Friday, November 24, 2006

Lebanese Led into a Trap

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Lebanese are being led into a trap. Jewish revolutionaries have long coaxed and cajoled other peoples into engaging in strikes which cripple their nations at critical times. Jews in Great Britain destroyed British industry with crippling strikes. Jews in Russia talked the Russian People into striking and destroying their own country. Jews in Germany talked the Germans into striking during the First World War, which contributed to Germany's loss, and which led to a semi-successful Bolshevik revolution in Bavaria. Today, the Lebanese have swallowed the Jewish bait.

The Israelis have infiltrated many Moslem countries with Communist agitators. Israeli stooges run these nations and are deliberately ruining them. Other Israeli stooges lead the controlled opposition, and are talking these nations into Communist revolutions, which will ultimately destroy Islam, result in endless wars, and deliver the Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Persians, etc. into Jewish run extermination camps.

The Israelis are stirring things up in Lebanon, so that they can finish their unsettled business of genocide. They are scapegoating the Syrians for Israeli agitations and assassinations. Racist Jews also want to exterminate the Syrians, who dare to live on the land the Jewish God promised to steal for the seed of Abraham from the native populations. Note that this land was never the native land of the Jews. The Jews were always unwanted genocidal occupiers in the native land of the Canaanites.

At the close of the latest unprovoked Israeli aggression against defenseless Lebanese, Israeli leaders asked their citizens, who were thirsting for more Lebanese blood, to be patient. They tacitly promised them that Israel would be back with an even greater vengeance into Lebanon for the purpose of occupying "Greater Israel".

The Lebanese have been betrayed by leaders who are in the pockets of Jewish bankers, both in the form of Siniora and Hezbullah. The foolish Lebanese have failed to demand reparations from racist and genocidal Israel. The Lebanese have failed to make documentary films showing the bloodbath and rampant destruction the racist Israelis wrought on Lebanon.

Instead, the foolish Lebanese consume one another and destroy their own country, just as the racist Israelis have coached them to do. It may well come about that the Islamic nations, under deliberate pressure from their crypto-Jewish leadership, who are leading them into destruction, will endure a series of Communist revolts, which will deliver them completely into the Israelis' hands. This threat is very strong in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, etc.

These Peoples have a common enemy, and they ought to turn their attention to the enemy "Jewish State", which is perpetually undermining their genuine interests and setting them up for war and self-destructive revolution. If revolution there must be, then the Peoples of this region ought to be extremely careful in the selection of their leadership and the future course of their nations. Racist Jews have ready numerous old school Communists to lead these nations in self-destruction in the name of "peace", and "liberty, equality and fraternity". Racist Jews utterly destroyed the Turkish Empire through revolution. Beware the salvation of the crypto-Jewish Communists who promise to deliver you from Jewish influence, only to deliver you into the concentration camps run by racist Jews.

Racist Jews did it to their own, and they will not hesitate to do it to you.