Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Deuteronomy 7:2, Israeli War Policy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israelis, and the Jewish bankers and Shabbataian/Frankists who created them, want a nuclear world war; but they want to scapegoat others for having started it. Behind the scenes, Jewish agents are making grand promises to the various religious, ethnic, and political factions in all of the nations of the Middle East.

The Jews are promising King Abdullah II of Jordan that they will protect his monarchy from revolution and expand his territory into what is today Saudi Arabia; if Abdullah will in turn pledge to war against Shia Moslems and absorb the Palestinians, which, so the Jews tell him, will only increase the breadth and power of the King's domains. The Jews are promising King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud that they will protect his monarchy from revolution and insulate him from the political and financial burden of maintaining and defending the Moslem holy sites, by pulling back the borders of Saudi Arabia to "ethnically purify" the country. The Jews will say, "There should be an official sacred 'Islamic State'", and thereby shield themselves from criticism for having formed a "Jewish State". The Jews have already promised the Kurds and the Shia that if they provoke World War III, then the Kurds will at long last have an independent and fully autonomous "Kurdistan Nation", and the Shia will have a mighty and massive "Greater Persia". Similar assurances, guarantees and bribes are being made to various subgroups and other nations in the region, all promising great rewards, financial gains and national independence as the fruits of World War III.

The following map is perhaps indicative of the backroom deals being made between the Israelis and the various factions the Israelis want to bring into self-destruction through war and revolution:

Ralph Peters, Armed Forces Journal, June 2006

Organized Jewry used similar tactics in the First World War. They promised the Arabs, through the British, that if the Arabs helped to dismantle the Turkish Empire through war, that the Arabs would control Jerusalem and Palestine. The Jews promised the Armenians that they would, after many centuries, at last be able to form an independent State, if they would sacrifice themselves to create a pretext for war, a casus belli for Christians in England and Russia to attack the Turkish Empire. The Jews promised the British they would aid their war effort if the British would issue the illegal "Balfour Declaration".

Each of these contracts were broken, which should come as no surprise. The Jewish book of Deuteronomy 7:2 states, and note that a "covenant" is a contract,

"And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:"

The Balfour Declaration was a betrayal of the Arabs. The Jewish dictator Ataturk destroyed the southern prospects of an Armenian Republic, while the Jewish Bolsheviks destroyed the northern prospects of an Armenian Republic. The Jews destroyed Russia, which was Great Britain's ally in the war, thereby prolonging the war and increasing British and American causualties—and the Jews betrayed the Americans, Turks, and Germans, by bringing America into the war against America's best interests.

I caution all of the long suffering Peoples of the Middle East that the promises the Jews are making to you of independence and new found wealth in the new Utopia of the Middle East the Jews tell you will start after World War III, are all lies. They wish you death and destruction until the last of your cities lays ruined and radioactive, until the dogs eat the hearts out of your corpses. Once the war begins, the Jews of Israel will have their theater in which to act out their vengeance on the world and artificially fulfill their horrific Messianic prophecies. There is a reason the Jews of Israel want there to be instability on their borders, wars and revolutions. This instability will provide them with the opportunity to exterminate the "Ishmaelites" and "Amalekites" and build their grand Kingdom of "Greater Israel" from which to rule the world and ruin it.

Beware Greeks bearing gifts, especially when they are smiling Israelis offering you a Utopia in exchange for a war, or revolution.

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Hakim, Ahmadinejad, Talabani, Barzani, Abdullah, Abdullah II, etc. are all agents of the Israelis, who have agreed to bring their countries and sects into war and revolution. Many of them are crypto-Jews. They will only bring you death and destruction.