Sunday, December 10, 2006

BBC Report on the Jewish Neo-Conservatives and Their Bolshevik-Style Foreign Policy of International Destabilization

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The BBC produced a very interesting report on the Jewish neo-Conservative movement. Listen to Jewish "leaders" openly state that their intent is to deliberately create instability. This has meant war and more war for America. Their policies have placed America on the precipice of an economic collapse. Their policies have substantially increased American debt. Their policies have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Their policies have caused the world to hate Americans. Their policies have stolen our fundamental human rights. Their policies have resulted in instability in the Middle East and throughout the world. Only the Israelis have benefitted from their Jewish-led policies.

The video:

A transcript of the documentary:

Note that these people are not overly bright, nor are they charming. Why are they so successful? From where do they derive their "ideas"? From where do they derive their power?