Friday, October 06, 2006

The Failure of the Zionist Bush Regime's Foreign Policy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are several striking points about the reaction of the traitorous Bush administration to the threatened nuclear bomb test by North Korea. First, it is incredible that the Zionist Bushkovites apparently had no plan to deal with such a threat. How could they not have anticipated that a nuclear North Korea would someday conduct a test of its weapons? Or, were they in fact hoping that North Korea would prove its nuclear capabilities so that the Zionist Bushkovites, and/or Israel, could then blame North Korea for any nuclear event in the world, or so that they could use this as an excuse to justify an attack on Iran with North Korea as an example of the danger of complacency in the face of nuclear proliferation? It appears that there is more at work in the treasonous Bush camp than incompetence. They may well be working with our enemies to generate World War III in an era when peace is the rule and prosperity for all a real possibility.

Why isn't America voicing our support for our allies in the region? Why aren't we applying leverage to Communist China, and cautioning them that North Korea's aggression will lead to a massive proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region, including the influx of nuclear weapons into South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, which would not profit Communist China or Communist North Korea? We must, of course, make it clear that we seek to avoid this proliferation. We must ask North Korea why it feels so threatened, and begin a dialogue. Talking cannot hurt us or weaken our position. Why is there no concern that misunderstandings might be at play and why is there an almost apparent delight that the situation, which is imminently dangerous, appears to be spiraling out of control?

There is evidently something far more sinister than incompetence at play. There are ways of dealing with this crisis and they are not being employed.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Curious Divide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a strange split between good natured and humane Jews, and psychopathic Jewish leadership. On issues where the interests of the tribe are not openly threatened, the gulf grows even wider.

The genocide taking place in Darfur provides us with an interesting case study of this phenomenon. Good hearted Jews, and there are a great many, know the urgency of providing help to the struggling people who are under attack. The violence, especially against women and children, is a threat to all of humanity—and perhaps no one recognizes that threat and feels greater compassion for the people under attack, than Jews of good conscience, and there are many. They not only feel for the oppressed people, they organize and act on behalf of the oppressed people. Everyone should learn from their example.

However, when we contrast the fact of Jewish compassion with the fact that the Jewish controlled media is focusing less attention on Darfur than on Foley and Hastert in order to manipulate the complexion of the Congress of the United States of America, and to create distrust and hatred between the American People and their government, we see that the real power in the Jewish community lies in its leaders. We see that Jewish leaders are inhumane and manipulative, in spite of the good naturedness of many Jews. We see that if Jewish leaders had the desire, they could, with the near full support of the Jewish community, prevent much of the evil that takes place in the world, but instead encourage evil and artificially create it—to the detriment of all.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Protocol X

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following quotation is from the Small, Maynard & Co. translation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Protocol X seems to fit current events.

The entire translation The Protocols and World Revolution Including a Translation and Analysis of the "Protocols of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom", Small, Maynard & Co., Boston, (1920), pp. 11-73; is reproduced in Chapter Five of my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein.

Protocol No. X

T ODAY I will begin by reiterating what has already been stated. I beg you to remember that the government and the masses are satisfied with visible results in politics. How can they examine the inner meaning of things when their representatives consider that pleasure is above everything? It is important to know one detail in our policy. It will help us in discussing division of authority, freedom of speech, of the press, of religion (faith), the right of assembly, equality before the law, inviolability of property and of the home, indirect taxes and the retrospective force of law. All such questions should never be directly and openly discussed before the masses. When it becomes necessary for us to discuss them, they should not be elaborated but merely mentioned, without going into details, pointing out that modern legal principles are being accepted by us. The significance of this reticence lies in the fact that a principle which has not been openly declared gives us freedom of action to exclude unnoticed one point or another, whereas if elaborated the principle becomes as good as established.

The people feel an especial love and admiration towards the political genius, and they always react to their acts of violence as follows:

'Yes, of course it is villainy, but how clever!—It is a trick but cleverly done! So majestically! so impudently! . . .'

We count upon attracting all nations to the construction of the foundations of the new edifice which has been planned by us. It is for this reason that it is necessary for us first of all to acquire that spirit of daring, enterprise, and force which, through our agents, will enable us to overcome all obstacles in our path.

When we accomplish our coup d'état, we will say to the peoples: 'Everything went badly; all of you have suffered. We will abolish the cause of your sufferings, that is to say, nationalities, frontiers, and national currencies. Of course you are free to condemn us, but would your judgment be just if you were to pronounce it before giving a trial to what we will give you?' Thereafter they will exalt us with a sentiment of unanimous delight and hope. The voting system which we have used as a tool for our enthronement, and to which we have accustomed even the most humble members of humanity by organizing meetings and prearranged agreements, will have performed its last service and will make its last appearance in the expression of unanimous desire to become more closely acquainted with us before hazing pronounced a judgment.

To attain this we must force all to vote, without class discrimination, to establish the autocracy of the majority, which cannot be obtained from the intellectual classes alone. Through this method of accustoming every one to the idea of self determination, we will shatter the Goy family and its educational importance. We will not allow the formation of individual minds, because the mob, under our guidance. will prevent them from distinguishing themselves or even expressing themselves. The mob has become accustomed to listen only to us who pay it for obedience and attention. We will thus create such a blind power that it will be unable to move without the guidance of our agents, sent by us to replace their leaders.

The masses will submit to this régime because they will know that their earnings, perquisites, and other benefits depend upon these leaders.

The plan of government must emanate already formed from one head, as it would be impossible to put it together if disintegration by many minds into small pieces is allowed. That is why we only are allowed to know the plan of action; but we must not discuss it in order not to affect its ingenuity, the correlation between its component parts, the practical force of the secret meaning of its every clause. Were such a plan to be submitted to and altered by frequent voting, it would reflect the stamp of the misconceptions of every one who has not penetrated its depth and the correlation of its aims. For this reason our plans must be strongly and clearly conceived. Consequently, the inspired work of our leader must not be thrown to the mercy of the mob or even of a limited group.

These plans will not immediately upset contemporary institutions. They will only alter their organization, and consequently the entire combination of their development, which will thus be directed according to the plans laid down by us.

More or less the same institutions exist in different countries under different names, such as representative bodies, ministries, senate, state council, legislative and executive bodies. It is not necessary for me to explain to you the connecting mechanism of these different institutions, as it is well known to you. I only call to your attention that every one of the aforesaid institutions fulfills some important governmental function, and, moreover, I beg you to notice that the word 'important' refers not to the institution but to the function. Consequently, it is not the institutions that are important but their functions. Such institutions have divided among themselves all the functions of government, namely, administrative, legislative, and executive powers; therefore, their functions in the state organism have become similar to those in a human body. If one part of the governmental machine is injured, the state itself falls ill, in the same way as the human body, and then it dies.

When we injected the poison of liberalism into the state organism, its entire political complexion changed; the states became infected with a mortal disease, namely, the decomposition of the blood. It is only necessary to await the end of their agony.

Constitutional governments were born of liberalism, which replaced the autocracy that was the salvation of the Goys, for the constitution, as you well know, is nothing more than a school for dispute, discussion, disagreement, fruitless party agitation, dissension, party tendencies—in other words, a school for everything which weakens the efficiency of government. The platform no less than the press condemned the authorities to inaction and impotency and thereby rendered them useless and superfluous, for which reason they were overthrown in many countries. The rise of the republican era then became possible, and then we substituted for the ruler a caricature of government—a president chosen from the mob, from among our creatures, our slaves. This was the kind of mine we laid under the Goys, or, more correctly, under the Goy nations.

In the near future we will make the president a responsible officer, whereupon we will no longer stand on ceremony in carrying out the things for which our dummy will be responsible. What difference does it make to us that the ranks of those aiming at authority will thin out, that confusion will result from inability to find presidents, confusion which will definitely disorganize the country?

To accomplish our plan, we will engineer the election of presidents whose past record contains some hidden scandal, some 'Panama'—then they will be faithful executors of our orders from fear of exposure, and from the natural desire of every man who has reached authority to retain the privileges, advantages, and dignity connected with the position of president. The Chamber of Deputies will elect, protect, and screen presidents, but we will deprive it of the right of initiating laws or of amending them, for this right will be granted by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Of course then the power of the president will become the target of numerous attacks, but we will give him the means of self-protection by giving him the right of directly applying to the people, for their decision, over the heads of their representatives. In other words, he will turn to the same blind slave—to the majority of the mob. Moreover, we will empower the president to proclaim martial law. We will justify this prerogative under the pretext that the president, as chief of the national army, must control it in order to protect the new republican constitution, which he, as a responsible representative of this constitution, is bound to defend.

It is obvious that under such conditions the keys to the shrine will be in our hands, and nobody except ourselves will be able to guide the legislative power.

We will also take away from the Chamber, with the introduction of the new republican constitution, the right of interpellation in regard to governmental measures, under the pretext that political secrets must be preserved. With the aid of this new constitution we will reduce the number of representatives to the minimum, thus also reducing to the same extent political passions and passion for politics. If, in spite of this, those remaining are recalcitrant, we will abolish them completely by appealing to the majority of the people.

The appointment of the president and vice presidents of the Chamber and Senate will be the prerogative of the president. Instead of continuous parliamentary sessions, we will shorten them to a few months. Moreover, the president, as chief executive, will have the right to convene or dissolve parliament, and in the case of dissolution, defer the appointment of a new parliament. But to prevent the president from being held responsible before our plans are matured for the results of all these essentially illegal actions inaugurated by us, we will give the ministers and other high administrative officials surrounding the president the idea of circumventing his orders by issuing instructions of their own. Consequently, they will be made responsible instead of him. We recommend that the execution of this plan be given especially to the Senate, State Council, or Council of Ministers, and not to individuals. Under our guidance the president will interpret in ambiguous ways such existing laws as it is possible so to interpret. Moreover, he will annul them when the need is pointed out to him by us: he will also have the right to propose temporary laws and even modifications in the constitutional work of government, alleging as the motive for so doing the exigencies of the welfare of the country.

By such measures we will be able to destroy gradually, step by step, everything that, upon entering into our rights, we were obliged to introduce into government constitutions as a transition to the imperceptible abolition of all constitutions, when the time comes to convert all government into our autocracy.

The recognition of our autocrat may come even before the abolition of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the people, tormented by dissension and the incompetency of their rulers, incited by us, will exclaim: Depose them, and give us one universal sovereign who will unite us and abolish the causes of dissension—national frontiers, religion, state indebtedness—and who will give us the peace and quiet which we cannot find with our rulers and representatives.

But you know well that to render such a universal expression of desire possible, it is necessary continuously to disturb the relationship between the people and the government in all countries, and so to exhaust everybody by the dissension, hostility, struggle, hatred, and even martyrdom, hunger, inoculation of diseases, and misery, as to make the Goys see no other solution than anappeal to our money and complete rule.

Should we give the people a rest, however, the longed for moment will probably never arrive.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jewish Leaders Are Isolating Japan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the last century, the Zionists built up Japan in order to knock it down—after Japan accomplished a few goals for Jewish leadership. Leading Jewish financiers used Japan to attack Russia, which weakened the State and lessened the Russian People's faith in its government. During the Russo-Japanese War, the Jews financed Japan while concurrently cutting off Russia's access to funds. Jews corrupted Russian society with revolutionary talk and Jews organized devastating strikes which crippled the Russian economy. Jews blamed the Russian Government for the all the ails Jews had deliberately caused the Russian People to both weaken them and to make them hate their government. Jews issued Jewish revolutionary propaganda to Russian prisoners of war under Japanese control, who were bored and discouraged, and therefore highly vulnerable to the lies. Then Jews offered their puppets as suitable replacements for the Czar, after Jews had destroyed Russia with a another war, a world war. Numerous eyewitnesses recount that it was usually the Jews in a crowd who would cast aspersions at the State and defame those who were trying to save the nation.

Zionist Jews used the same tactics in the United States during World War I to propagandize the American People with speeches by "five minute men" who were paid agents of Zionist Jews, and who gave the appearance of giving spontaneous talks by neutral observers to rouse the American People against "enemies" foreign and domestic. In fact, these paid propagandists were the agents of the true enemies of the American People—Jewish Zionists. They conducted psychological warfare on the American People and led them into unnecessary war and a totalitarian State. It was vital for them to control American public opinion, and they did so by using traitors, often Jews, who would pretend that they represented American common sense and that common sense demanded that Americans abandon their principles in the name of preserving them. A paid agent would make an irrational claim in a large crowd, and a paid claque of a handful of traitors would applaud the irrational and the mob would be deluded into doubting its hard won sensibilities and cheer for its own destruction—in fact, the mob would be deluded into demanding its own destruction in the name of preserving the nation and its values.

The process is reoccurring today in the American media, which is dominated by traitorous Jews and their agents, who place the perceived self-interests of Israel above the genuine interests and traditions of the United States. As they contort what is considered to be American into their evil, they ridicule the evil they have caused and concurrently cause Americans to hate America. They then exploit the heightened state of tension to justify infringing on the liberties of the American People, whom they have made an enemy of their occupation government, which foreign government they have made hostile to the American People. Leading Jews are using the same tactics to create a war between the American People and the American Government, that they used to destroy the relationship between the Russian Government and the Russian People. And it will be loud-mouthed Jewish Communists who will step farthest forward, with the help of the media they control, to propose that Americans destroy their government, which leading Jews have made the enemy of the People. Then these traitors and subversives will impose perpetual war and serfdom on the American People in the name of liberty, equality and fraternity—just as they did in Russia.

Jews built the Imperial Japanese war machine, which would eventually attack the United States of America in the Second World War. They did so to weaken China and leave it ripe for Jewish revolution, and to destroy Chinese sovereignty so that Jews could form a Jewish State on Chinese soil. Jews also used Japan to attack Korea, the United States, and other nations and leave them vulnerable to Jewish revolution. The Jews believe in the myth of hevlei Mashiah, or the "birth pangs of the Messiah", and this is one way in which they justify genocidal war and genocidal Jewish revolution. Leading Jews write off the lives of tens of millions of Gentiles as the price that must be paid for the world to enter the Messianic Era, in which period the Jews will kill off the remaining Gentiles and restore Cabalistic "order" to the world by purging it of the spirit of Satan Jews believe is implanted in the genes of Gentiles. This is made clear in, among other Jewish works, the Zohar.

The Jewish war on America through the surrogate nation of Japan led America far down path to Bolshevism. The Jews who provoked Japan into World War, then saw to it that Japan would be bombed with atomic bombs. Their intent was always to use Japan to destroy itself and as many other Gentiles as possible, while promising them world conquest. Leading Jews are doing the same to America, and America is bound to be attacked by nuclear weapons launched from silos covertly under Jewish control.

Today, Japan is being used a pawn between China, North Korea, Russia and the United States. The Japanese know better than anyone what it means to be bombed with the bomb. North Korea's saber rattling, its stated intention to conduct a test of its nuclear arsenal, is an open threat to Japan, and the U. S. knows that Japan must run to America with its tail between its legs begging for protection. Once mighty Japan has been reduced to a sniveling nation of self doubting and emasculated pollyannaish pacifists by a prolonged covert attack stemming from Jewish leadership. Enlightened pacifists, who know the true source of the wars, know that this is a set up for a nuclear exchange. With their submarine capabilities, Israel and the United States could easily launch a false flag nuclear attack on Japan and blame it on North Korea. China wants the West out of the East. Japan is our Western presence on the coast of Asia. We would do well to support them, not only for humanitarian reasons, but also to protect our markets and interests and way of life.

The Zionist traitor George Bush is alienating us from our true allies. Bush is helping Jewish leaders to drive a wedge between America and our allies in Europe and the East. The future of our economy is very dependent upon stability in the East and good relations with the Asians. Our currency depends upon them. Leading Jews are setting us up to fall after we have been used to destroy ourselves and as many other Gentiles as possible. The probable result of these games will be the dangerous proliferation of nuclear weapons if not a short term prospect of a nuclear World War III, which apocalyptic war is the more likely outcome of the machinations of Jewish leadership.

Imagine if our enemy Israel were so threatened as our friend Japan. Oh, how things would proceed differently!