Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fool Me Three Times, Shame on Me

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am curious about the destiny of our human race. The Zionists, Christian and Jew, want to unburden this world of its fallen folk in the hope that mass murder will usher in the Messianic Age. Ill-intentioned Jewish leaders want to test their black magic and see if universal evil really will bring the Jewish Messiah into universal power. The crazy Dispensationalist Christians have been led to believe that if they nuke humanity they will be "Raptured" into Heaven as a reward for committing genocide against the heathen. It is difficult to argue with that kind of logic, like trying to convince an old drunk to surrender his bottle.

It appears that the warmongers at the top have their puppets in place. We may soon be flushed into WW III. The more I study the history, the more it appears that parts I and II of the three part series of devastation were contrived and did not have to happen. The news media and the governments are in the same wretched hands as before, warty hands which will again wring blood and destruction from the twisted fabric of five thousand years of civilization.

It must be very clear to the Moslem world that their governments are working against them and working with the Israelis to deliberately bring the Middle East into tumult and war. I wonder if it is possible for the people to unite and shake off the stones the governments are piling upon them. It would seem an easy thing to do, were it not for the human instinct to follow the leader with the most followers. That momentum is difficult to overcome, and the Judas goat which bleats the loudest brings the most to slaughter. Unfortunately, the loudest mouths appear to attach themselves to psychopaths whose immorality can be purchased on the open market for thirty pieces of silver and a few moments of fame. I wonder if the people of the world, twice fooled, will shame themselves with a third world war, or will we finally punch the teeth out of the smiling liars who rule it and defang the beast so that we can at long last live in peace?