Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Deadly Lack of Lebanese Leadership

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is perhaps an open question whether Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is a spineless fool without any vision or leadership abilities, or a billionaire banker who is working for the Israelis. What is certain is that Siniora is standing idly by while the genocidal Israelis are destroying Lebanon. Lebanon desperately needs a new leader. Siniora ought to step down and make room for someone who will forcefully fight for the nation’s survival. If he won’t leave voluntarily, then the Lebanese should feed him to his wealthy Israeli friends.

In order to survive, the Lebanese will have to take immediate action to change American public opinion and create dissensions between the America public, who are at heart decent folk, and the racist Israelis who are leading Americans by the nose into the abyss of partnering up with the Israelis in their planned mass genocide of the Islamic world. If the Israelis can control American public opinion with obvious lies, and hateful, racist and bellicose rhetoric; then the Lebanese can counter those lies with the honest facts and reveal to the Americans that they have been duped by a warmongering tribe who ultimately plan to destroy America.

I suggest the Lebanese government produce a national video documentary and use some of Siniora’s fortune to show it on American television in every possible venue. They should also make it freely available on the internet. Rather than letting the image of the Moslem world be (a crypto-Jew dressed as) an Arab burning the America flag, the Lebanese should assemble the most graphic footage available of the Israeli genocide of Lebanon. They should contrast the current devastation by the Jewish State, with scenes of beautiful Lebanon before the unprovoked Israeli aggression. They should dispel the Israeli myth of provocation. They must have polished and well spoken advocates who appeal to American sensibilities, and who can convince Americans of what is happening. They must counter the racist Jewish lies which claim that all Moslems are subhuman terrorists. They must garner the sympathy of Americans with the truth. They must rescue Americans from the senseless hatreds which racist Jews have instilled in them.

Islam can and must drive a wedge between honest Americans, and the genocidal Israelis who are out to destroy humanity. Once Americans understand that duplicitous racist Jews have led Americans to blindly hate people who have done them no harm, and to commit economic and spiritual suicide for the sake of Jewish racism, the American People will quickly turn against the hatemongering Israelis and side with justice and peace against warmongering Jewish supremacism.

The Lebanese should make an open appeal to the people of the world in this documentary and call on us all to help save the Lebanese People from the barbaric and cowardly Israel destruction of their country. If the racist Jews can win Americans to their sick cause with pure and unprovoked hatred, then the Lebanese can persuade the world that the Lebanese People need and deserve our help to save them from this vicious, merciless and murderous Israeli attack. When the American People see all that the racist Jews and Israeli firsters have kept hidden from them, they will quickly realize that they have been used and deceived by evil and heartless monsters. Americans will speedily discover that the Jewish controlled American media have closed off Americans from the world and from the truth, in the same way that Jewish-Bolsheviks closed off the Russian People from the world and from the truth.

The Lebanese must work for American support and the Islamic world must not fall into the trap of associating America with Israel. Nothing could better serve Israeli warmongering interests than for the Moslem world to alienate itself from America and foster the false Israeli propaganda that America should unite with Israel against Islam. The Islamic world ought to reveal the truth, that they want to live in peace and harmony with all nations and that it is Israel which is starting wars and spreading hatred and terrorism, that it is Israel which is behind most of the terrorism in the world, and that Israel is the worst enemy America has ever had. The Lebanese should appeal to the citizens of the world, the common people, to question why the governments of the world are doing nothing to end Israel's crimes against humanity, and why the media fails to broadly condemn Israel for its genocidal attack on Lebanon. The governments of the world shirk their responsibility to act against the rape of Lebanon, and disingenuously call on the United States to take measures to stop the Israeli violence, knowing full well that the American government is a puppet government serving the Israelis. The people of the world should demand that their governments break off diplomatic relations with monstrous Israel and crush the tiny nation economically.

We must bring about peace before the Israeli war criminals finish off Lebanon and then move on to an unprovoked attack on Syria and worse yet, the Israelis' planned nuclear attack on Iran. America is already stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Iraqis. Israel plans to bathe us in more innocent blood. We must not let ourselves be led by Jewish racists into further inhuman hatred and war. This madness must end. We can end it immediately through the collective will of our individual conscience. Let us never again become murderous robots programed by racist Jews to hate other human beings.