Saturday, September 23, 2006

The "Jewish State" Is Fomenting World War III: Part 2: More Evidence from the BBC

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Some interesting BBC reportage has been posted on YouTube. The BBC argues that the Israelis might want to use a Kurdish airport as refueling a station for air attacks on Iran. The Israelis' strategy is far broader. They want to use the Kurds to foment war between Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Israelis are training Kurdish terrorists to conduct operations in each of these countries. Mossad agents are also acting as agents provocateur to talk Kurds into committing acts of terrorism and are providing them with the training and means. Mossad agents are also dressing up as Kurds and conducting their own operations, which they blame on Kurds. Kurds are just another of the desperate peoples Jewish leaders are exploiting as scapegoats for messianic Jewish bloodlust and warlust. Billions of human beings are likely to die in the war Jewish leaders have engineered to destroy humanity. The genetic and environmental damage they plan to cause will forever ruin the human race. It could possibly end life on this planet, which is the goal of the Cabalistic Jew, who believes that we must die so that the Jews can enter a new aeon on a "New Earth" with a "New Heaven".

Israel trains Iraqi Kurds : BBC Doc Part 1 of 2

Israeli's Training Iraq Kurds : BBC Doc Part 2 of 2

The following documentary on Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook reveals that Jewish secularism is paradoxically a part of Jewish religiosity:

The "reformists" and Communists who ultimately secularized a very large sector of the Jewish population, did so as part of a religious plan to bring about the "End Times". Israel, as a political state, exists for religious reasons. One of those reasons is to bring about our deaths and in so doing hasten the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Zionist Vampires Have Cost Us Our Honor

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled media has orchestrated a tag team event with Chavez and Ahmadinejad in their corner to wrestle away the last remnants of American honor. Chavez, in his Commie red shirt (for now sans the Che Guevara beret), is rallying the world against America. With the help of the Jewish dominated American media, Chavez is playing the bad cop to Ahmadinejad's good cop. Chavez is deflecting negative attention away from Iran and Israel, and is focusing it onto the US.

We used to be criticized as being the "policemen of the world". The Israel first traitors have now relegated us to the status of "genocidal criminals" of the world, who are led by a stupid witless Satan. And that is what the racist Jews want, the US to be the enemy of the world, together with Israel, so that we will be their iron scepter with which they can smash the potter's vessel of humanity. The racist, supremacist Jews have installed their puppet as our leader and he has terribly shamed the American nation. While our government sends our tax dollars to Israel and Egypt, the Communist Chavez gives oil to our poor and mocks our presidency to the world, and all the while the Communist Jews in America laugh alongside him and the rest of the world, as America is shamed. Oh, what we have lost as the Zionists have deliberately ruined us. It is truly pathetic!

And Jewish leadership has ready our "saviors" to save us from the devils and demons they have imposed upon us. While America should have been spreading universities and advanced industries and agricultural methods to our neighbors to the south, the Jewish leaders instead oppressed and impoverished these nations, deliberately inhibiting their progress and developing an oppressed class to use as a hammer against the American People. For more than a century and a half, the Rothschilds have been planning to grab us with a desperate hand from the south and tear us in two. Instead of America leading our hemisphere to a better and brighter future, Jewish leadership has done what it can to guarantee our common demise. Jewish leadership has raised up red shirted scum to come and spit in our faces for the crimes Jewish leadership has covertly committed against humanity in our name. After deliberately discrediting our government in the eyes of the world, Jewish leadership is attempting to discredit our government in our own eyes so that we will beg Jewish leadership to provide us with a savior like Communist Chavez who will bring us a Utopia of free oil and freedom from fascists like the Zionist traitor George Bush. Jewish leadership will next offer us freedom from income taxes and coins made of gold. What they won't tell you is that you'll have to buy your gold from them and that they will once again melt it down after you buy it and return it to their coffers. What they won't tell you is that your property will become theirs and you will have no income upon which taxes can be levied. You see, Jewish religious mythology teaches Jews that all the gold and property in the world is theirs by God's decree. Communism is not, and was never meant to be, a means to eliminate personal property. It is a means for Jewish leadership to steal all the wealth of the world. It is a means for Jewish leadership to destroy all religion in the world. It is a means for Jewish leadership to destroy all culture in the world. It is a means for Jewish leadership to destroy all national sovereignties in the world, save Israel—and there is the resolution to the Zionist/Communist Jewish paradox. There is no contradiction for a Jew to simultaneously call for all nations to surrender their sovereignty in obedience to God, and for Jews to have no goal but strengthening the nation of Israel. That is messianic Judaism in all its horror and racist hypocrisy. Ironically and paradoxically, a major part of the Jewish religious plan is the objective of making Jews irreligious. Jewish leaders believe that the prophets commanded that Jews fall away from God and that they are duty bound to see to it that two thirds of Jews perish as a result (Zechariah 13:8-9). They believe that the Messiah will only come when Jews have embraced heresy and have made the world evil (Sanhedrin 97a).

But the two-headed snake which has slithered onto our shores, and filled our thoughts courtesy of the Jewish controlled media, has another fanged fiend, another agent of Jewish leadership, Ahmadinejad. His Iranian fellows tempered his rhetoric, wisely and appropriately, but he slipped in a telling tribute to his Shabbataian-Frankist past. Round about the time crypto-Jewish Communists were infiltrating Iran in their campaign to surround Israel with Communist nations, with Communism which would destroy Islam and any Islamic ability to resist Jewish domination, round about that time in the 1950's, crypto-Jews created a Frankist-style sect among the Shia called "Hojjatieh" or "Hojjatiya". This sect used all the Frankist techniques of worming their way into power by hiding their true beliefs and keeping their genocidal literature secret. They also preached the Frankist Jewish doctrine that the world must deliberately be brought into chaos and evil and heresy must rule the world in order to provoke God to bring the Messiah, named in this sect the twelfth imam to appease Islamic sensibilities, but it is Frankist Jews who are behind it. It was Frankist Jews who bred Ahmadinejad, the Communist Revolutionary, and it was Frankist Jews who placed him in power to bring Iran into its own deliberate destruction. The Jews have had this plan for a very long time, and their green tinged anti-Messiah, Armilus, has an anti-Elijah—the Persian King. It is all told in the Jewish myth of Sefer Zerubbabel. Hence the myth of the green halo surrounding Ahmadinejad to foreshadow Armilus, and Ahmadinejad's scripted role as forerunner of the anti-Messiah and leader of the war on Israel.

Once America has been sufficiently alienated and humiliated by Chavez and Co., I suspect Ahmadinejad will return to the Saddam script and heat up the rhetoric. I hope I am wrong. It would be better that it were a bad dream.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The "Jewish State" Is Fomenting World War III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews of Israel have been caught red handed coaching and preparing the Kurds for war with their neighbors. The BBC issued an interesting report:

"Israel 'trains Iraqi Kurd forces'" by Magdi Abdelhadi

The Turks are being intentionally provoked into war by the covert operations of the Israel warmongers and war starters through their Kurdish dupes, who will inevitably also be destroyed:

Turkey urges Iraq to take concrete measures against PKK

Note that the "Jewish State" would like to scapegoat the Kurds for the war the Jews of Israel are going to start between the Kurds, Turks, Syrians, Iraqis, Irans, and eventually the Jordanians, Saudis, Egyptians, Libyans, Sudanese, Ethiopians, Pakistanis, Malaysians—ultimately the world. But the Jews of Israel and their racist tribesmen around the world will deny any responsibility, and instead claim to be the victims of the Goy wars these Jews artificially created.

What We Are Losing: What the Traitors Are Taking from Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America has great power, but is too often using it to do harm instead of good. It is a shame, because if the American nation led the world to better times, peace and prosperity; we would be loved and other nations would rush to aid us. Instead, traitors have made America a tool of racist Zionist policy and power.

The world is compelled to react to the attack of the Zionists. As a result, the world is compelled to curtail American power. Where will this lead the world, if not into a world conflict?

Let us not lose sight of what we could accomplish as an American People leading the world to a new era of peace—what we could accomplish if we could unseat the power of the Zionist traitors. Imagine a world in which Israel occupied as little attention in the international press as Latvia. Think if we spent as much time in the future improving the world and focusing our attention on constructing better societies and better international relations, as is today wasted on Israel's plans for destroying humanity.

America is our country, not Israel's. It is our duty to defend our interests. First and foremost, we must actively defend our fundamental human liberties from the traitorous Israel firsters who are trying to intimated and silence us. These rights grow stronger with exercise. Speak up! Speak out! Speak often!

George Bush is a Zionist Traitor

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We have a hostile state within a state in America. Zionists place the perceived self interests of the Israelis and Israel above the genuine interests of the American People and the United States. Cabalistic Jews are training Christian children to be cannon fodder, and to mindlessly mass murder our fellow human beings, in the name of securing Israel. Esau is dutifully slaving and soldiering for Jacob. Once that duty is fulfilled, Jacob and its "Messiah" will slyly slay Esau in the Jewish genocidal "End Times". That is the documented plan, which has been openly stated by leading Jewish figures throughout the history of the tribe.

Christian Zionists are as stupid as they are dangerous. Furthermore, they are disloyal to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the United States. They are the enemies of the People of America, they are the enemies of Christianity and they are the enemies of humanity—the pro-Zionists are anti-Christ, anti-America and anti-humanity.

Members of the tribe gathered in New York to protest free speech and support the racist apartheid nation of Israel. They are blindly obedient to their warmongering leadership and attempt to present a unified front based on obedience to the "Jewish race", as opposed to obedience to the principles of justice, peace and humanity. They are slaves to a racist, tribal mythology and are the declared the enemies of humanity—the declared enemies of American values. And they are powerful in their united effort to destroy.

Since racist Jewish mythology teaches the Jews that they are a master race, and that the rest of humanity is sub-human, has no rights and is duty bound to slave for the Jews, racist Jews claim it is anti-Jewish for any other people to assert its human rights. Non-Jews do not have the human right of free speech, and unless non-Jews wag their tongues in praise of Jewish racism, they must be silenced and ultimately killed, and beyond death will supposedly boil in excrement in hell (Erubin 21b, Sanhedrin 88b, Gittin 57a, Rosh Hashanah 17a, Shabbath 32b, Shabbath 116a). Pro-human is deliberately confused with "anti-Jewish", because racist Jews define the "Jewish race" in anti-human terms (see for example the Jewish Torah in the Jewish book of Deuteronomy chapter 7, verse 6, the Jewish Zohar, and the Jewish Talmud in the Jewish book of Sanhedrin folios 56a-60b).

I suspect that the mass media is taking note of 911 research, if at first in a mocking fashion, as a warning to the traitor George Bush that he had better toe the Zionist line. It is a sword of Damocles they hang over his cowardly head. The left-wing propagandist "main stream" media has the same tribal loyalties to Israel as the pseudo-right media. They care not at all for America, in fact they are deliberately destroying us, the US. They have Bush in a trap he did not foresee. We are caught in the same trap if we fail to recognize who it is that destroying us, the US. Our enemy is the nation within our nation, who actively work against our interests and who place traitors before our eyes to lead us down the path of our destruction. We ought to investigate the stars of the mass media with an eye toward exposing their motives and hidden, and not so hidden, loyalties. Many of them are the treasonous and venomous voice of the hostile nation within our nation. We should be encouraged by the fact that they can be largely defeated by exposing them to the sanitizing light of day. That is why they so actively seek to censor honest voices and open debate.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ahmadinejad's Speech

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President Ahmadinejad delivered a good speech. It was mature, statesmanly and very reasonable. In contrast, George Bush pushed the Zionists' warmongering agenda.

I suggest the Iranians make President Ahmadinejad's speech easily available on the internet in several languages. The Iranians have the opportunity to follow up in the press and point out that President Ahmadinejad is asking for peace and justice, while Zionist George Bush is pushing for death and destruction. I hope the Iranians remind the world again and again who is asking for peace, and who is calling for war.

We Americans must defend ourselves from the warmongering media. We must understand that unprovoked, aggressive war is mass murder. We have mass murderers in control of our government and the media of our country. It is our duty to oppose them with boycott and political action. Ahmadinejad has just made our job a little easier.

Ahmadinejad's Upcoming Speech at the UN

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ahmadinejad should take advantage of his opportunity to address the United Nations to make an issue of the foot dragging that went on in that body while Israel leveled Lebanon to the ground. He should address the undue influence the United States exerts over that body. The President of Iran should make an issue of Israel's unprovoked aggression on Lebanon and speak of the genocide Israel committed. Then Ahmadinejad should call for the UN to insist that Israel disarm, and most importantly that Israel allow inspections of Israel's nuclear program and nuclear weapons program. Ahmadinejad should demand that Israel, the only aggressive nation in the Middle East, disarm its nuclear arsenal. Ahmadinejad should not mention Iran's nuclear program, but should instead turn everything around on the Israelis. He should call on Americans to help the world to pressure the Israelis to give up the Israeli weapons of mass destruction before it is too late. Ahmadinejad should point out that barbaric and aggressive Israel could at this very moment attack its peaceful neighbors with nuclear weapons just as Israel attacked its peaceful neighbors with cluster bombs, which Israel used against civilians. Ahmadinejad should demand that the UN finally and forcefully act on its resolutions against the Israelis such as 242, etc.

Bravado Is a Blunt Tool

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is a strange phenomenon. The fierce pride of the Moslem Peoples, most especially the Arab Peoples, is the spine which holds these peoples upright and dignified. On the other hand, the bravado of these persons works against them, by inhibiting them from working together, and from crying out against the injustices Jewish leaders have done to them. While Jews take pride in portraying themselves as victims, even when they know there is no cause to do so; dignified Arabs foolishly puff themselves up with the myths of martyrdom and hold their tongues when victimized by Jews. There can be no trial of Israel's crimes against the Arabs in the court of world public opinion, until the Arabs change their cultural imperatives and bring the evidence of Israeli crimes to the world and ask for help.

Another stumbling stone over which Islam is tripping is the religious respect it gives to Judaism. Judaism is more a political ideology than a spiritual one. It has thrived by spawning both Christianity and Islam and implanting in both the seeds of a poisonous plant that will choke the planet with war and poverty. Islam should not feel inhibited from exposing the criminal nature of Judaism and the attacks the Jewish Talmud and Jewish Cabalistic writings make on both the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. It is not wrong to target a religion for attacks, when that religion has targeted you for death.

Turks and Kurds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back on 28 July 2006, I told Daryl Bradford Smith that I believed that the Turks and the Kurds would be used by the Zionists to begin World War III. I asked him to kindly conduct an interview with me so that I could express some of my views and exposit upon the Turkish/Kurdish dilemma I foresaw:

I did not fully explain exactly what I believed would happen, and I will not do so now, because I would not want to give the enemy any ideas. Suffice it to say that what I expected to happen has unfortunately begun to happen. Iraq is being deliberately divided by false flag terrorist acts committed by Israeli Mossad, and American and British intelligence groups. The nation of Iraq will break apart in a civil war between Kurds, Sunni and Shia. Jewish leaders have lied to each of these factions, and provoked each against the others, in order to divide and eventually destroy them all. Jewish leaders have promised the Turks admittance into the EU and a resolution to their Kurdish problem. Meanwhile, Jewish leaders have promised Kurds that they will at long last attain a sovereign nation of Kurdistan, and Jewish leaders have helped the Kurds to conduct a propaganda campaign in the US which will eventually morph into an attack on Turkey. Jewish leaders have orchestrated "Kurdish" terrorist attacks in Turkey. It is likely that when the civil war in Iraq erupts their will be massive loss of life, and Turkey, Syria, Iran and Jordan will enter the conflict. We will then see an artificial war between Sunni and Shia, fomented behind the scenes by the Israelis. The Pope and other racists will attempt to drive a wedge between Turkey and other NATO nations, while others will call on NATO to intervene on behalf of Turkey. This slide into world war can be stopped. The key issue to bring before the world, is that Israel is behind all of this tragic trauma. Shine a spotlight onto the ultimate provocateur, Israel, and make it clear to all parties that they will lose if they follow the advice of Jewish leaders and that all promises will ultimately be broken.

Islamic nations should seize control over their own fate and conduct peace talks and work each with other Islamic nations towards Islamic unity with a just and noble purpose. Islam ought to work to promote the economic and territorial interests of its peoples. Just as the EU was designed to unify Europeans, Islam can do a much better job of resolving problems facing Moslems and improving the lives of its member communities. Moslems must take control of their own future. In so doing, Moslems should actively work to drive a wedge between Israel and all other nations by exposing Israel's crimes and Israel's express purpose, which is to destroy humanity. One and one half billion Moslems working together can expose the criminal and apartheid nation of Israel. Moslems can control the debate if they work together and express themselves to the world public. Israel's crime are indefensible and easily exposed. Force Israel into a defensive posture and take the offensive in order to promote peace and justice across the world and especially in the Middle East.

It is not enough to defeat the Israelis. The territorial and economic issues must also be addressed. A new source of energy would destroy the economies of many Islamic nations. Famine and war are a present danger and plans should be made and nations coordinated to react to these problems. It is not enough to identify the enemy. There must also be plans for allied efforts to improve the lives of Moslems around the world. This effort would also serve many other purposes. It will ease some of the insecurity in the Islamic world and enable a new spirit of power in the numbers of Moslems working together towards positive ends, instead of forever defending themselves from defamations from Israel and its agents. Again, Moslems must take control over their own fate and unify to both face a common enemy, and to promote positive ends and a brighter future for the Moslem peoples.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Pitiful Pope

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It was clear from the Pope's 12 September 2006 speech, that the infamous quotation the Pope reiterated, and the Pope's subsequent diatribe, were an excuse to hide behind in order to lend credibility to the Pope's deliberate, deceitful and cowardly attack upon Islam and Moslems as if irrational, evil and inhuman—sub-European (allegedly sub-human)—you see there is no moral crime in killing off supposed idol worshiping animals, which allegedly have no souls; and Jewish leaders have set their sights on the Moslem world. The Pope has not apologized for his insulting and degrading attack upon one billion innocent people, nor has he apologized for condemning a world religion to the trash heap. Rather, the Pope pretends to regret that the allegedly soulless barbarians caught on to the deliberate attack and realized that the sophistical argument, and reference to a 14th Century dialogue which was beyond obscure, were merely cowardly cover for the Pope's vindictive and hateful sniping at innocent people. But the Pope's transparent pretense is so transparent as to be obviously deliberately transparent—more fuel for the fire.

The Pope states that he regrets that Moslems took offense at his offensive comments. He does not regret making his offensive comments and denies that they were offensive, though they undeniably were. The Pope's disingenuous "apology" is yet another insult to the intelligence of the Moslem community. Make no mistake about it, the Pope first sought to defame Islam, then found a cowardly way in which to do it, which would offer him some spurious means of deniability. The Pope is again showing the world that he is a spineless coward and vicious liar by pretending to apologize, but instead further insulting people who have done him no harm. The Pope is blaming the people he has deliberately offended, for his offense, for daring to be offended by it! His actions are so absurd and disingenuous as to be unmistakably contrived and deliberately provocative.

The Pope and the media sidestep the other vicious and offensive elements of the Pope's tirade. The Pope effectively called the Moslems sub-human, violent, irrational and non-European; while defining Europeans as if God's master race. The Pope is repeating the Jewish curse upon Ishmael, whose inheritance is stolen by the Jews in their Jewish Torah, in which Jewish Torah Ishmael (who came to be associated with Islam) is cursed to be stupid and violent and less than Isaac and Jacob, less than the Jews (Genesis 16; 17:18-27; 21:9-21). The Jewish book of Genesis 16:12 is exploited by Jews and their agents to defame Islam, because the Prophet Mohammed stated that Ishmael, who was Abraham's firstborn, inherited the covenant to which the Jews lay claim through Isaac and Jacob,

"And [Ishmael] will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren."

The Pope's supposed invitation to dialogue was instead a deliberately dishonest, vicious, reckless and unprovoked attack—much like the Jewish State's deliberately dishonest, vicious, reckless and unprovoked attack on Lebanon. Who instructed the Pope to attack Islam, and why? How did his attack become an international story? Who benefits from this circus?

The Pope's outrageous and venomous slander can be equated to the Jewish anarchists' assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, which was used as a pretext to provoke the First World War by pitting pan-Germanics against the pan-Slavics. In reality, Kaiser Wilhelm II and his cousin Czar Nicolas II were following an incestuous script handed to them by the Jewish bankers. It is likely the Pope is doing the same, as are the supposed "Moslem leaders" in Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere who outwardly appear to be falling into the trap the Pope set, but who are likely paid agents playing their role in the third and final act of world war, which will draw the curtain closed on humanity.

The Jewish controlled media has been destroying the Catholic Church and Islam for centuries and has pitted them against one another for hundreds of years. The Kulturkampf, the Armenian genocide committed by crypto-Jewish "Young Turks", and other such engineered conflicts down through history, were each contrived battles created by Jewish leaders to discredit Catholicism and Islam, and to pit Catholics against Judaized Protestants, and to pit all Christians against Islam so that they would destroy one another and leave the Jews standing in Palestine.

Jewish leaders always hide behind others so that they can cast blame for their evil actions on others. Jewish leaders are today trying to provoke World War III, but are trying to do it in a way which will make it appear that Catholics and Moslems are at fault. Jewish leaders were behind the Nazi attack on Jews, but it is the German People who are blamed. Jewish leaders were behind the Soviet genocides of Slavic Christians, but it is the Russian People who are blamed. Jewish leaders were behind the Armenian genocide, but it is the Turkish People who are blamed. Jewish leaders were behind the American Civil War, but it is the Southern Christians who are blamed. Etc. Etc. Etc. Jewish leaders are cleverly trying to trap Christians and Moslems into killing one another off. The non-Jewish peoples of the world are, and always have been, the targets of Jewish genocidal ambitions. We all must recognize the true enemy and defang it. The time we have to accomplish this necessary end is running short.