Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Apparent Enemy of Your Enemy Is Not Always Your Friend

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Shabbataians were a sect of Jews who feigned conversion to Islam in order to destroy the Turkish Empire and the Moslem faith. Converso, or Marrano, Jews of Spain, and Frankists of Poland, Bohemia, Moravia and elsewhere, likewise feigned conversion to Islam and Christianity in order to gain access to power and subvert Gentile society and the Christian and Moslem faiths. The Frankists even deliberately provoked anti-Semitism in order to gain power in the Gentile world in the hopes that they would ultimately destroy it. These racist Jews love to promote hatred, racism and war. Such luminaries as Louis Brandeis are the descendents of these subversive Jews.

Between the false Jewish Messiah Shabbatai Zevi and the false Jewish Messiah Jacob Frank, was the false Jewish Messiah Barukhyah Russo. Russo led the Dönmeh crypto-Jews of Salonika, who eventually morphed into the Young Turks, destroyed the Turkish Empire and committed genocide against Christian Armenians. The lineage of false genocidal Jewish Messiahs followed from Shabbatai Zevi, to Barukhyah Russo, to Jacob Frank, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, a. k. a. Rothschild, the red shield of the Communists, who, like Moses' brother Aaron, worshiped gold. One wonders about the intentions of the descendants of these subversive Jews. The writings of the Frankists have mysteriously disappeared, even from prestigious libraries. They have always sought to fulfill the Messianic prophecies of the Jews, which is to say they seek to take all the wealth of the Gentiles, destroy all religions save Judaism and to exterminate the Gentiles and resistant Jews.

Jewish bankers have often led Gentiles to clamor for banking "reforms" which enslave the Gentiles and their future generations, and which enrich Jewish leaders. One such "reform" would be to sucker the Goyim into demanding that the American Government embrace the gold standard. Foolish and greedy gold merchants in America would sponsor this move, some perhaps mistakenly believing that it would enrich them. They would try to persuade Americans that it was in their best interests to demand a gold standard and that the gold standard is the only way to remove the influence of the Jewish bankers from American society. Many of these subversives would likely secretly be in cahoots with the Jewish bankers. The gold standard would in fact ruin the American economy and generate unimaginable profits for the Jewish bankers who own much of the gold, a good portion of that stolen from the American People. Jewish bankers would profit even if they held no gold, from the commissions on transactions. But the holders of gold in America would likely lose out, not only because the American economy would collapse, but also because the Jewish bankers would see to it that gold would be confiscated at below market values from American citizens. The apparent enemies of the Jewish bankers who would "reform" the banking system have often been paid agents of those same bankers.

The Dönmeh crypto-Jews have corrupted the governments of the Middle East. One has to wonder if revolutionary puppets like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are in fact crypto-Jews. Jewish leaders have long sought to destroy the governments of the Middle East with the controlled opposition of revolutionary Communism. Jewish leaders use anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and Communism as a trap to put their leaders into power. Egypt was a primary target of this campaign, as was Iran. In other nations, billionaire bankers like Hariri and Siniora take charge and serve the interests of Jewish bankers against the interests of their people. In yet other nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the CIA and Mossad funnel in billions in bribes to leaders who work against the interests of their people. This has also occurred in Egypt and other Arab nations. The late Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri made immense profits from his construction contracts. Who will profiteer from the genocidal Israeli destruction of Lebanon this time around?