Friday, December 22, 2006

Israeli Terrorism Against the United States of America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israeli Government has committed acts of war against the United States by bombing American interests in Egypt in 1954 with Israel's "Operation Susannah" in the "Lavon Affair"[1] and by attempting to sink the U. S. S. Liberty in 1967.[2] In both instances, the Israeli Government tried to lay blame on Egypt for the Israeli attacks on the United States, in an attempt to incite the United States to fight Israel's enemies. In the 1970's, the Israelis attempted to assassinate United States Ambassador to Lebanon, John Gunther Dean, as well as his entire family.[3]

Zionist Jewish bankers have financed America's worst enemies including Great Britain, the Confederacy, Imperial Japan, Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany, etc. Zionist Jewish bankers are responsible for more American war casualties than any other group. Zionist Jewish bankers have deliberately caused America's worst recessions and depressions. They have corrupted the American media and American politics. Michael Collins Piper argues that Mossad agents were involved in the assassination of United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and that they wanted him dead because Kennedy opposed the Israeli nuclear weapons program, a program which is not in the best interests of the United States.[4] The Zionists have been a curse to America.

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