Saturday, November 11, 2006

Had We Not Resisted

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Had we not resisted the racist Jewish war on Lebanon, the Israelis would have reduced the entire country of Lebanon to stubble. Then, they would have exterminated every Lebanese man, woman and child, as the Jews are commanded to do in the genocidal Jewish book of Ezekiel.

Had we not resisted the racist Jews, they would have reduced to stubble every building owned by a Palestinian in the West bank and Gaza. Then, they would have exterminated every Palestinian man, woman and child, as they are commanded to do in the genocidal Jewish books of Exodus and Deuteronomy, and in the racist Talmud and Cabalistic writings.

Had we not resisted the racist Jews, then the Mossad would have conducted more false flag operations in the United States of America and Europe than it already has, and America would have committed nuclear genocide against Syria and Iran, at the behest of the traitorous fifth column of Zionists who have infiltrated our government and our press.

Take pride and hope in the fact that we have saved millions of innocent lives in the world. Thank you all, and keep fighting the good fight!

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Presidential Line of Succession

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Shakespeare's Hamlet said, "O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain! — My tables, — meet it is I set it down, That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain[.]" Madame Pelosi's perpetual smile reveals her black heart and empty head. As Shakespeare's Octavian stated, "Let us do so: for we are at the stake, And bay'd about with many enemies; And some that smile have in their hearts, I fear, Millions of mischiefs."

If Bush and Cheney are impeached, found guilty, and kicked out of office, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives is next in line to succeed as President of the United States of America. The Israelis have been dangling a sword of Damocles over Bush's head for some time now, the threat being that if Bush fails to attack Iran and instigate World War III, then the Israelis, through their fifth column of traitorous American politicians and through their fourth estate of disloyal Jews and Zionists in the media, will start a drive to impeach Bush and ultimately imprison him, or worse.

Therefore, it is important that we make an attempt to prevent the Zionist Puppet Pelosi from becoming Speaker of the House by planting the seed in some member of Congress' mind to run against her on the grounds that the last election was a public mandate for change and Pelosi is just more of the same old Congressional corruption.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

We Need a Candidate for Speaker of the House

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Who, other than the Zionist Puppet Pelosi, is seeking to become Speaker of the House? We need to encourage candidates who are not in Israel's pocket to seek to become Speaker of the House. Only when another Representative makes an open bid will the Jewish controlled media be forced to inform the American People that we have an option other than Warmonger Pelosi.

Time to Participate in the Political Process

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Call and/or write to the members of Congress and tell them that you do not want Warmonger Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. Do not let the Jewish controlled media speak for you, or your Government. And do not listen to the paid defeatists, who tell you your voice is mute. If Jewish organizations can influence Congress with letter writing campaigns, then so can you, and the numbers are on your side.

A Dramatic Change in Foreign Policy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We need a dramatic change in American foreign policy. It has obviously been the policy of the Zionist Bush administration to destroy Iraq in order to divide it into at least three different nations through civil war. The Zionist Bush administration has also given unconditional support to the racist and expansionist nation of Israel, much to the detriment of Israel's neighbors, the American economy and the reputation of Americans around the globe. Beyond the Bush administration, a substantial portion of the American populace has let itself be duped into falsely believing that Moslems are the enemies of Americans. A change in American foreign policy should include both official and attitudinal changes in the United States.

There should be an unbiased investigation into the apparently partisan attacks taking place in Iraq to determine the involvement of Mossad, CIA and British intelligence in those attacks. These attacks must end, and the United States Government ought to inform the People of Iraq that foreign agents have been agitating for civil war in Iraq, which is against the best interests of the Iraqi People.

The US Government has thus far shown no hesitance to scapegoat Iran for these attacks, why would it hesitate to point out the true primary source, Israel? What has the United States done to bring these factions in Iraq together, not only with each other, but with Iraq's neighbors? Where are the international good faith discussions on the fate of the Sunnis, Shia and Kurds? Iran, Syria and Turkey, as well as Iraq, have a serious interest in the fate of the Iraqi People and ought to participate in talks to resolve the conflicts that are taking place. Thus far the USA, as a proxy for Israel, has only fomented hatreds and divisions, and stood in the way of international talks to resolve the crisis the United States, as a proxy state of Israel, has deliberately caused.

The United States Government has to change course from its support of Israel, which is a racist and aggressive nation that perpetually destabilizes the world. We have to cut off foreign aid of all kinds to Israel and embargo arms sales to the warmongering nation. The United States Government should work against Israeli influence in the governments of Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. The Israelis are actively seeking to destroy each of these nations and have thoroughly corrupted their governments, press and universities. Once the American Government acknowledges the fact that Israel is an enemy nation of the United States and is undermining American interests foreign and domestic, we can progress rapidly toward peace and stability in the Middle East and around the world.

The Racist Ratio

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are about five million racist Jews in Israel playing at being the Chosen People of their genocidal God. One of their games has been to infiltrate the United States of America with a corrosive, coercive, racist and warmongering fifth column and fourth estate of Zionist traitors, who are training Americans to hate and to want to kill the one billion and five hundred million peace-loving Moslems of the world for the sake of five million warmongering Jews in Israel. Racist Jews and their agents are teaching Americans that we should murder one billion five hundred million innocent Moslems so that five million racist Jews in Israel can steal more land that they do not need. Racist Jews and their agents use their disproportionate control over American institutions of influence to convince the American People that it is wise and just to enter into a Third World War for the benefit of Apartheid Israel, that "Holy" "Jewish State", so that we can wholly wipe out one billion five hundred million people who have done us no harm. The racist Jews fail to inform us that the five million racist Jews of Israel can live in peace if they so choose, and can keep the land they have already stolen if only they will stop attacking their defenseless neighbors. But it is not peace the racist Jews want. It is world war and the extermination of non-Jews, starting with the billions of peace-loving Moslems of the world. An added bonus for the racist Jews of Israel is the destruction of the stupid Gentiles of America who pay with their lives, their souls and with their prosperity for the racist Israeli wars without end.

Agents of the Enemy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Saying that it makes no difference who is elected to public office is like saying that it makes no difference which artist paints your portrait, or which doctor performs your operation, or which lawyer handles your case. No two people are exactly alike and whenever you are given a choice, there is an option which will produce a better or worse result. The Jewish controlled media, AIPAC and other Jewish groups spend so much time, money and effort to influence elections for the very reason that it makes a profound difference who is elected to public office in the United States of America.

Given that billions of dollars are spent to influence voting results, it should come as no surprise if Zionists placed subversives into anti-Zionist organizations, and created controlled opposition media. In an election where the margin of victory is 2,000 votes, that margin represents but 1,000 voters.

For example, assume an election ended in a tie at 10,000 votes for candidate A, and 10,000 votes for candidate B. Further assume that the candidates agreed that a new election would be held. If 1,000 of candidate A's voters changed their minds, candidate A would receive 1,000 fewer votes, or 9,000 votes. If none of candidate B's voters changed their minds, then candidate B would pick up 1,000 more votes and receive a total of 11,000 votes. Therefore, the second election would produce a result of 11,000 to 9,000, with a 2,000 vote margin of victory, representing only 1,000 voters.

If the Zionists create anti-Zionist media which they control, and that media persuades 500 stupid anti-Zionists that is cool to NOT vote and that there is NO difference between candidates; and, further, if the Zionists have one of their quasi "anti-Zionist" agents deliberately make a blunder that causes another 500 anti-Zionists to become disgusted and refrain from voting while firing up 1,000 Zionists to vote who otherwise would not have; then the Zionists have won themselves 2,000 votes in an election. Another trick is for the anti-Zionists to run a ridiculous, extremist anti-Zionist spoiler candidate, who garners another 250 votes from the anti-Zionist vote. Dollar for dollar, these are comparatively very cheap ways to accomplish a political end and to render an opposition impotent—completely ineffective and inconsequential.

This represents but one direct way of subverting the interests of anti-Zionists. In an election there are infinite means to sway people to vote or not vote, each of which adds up to a total cumulative effect. Anti-Zionists must lose their political naivete and be careful whose "good advice" they follow, and what they view as appropriate behavior. Zionists are masters at controlling mass behavior, and they are trying to lead you into many self-defeating traps with a silly smile on your face believing that you are in the know.

Perception and image are very important. Cigarette companies learned early on from Jewish propagandists the importance of making it appear to be cool, trendy and wise to smoke. Foolish people have made the cigarette companies immensely wealthy, while slowly committing suicide, on the absurd premise that it makes one appear sophisticated and sexy to inhale a highly addictive poison into one's lungs. Conversely, the image that the American Revolution was about securing liberty and rights, despite the ultimate true causes, won us the vitally important Bill of Rights.

We need to be more honest and open than our ancestors and change the image of Zionists and anti-Zionists in the public eye. We must educate the American public and teach them that Zionists blindly support the racist cowards of Israel, who bomb helpless women and children so that they can steal their land. We must teach them that anti-Zionists are peace-loving people, who oppose racism and genocidal violence. We must also teach Americans that Moslems are good people who need and deserve our support, and that Israelis have proven themselves time after time to be racist and genocidal maniacs. Once Americans learn where, when and how the Israelis have infiltrated our country with a racist, warmongering, anti-American fifth column and fourth estate, then it will be the most natural thing in the world for Americans to be openly anti-Zionist, and anti-Zionists will be recognized as the humane, peace-loving people we are and we will have an easy time electing openly anti-Zionist candidates.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pillory Hillary, Put Down Pelosi, Shun Schumer, Be Wary of Kerry and Lambaste Lieberman

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Send a message of congratulations to the new faces in the Congress. Let them know that you are as much opposed to the Israel first Zionists at the top of the Democratic Party, as you are opposed to the neo-Conservative traitors, all of whom have conspired to mass murder millions of innocent Iraqis. Both groups have the same ultimate leadership, who seek to bring America into perpetual war in the name of perpetual peace. Build on the anti-war and anti-Zionist momentum. Do not let them get away with their attempt to coopt the political movement to unseat traitorous Zionist power in America.

Fixing Iraq

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Beware the Zionist trap of "changing direction in Iraq". Jewish leadership and their agents will attempt to corrupt the new Congress with the message that Iraq ought to be divided and that the United States has tried but failed to remedy the ails of Iraq. The truth of the matter is that, in obedience to Jewish leadership, the neo-Conservatives have deliberately destroyed Iraq in the hopes of bringing the nation into civil war, so that it will be terribly weak and divided in the coming world war. The five million racist Jews of Israel want to build a Temple to their "Messiah", to their anti-Christian King, and first need to obliterate the one billion Moslems of the world.

Racist Jews are pitting Kurds against the Sunnis and Shia of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey. They are also planning to drag in Armenian Christians into a broad Middle East war in the hopes of another holocaust of that People. Instead of conducting meaningful programs to resolve the problems of the region, Jewish leaders will prompt the new Democrats to pull out and leave Iraq in ruins and civil war. It has been the Zionist plan from the beginning.

What are needed are negotiations and talks to bring the Iraqi People together with their own People, and with their neighbors. The Turks must come to realize that their society has been corrupted by Zionist Jews for centuries. The Iranians must depose their crypto-Jewish leadership. Responsible men and women in the American Government and Military need to root out the Zionist traitors and Mossad agents who are deliberately bringing Iraq into civil war. There must be international talks to rescue the Palestinians from the Jewish genocide of Arabs.

The best way to save the world from the Jewish Israeli attack on humanity is economically. Israel must be cut off financially and those few Jews in Israel who oppose the racist Jewish genocide of Moslems, Christians, Arabs, Persians, Turks, Pakistanis, etc. ought to leave Israel for good and take away the racist Jewish incentive to expand the borders of the illegal regime.

Democrats will be playing into the racist Jews' hands if they fail to take active measures to not only secure America's position by ceasing the march toward more war, but also if they fail to work with the players in the region to secure a lasting peace. We must act as a force for peace and justice in the Middle East, and that does not mean bringing Iraq into civil war and dissolution. It means stopping the Israeli genocide of its neighbors. It means counteracting the Israeli campaign to bring Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq into a broad war. Most importantly, it means exposing the Zionist fifth column and fourth estate of traitors who are deliberately bringing America and the world into ruin.

The Margin of Victory

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Zionist Republican lock on all branches of the Federal Government has been broken, despite the best efforts of many top Democrats and many in the so-called "alternative media" to discourage anti-war voters from voting. Had not John Kerry sabotaged the Democratic Party, and had the alternative media made a concerted and coordinated effort to get out the anti-war vote, the results would have been even more spectacular.

Politics is a dirty business. It may come as a disappointment to some of you to learn that those you have trusted to help you fight Zionist corruption have betrayed you. Even if you voted, others doubtlessly did not as a result of the "good advice" of some voices to not vote. It is a classic example of the work of subversives to destroy the effect of a political movement at a crucial time. This election has a tremendous impact on the ability of the Zionist traitors to wage war on Iran and Islam for the sake of the five million racist genocidal maniacs in Israel. The Zionist subversives in the alternative media, who have worked for years to earn the trust of anti-Zionists, have fulfilled their role by dissuading some from voting at a key time. Those votes represent the margin of victory in many key elections. If Kerry's sabotage accounted for a few hundred votes in crucial elections, and the deliberate defeatists in the alternative media account for a few hundred, the Zionists have won their elections, courtesy of the stupid anti-Zionists. The Zionists expected that Independent voters would favor Democrats at a ratio of 2:1, and they knew it would work to their favor to discourage anti-Zionist Independents from voting. After whining for years that something has to be done, when it came time to do something, the advice was to do nothing.

Many of these same voices are calling for a gold standard which would ruin our economy and profit the Jewish bankers. Many of these same voices are calling for a revolution, which would put a Zionist Bolshevist dictator in power in the Americas. They tell you that the crypto-Jewish agent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will save you by bring the world into a nuclear World War III. They promise you that the Communist agent of the bankers, Hugo Chavez, is the answer to your problems, because he hates your government and wants to help you destroy your country. What they fail to explain is how a people which cannot clean house at a crucial election, will somehow be better off when it has destroyed its government completely, and sent its people into civil war.

Look at what is going on in Iraq today. Why would we want that in the United States? Look at what happened to Russia, perhaps the wealthiest nation in the world, when the Jewish bankers had their subversive agents convince the Russian People that the problems the Jewish bankers were deliberately causing the Russian people were instead caused by the Russian Government, and the Jewish bankers, through their subversive agents, convinced the Russian People to revolt and destroy their own nation. The same will happen if the American People are stupid enough to listen to those voices who tell them not to vote in the hopes that America will fall apart.

The most pressing problem we face at the moment is to prevent the Jewish led war on Islam. Clearly the most important thing we could have done to slow or stop the Zionist Republican and Democratic leadership would have been to vote en masse against their most obvious agents. That would have had a greatly beneficial effect. Instead of seeking to prove that the anti-Zionists are a substantial, organized and effective political movement, some in the alternative media sought to prove that the anti-Zionists are of no consequence.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time to Vote!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Do not let anyone trick you into surrendering your vote on the premise that voter fraud will take place this election. Voter fraud has taken place in elections ever since human beings began elections. An honest voter is no more participating in that fraud by voting, than an honest citizen is participating in theft when he is robbed by someone else. Again, vote fraud has always taken place, and yet we sometimes manage to elect better people over worse people. Your vote counts. Even if you are defrauded, which is not the same as committing fraud, you and the candidate for whom you voted will have the opportunity to object. If you do not vote, you have waived your right to object that your vote was denied by fraud. In addition, it is foolish to anticipate that you will be defrauded. It is like refusing your paycheck because you might get robbed. Vote and if you believe someone has defrauded you, then fight back!

We do not live in a perfect world and it is better to vote in this election than not to vote. Don't just lay down and die. Human beings have always had to struggle against corruption. Be as strong as your ancestors and exercise your hard won rights. Even if someone cheats you, your rights are inherent in your being and will only be respected when you demand them. Do not surrender to the cheats. Insist that they honor your rights. You ought to be suspicious of those who try to convince you not to vote. That itself has the same effect as vote fraud. What is their motive for trying to dissuade persons who are aware of Zionist corruption in America not to vote? Are the neo-Conservatives trying to persuade their followers not to vote?

Don't be a sucker! VOTE!