Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Turks and Kurds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Back on 28 July 2006, I told Daryl Bradford Smith that I believed that the Turks and the Kurds would be used by the Zionists to begin World War III. I asked him to kindly conduct an interview with me so that I could express some of my views and exposit upon the Turkish/Kurdish dilemma I foresaw:


I did not fully explain exactly what I believed would happen, and I will not do so now, because I would not want to give the enemy any ideas. Suffice it to say that what I expected to happen has unfortunately begun to happen. Iraq is being deliberately divided by false flag terrorist acts committed by Israeli Mossad, and American and British intelligence groups. The nation of Iraq will break apart in a civil war between Kurds, Sunni and Shia. Jewish leaders have lied to each of these factions, and provoked each against the others, in order to divide and eventually destroy them all. Jewish leaders have promised the Turks admittance into the EU and a resolution to their Kurdish problem. Meanwhile, Jewish leaders have promised Kurds that they will at long last attain a sovereign nation of Kurdistan, and Jewish leaders have helped the Kurds to conduct a propaganda campaign in the US which will eventually morph into an attack on Turkey. Jewish leaders have orchestrated "Kurdish" terrorist attacks in Turkey. It is likely that when the civil war in Iraq erupts their will be massive loss of life, and Turkey, Syria, Iran and Jordan will enter the conflict. We will then see an artificial war between Sunni and Shia, fomented behind the scenes by the Israelis. The Pope and other racists will attempt to drive a wedge between Turkey and other NATO nations, while others will call on NATO to intervene on behalf of Turkey. This slide into world war can be stopped. The key issue to bring before the world, is that Israel is behind all of this tragic trauma. Shine a spotlight onto the ultimate provocateur, Israel, and make it clear to all parties that they will lose if they follow the advice of Jewish leaders and that all promises will ultimately be broken.

Islamic nations should seize control over their own fate and conduct peace talks and work each with other Islamic nations towards Islamic unity with a just and noble purpose. Islam ought to work to promote the economic and territorial interests of its peoples. Just as the EU was designed to unify Europeans, Islam can do a much better job of resolving problems facing Moslems and improving the lives of its member communities. Moslems must take control of their own future. In so doing, Moslems should actively work to drive a wedge between Israel and all other nations by exposing Israel's crimes and Israel's express purpose, which is to destroy humanity. One and one half billion Moslems working together can expose the criminal and apartheid nation of Israel. Moslems can control the debate if they work together and express themselves to the world public. Israel's crime are indefensible and easily exposed. Force Israel into a defensive posture and take the offensive in order to promote peace and justice across the world and especially in the Middle East.

It is not enough to defeat the Israelis. The territorial and economic issues must also be addressed. A new source of energy would destroy the economies of many Islamic nations. Famine and war are a present danger and plans should be made and nations coordinated to react to these problems. It is not enough to identify the enemy. There must also be plans for allied efforts to improve the lives of Moslems around the world. This effort would also serve many other purposes. It will ease some of the insecurity in the Islamic world and enable a new spirit of power in the numbers of Moslems working together towards positive ends, instead of forever defending themselves from defamations from Israel and its agents. Again, Moslems must take control over their own fate and unify to both face a common enemy, and to promote positive ends and a brighter future for the Moslem peoples.