Friday, September 29, 2006

Coup d'Etat

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It smells like a coup is brewing in Iran. Iran's neighbors have recently met with Washington. Plans have been discussed. Deals have been made. Both Ahmadinejad and Chavez have met with their contacts in America. Ahmadinejad may have outlasted his usefulness. The press is beginning to talk a little bit more about "Tehran" and a little bit less about Ahmadinejad. In the eyes of Israelis, it is the Syrians who are encroaching upon the ancient lands of the Israelite tribes. A coup in Iran could place Syria in a precarious position. Then there are the Kurds, who are allies of the Israelis, and who would be strengthened by a weakened Syria and Iran, and seize the opportunity to make their bid for independence and secession from Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran—this could spark the broad war the Israelis have been trying desperately to foment.

If it becomes overly obvious to the Iranians that Ahmadinejad is leading them over a cliff, a true leader might emerge and take charge of the nation. Jewish leaders do not like to wait. It leaves them doubting. It confuses them. Dissensions arise. Deadlines approach. Expenses increase. Public opinion changes. More and more people become involved in the planning, which inevitably increases the risks of detection and failure. Within Iran the populace is growing impatient with its crypto-Jewish theocratic leadership. There is a massive amount of oil at stake. Pressures are mounting, but are they mounting a coup? The Mossad and the CIA must reason that if their boys in charge of Iran today are to be ousted, it would be best to find suitable replacements and install them before control is lost.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

How War Can Spread

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If the US and/or Israel attack Iran with a nuclear weapon, it is possible that the US and/or Israel will also detonate a bomb in India and Israel and blame it on Pakistan and Syria. Israel will then unload its nuclear arsenal on Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. India will then strike Pakistan and an exchange will begin which will draw in Communist China. North Korea may strike South Korea and/or Japan, or the US might itself attack Japan and blame it on North Korea or China. The US would then attack North Korea and China, which would bring in Russia with a preemptive attack on the US and Western Europe, which would then retaliate with an all out attack on the US, Germany, France and England. The first bomb dropped would also afford the Zionist traitors in America an opportunity to bomb other populations and claim that it was a Russian attack.

It is important to note that the existence of nuclear weapons in North Korea and Pakistan affords Zionists the opportunity to conduct a false flag nuclear attack and blame it on these nations. This might account for the fact that the Zionists allowed and covertly encouraged the manufacture of nuclear weapons in these countries.

If Ever You Needed Proof

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If ever anyone needed proof that racist Jews exercise a grossly undue and destructive influence over the press, institutions of influence and governments around the world, examine what is happening today as the racist Jews deliberately prepare the way to Armageddon. Though the Jewish controlled media and government in the United States hype the threat of terrorism in a way that makes Americans unnecessarily fear and loathe Moslems, there is very little spoken of the threat of the nuclear war leading Jews are planning for the world. Why is there no major motion picture depicting the horrors of nuclear war—as opposed to nuclear terrorism? Why don't we see Hollywood images of dumbfounded Christian Zionists with their blistered and bloodied faces falling off into their hands, asking God why they have not been raptured? After all, Hollywood is in general so quick to ridicule zealot Christians. Surely a direct nuclear attack on the United States would be vastly more destructive than any terrorist attack. Why do our Jewish led leaders hide from the danger? Why are they not concerned that we be informed of the risks, and why are they not teaching us what we should do in the event their nuclear war takes place?

During the Cold War, we were taught a little about the horrors of a nuclear strike. The Soviets were even more concerned for their citizens, and young Soviet children lived in fear of nuclear war, because they were shown graphic images of what a nuclear war would mean—just as American children are taught to fear anti-Semitism by being shown images of the Holocaust, some of which have been doctored to increase—even fabricate—the horror. American children are not allowed to see other such images which do not profit Jewish leadership—it would be considered child abuse and obscenity to show such images in any other context than the Holocaust—as many have pointed out in the past. American children are not shown starving German dead from either world war, nor the mutilated victims of Jewish Bolshevism. No, there is a definite screening process which excludes concerns over the actions and plans of racist Jewish leaders. There is a deliberate filter placed between Americans and the truth, which is meant to prevent Americans from taking action to prevent nuclear war and unseat the power of Zionist warmongers and Jewish Bolshevists.

This situation must change. Politicians and the media should inform Americans that if a nuclear war comes, they will be annihilated and the human race is likely to perish from the Earth. There should be an urgency to prevent such an event, and a spotlight must be focused on all the players on the field. We should conduct drills to prepare for this event, and, hopefully, as the consciousness of Americans becomes aware of the real terror of nuclear war, we as a people will put an end to this mad rush to the Apocalypse. It is hardly enough to vaguely refer to Iran's nuclear enrichment program as if that were the extent of the threat. There is no imminent threat there, though there is a declared and open threat from Israel and leading Jews around the world that they are planning a nuclear attack on Iran. Americans simply have to become aware of what that war will become and the genocide it will commit. There can be no vague talk or cartoon religious delusions.

Leading Jews are leading us into a nuclear abyss in order to fulfill their horrific religious mythology. They have recruited traitors in the Christian and Moslem communities, and they have made no secret of the fact that over the course of the centuries they have deliberately infiltrated both religions with crypto-Jews who intend to destroy humanity. This is a very well documented fact and the American People must hear about it before it is too late.

The most zealot Christians and Moslem have always been crypto-Jews, from Paul to Pope Benedict XVI and Ahmadinejad and the Saudi Royals. In fact, it was well known in Spain and Turkey that those households which held most rigidly to Christian and Moslem traditions were Jewish households. You can expect that the most severe fanatics in both the Christian and Moslem communities are crypto-Jews or dupes, or paid agents of crypto-Jews. Why is there so strong a racist bias in the public debate, that Americans are willing to accept the mass murder of tens of millions of innocent Iranians as if progress towards a brighter future, but cannot begin to contemplate that Israel be forced to abandon its racist apartheid system of genocide against the Palestinians? How do the genocidal and territorial desires of five million racist Jews in Israel justify the extermination of the human race? Is it so difficult to see that something is here out of balance—unbalanced—insane?

But America is not the only nation being blindly led into its own demise. Why are not Iranians conducting drills to prepare for a nuclear strike? What would happen if tens of millions of Iranians were asked to leave their homes and taught to treat the wounds and sicknesses which are about to befall them? Surely such steps are not only necessary, but urgently needed. But then the Iranians might question their crypto-Jewish leaders. They might take a deep breath, step back and pause to contemplate their fate.

Let us bring it closer to home. Consider how the public debate would change if New Yorkers, Chicagoans, and the residents of LA were told to evacuate their cities withing two hours. What if the mayors of these cities and the governors of each State insisted that the citizens be trained and schooled on what nuclear war will mean and to respond to it as best we can. The American People would then demand a more reasonable and responsible approach from the Jewish controlled media and government.

But this won't happen on its own. Jewish leaders want war. They will only allow images of war that promote war and blind hatred of the enemies of the Jews. But we as an American People must demand that the government exercise its duty to prepare for the wars they are starting. It is one way our fellow citizens can clear their eyes of the lies the Jewish media has shown them and begin to see the ugly reality of racist Jewish power in the world and what it signifies for them and for their future generations. They would be well advised to take a closer look at the plight of the Palestinians to understand how they are viewed by their racist Jewish neighbors and to realize that their lives are an annoyance to the Jewish faith. That is something else the Jewish contolled media will not show.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Informed Consent Citizenship

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My fellow American citizens are submitting to a fifth column of traitors, who are loyal only to Israel. I believe in democracy. I also believe in the collective wisdom of an informed public. My fellow citizens should be informed of the nature of the disaster into which they are being led by enemies of the nation, before consenting to it. But they should also be forced to feel its oppressive weight.

Americans should know that to attack Iran will likely mean nuclear war and a severe and probably permanent economic depression. They should also know that this attack will be entirely unnecessary and will come at the behest of the enemy nation of Israel, not be fought in the best interests of the United States of America. Americans should know that if they allow George W. Bush to bring us into more unprovoked war, they risk losing their jobs, the sovereignty of the United States and exponentially greater risks of severe, chronic or fatal health problems. They risk a nuclear attack from Russia and China.

But they know this already. It is not enough that they know it. They must begin to experience it. Responsible leaders at the State and local level must prepare to aid Americans in the dark times to which Americans have willingly consigned themselves. Imagine if governors and mayors tomorrow demanded that Americans sign a consent form for war, which would inform them in detail of the risks they are assuming. Imagine if Americans were forced to listen to top medical people explain to them what will happen if we are attacked with nuclear weapons. Imagine if Americans were forced to listen to top economists explain to them what will be their likely economic future if Americans engage in perpetual war and abandon responsible fiscal policy. Imagine if Americans were forced to listen to top political scientists explain to them how the sovereignty of the United States will be lost and how personal property will be "collectivized" among all the citizens of a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of the Americas.

Americans should only be asked to sign away their future under conditions of informed consent, if indeed we are collectively crazy enough to consent to let the Zionist media run our lives into ruin and war. Maybe if the governors of the various states insisted that drills be performed where cities are evacuated and mock treatments are given for radiation sickness, people would begin to wake up to the risks they are passively assuming. Maybe if one day a week citizens were forced into concentration camps to welcome them into the future they have elected for themselves, maybe, just maybe, they would begin to doubt their coerced and manipulated choices. In any event, we must begin to prepare for the calamities our citizens have elected to bring upon us; and those of us who have retained our sanity are obliged for our own sake to inform our fellow citizens what it is they are consenting to when they consent to let our nation be run from Jerusalem.

Informed Consent Christian Zionism is a topic for another day. . . .

An Indictment of George W. Bush and the Enemy Nation of Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President George W. Bush and a fifth column of traitors loyal only to Israel, individually and collectively, have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to wage unprovoked war against innocent nations and commit mass murder of both the citizens of those nations and members of the American military. They have deliberately plotted to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America. They are committing deliberate acts of sabotage meant to ruin the American economy. They are purposefully eroding the liberty of the American People and imposing their Zionist tyranny over the world. They have infiltrated the mass media and all branches of government, as well as most institutions of influence in the United States in order to subvert the interests of the American People and in order to further the perceived self interests of the enemy nation of Israel. They have conducted an ongoing campaign of intimidation, violence and wrongful imprisonment to silence their critics and prevent free and open debate on matters of national importance. They have conspired to disenfranchise the American People through voter fraud and through disproportionate, corrupt and undemocratic control of the press and other institutions of influence.

Ahmadinejad Should Resign and in So Doing Shame the West and Save His Nation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President Ahmadinejad should resign and state that because of his love for the Iranian People, he cannot allow the Zionists who dominate Israel, the United States of America and the international media to use him as a spurious casus belli for an unprovoked nuclear attack on Iran. The Iranian People should allow inspection of their nuclear facilities by Russia, Pakistan, China, Syria, France and the United States, provided that Israel allow inspection of its nuclear facilities, including its nuclear weapons facilities, by the same nations. Another stipulation of the agreement to inspections should be that the same standards and restrictions which are applied to Iran also be applied to Israel. Iran has a much larger population than Israel and therefore a proportionally greater responsibility and right to security. This call for equity in standards is in fact a concession, given that Israel has invaded its neighbors and threatened many countries with nuclear attack. Since Iran has not committed these offenses, it would be reasonable to hold Israel to stricter standards.

In a few years, as the Zionists are further exposed and their power has diminished, if the Iranian People desire, they can then reelect Ahmadinejad, who might then be a national hero due to his personal sacrifice for the sake of the welfare of the nation. For now, the Iranian People and Ahmadinejad's supporters abroad must ask themselves what has Ahmadinejad done to lessen the chances of a nuclear strike against Iran? How successful has Ahmadinejad been at improving Iran's position in the world? How successful have the enemies of Iran been in vilifying Iran by way of vilifying Ahmadinejad? Has Ahmadinejad deliberately played into their hands, or is he incompetent or unable to meet the challenge and overcome it? What would be lost by replacing him? What are the risks of his staying in office given that the enemies of Iran are using him to justify an unprovoked nuclear strike on Iran?

Monday, September 25, 2006

On the Use of Hindus in the Mass Media to Defame Moslems

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many Hindus bear an animus towards Moslems. Both Moslems and Hindus have committed atrocities against one another in modern times. The mass media in America are exploiting hateful Hindus to attack Moslems in general terms. This serves many purposes for Jewish leadership. The American public is notoriously ignorant of the nature and motives of various ethnicities and nationalities around the globe. Many Americans will believe that East Indians are "Arabs" and that "Arabs" are self-critical. Many Americans will believe that the Indians who are defaming Moslems in the American media are Moslem insiders who are shocked by their fellows' beliefs. The Jewish controlled media almost never allows the Moslems it attacks on camera to defend themselves from these vicious and deceptive attacks. Jewish leaders hide behind the Indians to make the attacks, and thereby both escape detection and create a deeper rift between Indian Hindus and Moslems amongst themselves, because these people are apt to know the ethnic origins of the Hindus making the attacks, which escape the "average American".

Hindus ought to realize that some Jews plan to impose the Noahide laws on humanity. When they have accomplished this end, they will behead all Hindus, who are evil "idol worshipers" in the eyes of Jews. Jews helped the Russians, the Indians, the Pakistanis, the Chinese and the Koreans to develop nuclear weapons in the hopes that these peoples could eventually be provoked to destroy one another so as to make it easier for the Jews in the "End Times" to kill off Christians, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindus. Those Hindus who take advantage of Jewish hatred and Jewish power to attack the Moslems and indulge their egos with self-promotion, are in fact helping Jewish leadership to foment wars which will eventually kill off hundreds of millions of Hindus.

Did Zionists Deliberately Sabotage the Democratic Party in America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I recall that beginning in the primaries which resulted in a Bush -v- Kerry presidential election, leading Democrats adopted the suicidal policy of refusing to iterate their policies—they adopted an anti-policy policy. Jews in the media promoted a vile form of public discourse, which was apparently intended to discourage "average Americans" from taking an active interest in politics. Democrats did not enter the debate with a platform of innovative remedies or rational proposals to improve the lot of the American People, but instead made what appeared to be scripted mistakes, fell into obvious traps, and perpetually left the American People with the bitter taste of negative spin on the pressing issues of the day. In other words, it appeared that the Democrats intentionally left the American People without a reasonable alternative to the so-called "neo-Conservatives". And whose advice (read "orders") were they following? Anecdotally, I can say that I often heard far left Jews in the media telling Democrats that the wise move was to say nothing and allow the Republicans (read "neo-Cons") to self-destruct. However, I also heard concerned Democratic voters calling into to these supposedly Democratic talk show hosts and pleading with them to encourage Democrats to be creative, positive and innovative—to provide a viable alternative to the Republicans. It was obvious to Democratic voters that the Republican policies were easily defeated if only the Democratic leaders would try to defeat them. The Jewish talk show hosts would say, "Trust me! We are going to win this. If we fight back, the Republicans will spin what we say, so it is better to say and do nothing other than criticize." The callers knew better, and the callers also pleaded with supposedly Democratic talk show hosts to cool their mindless and hateful rhetoric and engage in reasonable discourse. The requests of the audience went unheeded. It was almost as if the Protocols had come to life and Jews in the media deliberately turned off Democratic voters with mindless, adolescent and pointless personal attacks, which led no where, and accomplished nothing. It appeared that Jewish leaders had taken over the Democratic Party in order to destroy it so that the warmongering neo-Conservative Jews could weaponize the Republican Party and use it to instigate World War III. Of course, if Zionist traitor George Bush gets cold feet, the Democratic Party will rise and with it new Zionist traitors will predominate. War is what is wanted. The loyalty of the majority of those Jews who are allowed to mold opinions in the American media is clearly first to Israel, lastly to Israel, and only to Israel. This behavior by leading Jews is not new. The Chicago Daily Tribune reported an accusation on 3 February 1873 on page 2, that the Rothschilds had gained control over a political party in America in order to sabotage it and secure victory for the Rothschilds' candidate,

"In a paper on Federalism, read before the Liberal Club last night by Mr. Delmar, the following remarkable passage made some sensation: 'The people have tacitly committed their entire interests and fortunes to the keeping of two political parties, whose leaders and managers, instead of Congress, as was intended, sway their destinies. It is charged that, knowing this, the Rothschilds, through their American agent, obtained control of one of these parties in the general election of 1868, and threw it into confusion by abandoning its Presidential candidate on the eve of election, so as to afford victory to its opponent, whose financial views more nearly accorded with the interests of that great house.'"

Henry Morgenthau reported that in 1919 the Zionist Jews in Poland used unscrupulous tactics to subvert Polish democracy and attain Jewish control over the Polish Government,

"They admitted that their fifty-six could sway legislation only in case of close divisions among the other parties. It became clear that their hope must be to encourage such divisions."—Henry Morgenthau, "The Jews in Poland", The World's Work, Volume 43, Number 5, (April, 1922), pp. 617-630, at 624.