Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Jewish Media's Pound of Mel Gibson's Flesh

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Hollywood Jews have long had it in for Mel Gibson. He has committed the unpardonable sin of offering the public a Gentile perspective. Gibson has broken the Jewish media monopoly and provided the American public with a superior alternative to the deliberately degenerative, superficial and hackneyed Hollywood motion picture. Hollywood Jews want film to be a medium for Christian and Moslem bashing. They want to be in complete control of public opinion. Gibson has uncomfortably encroached upon their territory.

What is worse, Gibson is good at what he does. His products sell and resonate with a vast audience. He has power. When he exercises it in an attempt to forward the interests of humanity over the selfish interests of racist Jews, he becomes a threat to those Jews who mean the non-Jews harm.

This situation is not unprecedented. Richard Wagner was a far better composer than any Jew has yet been. Wagner objected to the Jewish monopolization and degeneration of the opera, from which the opera has never recovered. Jews organized to defame Wagner and spread false rumors that he had gone mad. His music was later banned in Israel. Racist Jews are often spiteful toward those who have challenged their racist monopolies. They evidently are convinced that they cannot compete on a level playing field, and instead depend upon their monopolistic corruption of the press, tribal loyalties and accumulated fortunes to achieve what they could never achieve by fair and ethical means.

Like Arthur Schopenhauer and countless others before him, Gibson has recognized the fact that Jews are today, and have forever been, warmongers and war profiteers. This does not mean that all Jews, or most Jews, or any but a small fraction of Jews are those Jews who are guilty of this perpetual war on humanity, but those Jews who are guilty, are guilty and are Jewish. "Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands," and the Jewish bankers of the modern era have given us Napoleon, the Imperial Japanese, the Nazis, the Holocaust, the Bolshevik terror and a hundred million dead by war. Today, the racist and genocidal Jews of Israel want to ruin the world with a third world war—all the horrors the mind can imagine for the sake of their five million racist tribesmen who refuse to live in peace. When Gibson speaks the truth, Jews pour shame on him to paint over their sins with the blood of his innocence. Like the Lebanese People, Gibson is yet another Gentile to suffer the hevlei Mashiah, or birth pangs of the Jewish Messiah. No sacrifice is too great to achieve the Messianic goals of racist Jews, even if that sacrifice is the lot of humanity.

But there is true shame. It is truly a shame that Gibson, who made The Passion of the Christ, does not make a movie entitled Anti-Christ, which would expose the State of Israel and its warmongering leaders and followers. Why stop there? Why not make a movie entitled The Russian Holocaust, which would reveal the genocide of tens of millions of Slavic Christians at the hands of racist Jews? Of course, there is also a need for a movie which would expose the fact that Zionist Jews orchestrated and led the Holocaust of Europe's Jews. And what could be more dramatic than the exposure of the Jewish Frankist plan to take over the world through the subversion of societies by crypto-Jews?

When Henry Ford spoke honestly and openly about corrupt and disproportionate Jewish influence in the world, the Jewish maffia tried to kill him. Jewish leaders then wrote an apology for Ford for unwisely telling the truth. Racists Jews must indeed chill the public disclosure of the fact that Jews have been behind the wars of the world, in particular the world wars—the third of which is just now getting underway. We witness before our eyes the Bolshevik style press of America filtering and fabricating the news in order to ensure that the truth of the Jewish genocide of the Arabs remains hidden from the bulk of the American public. One can only wonder how many Mossad agents and Israel firsters have infiltrated our media and our government. No doubt they constitute a majority. It is sickening to watch these sycophantic traitors against America and against humanity interview their psychopathic Israeli leaders, while pretending to represent an American viewpoint. Yes, there is much Jewish segregationists seek to keep concealed. It is important for them to crush Gibson, lest someone else dare to speak the truth, and then another, and may the Jewish God forbid it, the truth might someday become generally known to the American People.