Semitism" legislation.

It should be easy to start a petition demanding, "No War on Iran!"

Monday, May 13, 2019

Where Are the Polls?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Typically, the news media would conduct polls at times like these, to determine whether or not the American People want to go to war with Iran, North Korea and/or Venezuela. So where are they? What are the numbers? Why are they waiting?

It could be that is exactly what they are doing, waiting for "some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor" to quote from PNAC, before gauging the popular sentiment for war, or lack thereof. Then, after such an event, they would be more certain that there is popular support for war. Someone, please conduct a poll now, before the false flag event, on whether or not Americans want to wage war on Iran. I know that we do not.

The Theaters Opening Up to Stage World War III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Why are we being simultaneously led to pull our military forces away from the United States and Europe? The Communists and Israelis, with Trump on their leash, are drawing us towards conflicts in Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Each of these nations has close ties to Russia, just like our President.

Iran and Venezuela are also oil producing nations. What will happen if we go to war with all three countries at once? Our land, sea and air forces will be spread thin and wide, far from home. Energy prices will skyrocket, providing Russia with massive revenue with which to build weapons of war, as our Western economies crumble.

Europe and America will grow ever weaker and more in debt. Our military resources will be exhausted. And what will happen if we "win" these wars? Will we occupy each of these nations and further deplete our vital resources and will to fight?

What if Saudi Arabia joins in our war on Iran? Will Russia use it as pretext to war against us? Will the entire Muslim world erupt in internecine warfare between Sunnis and Shia? Will the Persian Gulf become engulfed in war and disrupt energy supplies to the West?

What if China again joins with North Korea, this time fully supported by Russia? What will become of Japan, Australia and the United States, as China invades Australia as we fight in Korea and Japan?

And China has its sights aimed at South America, too. If we are drawn to fight there, they will have a pretext to follow us and shred the last remaining scraps of the Monroe Doctrine.

This is a very bad mix for us. It is extremely advantageous to Russia, China and Israel. That cannot be a coincidence. This is all still avoidable, but no one can help prevent it but you. You must become politically active and let the Congress know that the American People do not want these wars. We want to defend our homeland and preserve our military and our will to fight for that purpose.

If we fail to stop these relatively minor wars, Russia and China will build their forces as ours are depleted. Then they will strike, with Israel at their side, when we are weak and war weary. It is easy to act now. We must do so. If we do, we will succeed.