Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Battle of Armageddon for the Sake of Five Million Israelis

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jews who want to enter upon the "End Times", in their own words:

Shall we fight the battle of Armageddon in the hopes that the Jews will have the opportunity to build their Temple and anoint their King? Shall we kill off humanity? Don't think it will happen if you sit idly by? Consider that we have already fought two world wars in preparation for the third, and that the same group of people are in control today as were in control then.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Is "God with Us" Against Us?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish book of Isaiah 7:14 states:

"Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."

The New Testament changed the Messiah's name from Emanuel to Jesus, and I think we now know why. Matthew 1:21 states:

"And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins."

The word "Emanuel" means "God with us", and the word "Jesus" means "Jew". "Judas" as in "Judas Iscariot", bears the identical name in the original script as "Jesus" "the Nazarene", in both instances signifying "Jew". The New Testament can be interpreted allegorically to mean that the Jews are the divine presence on Earth, and that the divine is both good and evil. Indeed, the Frankist Jews have so interpreted it. The Frankist Jews took from this New Testament allegory the lesson that Jews betraying Jews is the surest way to provoke God to destroy the world and send the Messiah, which is in their minds a very good thing. They hope their Messiah will exterminate all non-Jews. These Jews' beliefs are based on the Talmud in the Jewish book of Sanhedrin folio 97a and the Hebrew Bible in the Jewish book of Job, chapter 12, and in the Jewish book of Isaiah 45:7; and 59:15-16. Jewish dualism carries over into politics.

We have Jews, who are openly and unquestionably loyal to our foremost enemy, the "Jewish State" of Israel, dominating the American political process. These Jews regulate who and who will not succeed as politicians in America. Is that a good thing? Would it not be easy and wise to take back control over our nation from them, if only we could convince our fellow citizens, who are loyal to the United States of America and only to the United States of America, to take the situation seriously and the country back from our enemies?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Slide into the Slavery of Bolshevik America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish led neo-Conservatives have eliminated our fundamental rights to due process. Our only means to regain Federal protection of our inherent rights is through our fundamental right of free speech, and, should the need arise, the right to keep and bear arms. The Jewish led Bolshevik Democrats threaten to not only sweep away Federal protection of those rights, but to criminalize criticism.

The first act of the Jewish Bolsheviks who destroyed Russia and then mass murdered millions of Christian Slavs, placing countless Jews into official positions of power, while executing Slavic leaders, intellectuals and police, was to criminal criticism of Jews and/or the disclosure of the names of crypto-Jews on pain of death. Adolf Hitler used the same Bolshevik principles to make himself a dictator, to mass murder his perceived political rivals in the SA and to justify the Gleichschaltung and the Ermaechtigungsgesetz laws in Nazi Germany, which forbade dissent of any kind. Lenin iterated his infamous doctrine of "Democratic Centralism" in 1901-1902 in his famous article "What is to be Done?", which doctrine prohibited dissent, or even discussion, on issues of Party dogma. Communist Party dogma covered all aspects of life, including science. Lenin employed this principle of "Democratic Centralism" to make himself a dictator, as did Joseph Stalin. Lenin censored the press and prohibited the publication even of revolutionary literature by such notables as Maxim Gorky, which dared to advocate democracy and freedom of thought. In 1948, Communists used terror tactics to close down the play "Thieves' Paradise" by outspoken Jewish anti-Communist Myron Fagan. The Communists largely destroyed Fagan's career and his life.

It is not enough for the Zionist Jewish traitors who are ruining America to control the media. They now seek to control what we say. When they have pitted the police against the public, they will then begin to mass murder Americans, as they mass murdered Armenians, Slavs, Chinese, Jews, etc. The same forces which have artificially created the World Wars and the worst genocides of human history now seek the shield of criminalizing criticism directed against them.

The only hope we have to prevent this slide into the hell of a Jewish Bolshevik state in America is to become increasingly active in the political process and to voice our outrage at the criminals who are destroying our Republic. Beware, they will send out impostors, who will assure you that your efforts are futile, or worse, in effort to subtly silence you by persuading you to quietly surrender your soul to their devilish schemes. Most Americans have probably asked themselves how the Russian People allowed themselves to be controlled by the mass murderers Lenin, Trotsky, Kaganovich and Stalin. All they had to do was resist and the momentum of their mass would have toppled the dictators. Now ask yourselves, will you resist the Bolshevization of America?

Rev. Ted Pike has made herculean efforts to secure your rights to free speech. Please support him for all of our sakes and for the sake of goodness, that the promise of human freedom not perish forever from the face of the Earth under the tyranny of a Jewish "Messianic Era" otherwise known as "Bolshevism".

An Article by Pike

Rev. Pike's website

The Pikes' video on proposed legislation to criminalize critical speech.

Ted Pike - Hate Laws (1 of 2)

Ted Pike - Hate Laws (2 of 2)

Texe Marrs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Robby Noel interviewed Texe Marrs on Wednesday, 15 November 2006. The archives for Noel's program on are at:

which lists the following audio files of various types:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Colonial Confusion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

American imperialism has not been successful in Iraq, because America has not established its bureaucratic rule over the Iraqi victim. When an empire, such as the Roman Empire, or the British Empire, or Imperial Japan, invaded a country, they took steps to secure their imperial commercial interests, and thereby created a financial incentive for the exploitation and improvement of the colony. The United States has failed to take these necessary steps toward building a successful colony, because we pretend that we are not an imperial power. This has created a power vacuum which cannot be filled by American military force sans American colonial policy and control.

Instead, the American policy of invasion and destruction of Iraq has been one of colonizing the American taxpayer through the venue of Iraq. The greater the destruction of Iraq, the greater the amount of money contractors stand to make by supplying and equipping American and foreign contractors and soldiers. Therefore, instead of creating a financial incentive to build an Iraqi colony, we have created a financial incentive to demolish the nation of Iraq and leave it without a government or a future. American enterprise then takes over with the incentive to destroy, instead of build, and rapes the Iraqis and the American taxpayer.

If we are to be an imperial power, then we must conduct ourselves as one, and create and implement policies and regulations which will enable us to successfully colonize Iraq. We must not continue down the path of destruction of the American economy and the Iraqi nation to the detriment of both Peoples, while profiting the war profiteers and creating an incentive for more war without any beneficial results for any nation. I do not think it is in America's best interest to build an empire, but if are going to go that route, then we must go all the way, or face inevitable disaster.

The dilemma we face if we seek to restore Iraq is that we must effectively face the reality that it was a mistake to destroy it. Once we have eclipsed that hurdle, then we must talk to the leaders of the various factions of the nation and organize a centralized power base through reasonable means, not through hubris and aggression. We will have to break up the Mossad/CIA/British Intelligence operatives who are manufacturing sectarian violence for the purpose of destroying stability and centrality. More broadly, we should take the opportunity to negotiate just and wise solutions to the problems the Zionists have created throughout the Middle East and we must secure the safety and well being of the Palestinian People.

First though, we have a choice to make as to whether we are an empire, or respect the sovereignty and rights of other nations. We have to stop obeying the Israelis, who are exploiting us in the hopes that America and the non-Jewish nations of the Middle East will fall, leaving Israel standing, and in the hopes that American Jews will then move to Israel. If we are going to colonize Iraq, and I am against the idea, then let's do it without colonizing the American taxpayer, instead.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Peace Initiative

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Based upon the following stories it appears that Bush and Blair are playing good cop and bad cop:

Bush rejects Blair plan for talks

Talking tough from a weak position

Ahmadinejad: Iran Willing to Talk If U.S. Changes

They are opening up possibilities, but trying to make the nations of the Middle East offer concessions before negotiations even begin. In return, Ahmadinejad is taking a similar tack. This is to be expected, and it is better to argue about how to argue, than to argue about how to go to war. But there are better ways to open up possibilities to resolve the crises in the Middle East the Zionists have artificially created.

We could have university people and institutions write up possibilities papers, as opposed to positions papers, which could then be discussed. The idea is to create a framework without commitments, that focuses on, and defines, the problems from various perspectives, and then which attempts to find common bonds back to the problems so that viable solutions can be proposed that do not contravene the major and legitimate interests of the parties involved. A system of arbitration is needed. We need someone, or some group, to sponsor a forum. Perhaps the Scandinavians, or the Indians, or the Japanese, I'll have to consider the problem further from all points of the compass. However, if the nations involved in the Middle East were to avoid the opening vollies from the West over how to begin negotiations, and simply engage one another, I suspect America, England, France and Russia would demand access to the negotiating table.

Should Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria open a forum for discussing the future of the region and a plan to develop the interests of Sunnis, Shias and Kurds, as opposed to Israel and its client states, they would then start to identify their own interests in a progressive climate as opposed to a hostile one. They would then cease to allow Israel to control the agenda, which is an open attack on Islam carried out by dividing and destroying. The Moslems would then be able to make the agenda one of mutual benefits and the construction of infrastructure, trade programs and the building of education and industry. These Middle Eastern nations could have their intellectuals identify the common problems, the source of those problems, and potential resolutions to those problems. These nations would be unwise to allow their enemies to control the agenda, or to wait for their enemies to solve the problems their enemies have worked so hard to create.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Perpetual Zionist Dictatorship: Topple the Democrat/Republican Teeter Totter at the Top

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For thousands of years, Jews have been talking non-Jews into suicide under the guise of suicidal "liberal" principles. One of their preferred methods is to bring a society into ruin, and then to propose a dictatorship as the solution to the chaos they have deliberately caused.

The Jews who fabricated the Hebrew Bible, those who copied their religion, history and poetry from Egyptian, Greek and Mesopotamian sources, those who fabricated their prophecies after the events had already occurred, those who created a virulently racist belief system in order to preserve their tribe; those Jews discovered that idealistic philosophies and the promise of a Utopia were powerful weapons with which to destroy Goy peoples.

They often infiltrated foreign governments with subversive agents. The mythical Jewish book of Esther taught the Jews to marry off their women to the leaders of other "races" and to then use this power to destroy the "enemies" of the Jews. The Zionist puppet Nero and his Jewish wife Poppaea burned Rome and scapegoated the Christians for the Jewish atrocity. The Zionist puppet Oliver Cromwell brought England into civil war and in so doing secured England for the Jewish bankers, while scapegoating the Catholics for the ails Cabalistic Jews had caused the British. Frankist Jews brought France into chaos through their Zionist puppets Robespierre and Napoleon. These Jews ensured that the best of the French would perish, that French genes would lose their strongest links. They did this, they ruined France and brought it into perpetual self-destructive war, in the name of "liberty, equality and freedom". They also made an unrelenting attack on French Catholicism, preferring Judaized Protestantism, or, better still, leader worship. Crypto-Jews slaughtered Armenians to bring the Turkish Empire and Germany into conflict with Great Britain and Russia. Crypto-Jewish Revolutionaries then deliberately ruined the Turkish Empire, while scapegoating Moslems for the atrocities Jews had committed. These Jews taught the Turks that Islam was an antiquated and unscientific belief system that must be substituted with government worship, that would result in a positivistic Utopia. Soon after, Crypto-Jewish Revolutionaries deliberately destroyed Russia and mass murdered millions of Slavic Christians. They accomplished their goals by causing the Russian People to hate and to overthrow their own government—they scapegoated the Czar for the economic crises and wars Jews, in fact, had caused. The Jews taught the Russians that Christianity was their enemy, and that the State had assumed the rights which were previously the domain of the divine. Jewish Bolsheviks sought to destroy the world through revolution and preached that Communist Revolution was the messiah that would institute the Messianic Era. In Germany, crypto-Jewish Bolsheviks, calling themselves "National Socialists" or Nazis, called attention to the fact that Zionist Jews had betrayed Germany in the First World War. By causing the Germans to hate all Jews, the Jews were able to install their Zionist puppets in positions of power in the German Government and to bring Germany into perpetual war and ultimate ruin. They taught the Germans that the Zionist stooge Adolf Hitler was the messiah and that Germany had begun the birth pangs of the Messianic Era, or the thousand year Reich. These crypto-Jews taught the Germans that self-destructive wars without end were the means to the "End Times" of prophecy.

The Zionist puppet George Bush has brought America into perpetual war and has placed us on a course towards economic ruin. He rode to power on the backs of Christian Zionists, who sincerely believed and hoped that Bush would bring us into the Messianic Era through nuclear war. Beware of the controlled opposition of alternative Zionist puppets who propose their "solutions" to the tyranny and crises Zionists have brought to America. Their plan is to intensify the tyranny and further undermine American industry and nationalism.

The true solution is for Americans to become more actively involved in the political process, so that we can assure that American, as opposed to Zionist, interests are served by the American Government. Do not listen to the defeatists who tell you to hate American Government and destroy it. They are working for the Zionists. They will promise you a Utopia if only you destroy the government which is the stage for their Zionist puppets. Do not burn down the American theater of government. Simply chase the clowns off the stage and insist that the new actors follow the script inscribed in the American Constitution. Build rather than burn. Speak out rather than tear down. Contact members of both houses of Congress and tell them that you do not want them to bow down to Israel. Tell them that Pelosi, Schumer, Emmanuel, Liebermann, Kerry and like minded types do not speak for you when they speak for Israel. But do not become disengaged and despondent and do not hope for the downfall of the American system. If you cannot effect change now when the American system is wealthy, comparatively healthy and functional, you certainly will not achieve your dreams if you destroy our institutions and economy with a revolution. Instead, you will afford the Jewish bankers the opportunity to rob your wealth and take away your national sovereignty. Russia did not advance by murdering the Czar and the Russian Government. Yes, the true solution for America's problems is Americans. We need Americans who want to improve America and chase out the Zionists who are destroying us. They will have no chance at success without your active support. A good start will be to invite a candidate to oppose Pelosi for the position of Speaker of the House. Take a chainsaw to the Zionist teeter totter in the top leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties, where one Zionist dictator falls to raise another. The honest people in the lower ranks need your support and input. Do not assume that a Democrat is good or bad for being a Democrat. Likewise, do not assume that a Republican is good or bad for being a Republican.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Clear Conflict Between American and Israeli Interests

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Frankist Jew and Zionist traitor, United States Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, wrote in 1915 in his booklet The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It,

"And a conflict between American interests or ambitions and Jewish aims is not conceivable. Our loyalty to America can never be questioned."

Brandeis then betrayed America in 1917, and needlessly brought the American People into the First World War for the sake of the Zionist Jews and in exchange for the illegal Balfour Declaration. As a result, the war was prolonged and millions more needlessly died.

Another Jewish war criminal, Ehud Olmert, has come to America to influence our President to commit more crimes against humanity. The crisis in Iraq, which Zionist traitors in America have created, is a political problem and requires a political solution. But the genocidal Israelis always seek a genocidal "final solution" to the problems they artificially create. The Israeli final solution to the Iraq problem is to divide Iraq into at least three segregated countries so as to weaken it and to bring the sectarian factions into war, which civil war will broaden into a regional war, and then a World War. The Israelis will then have a stage upon which to commit their final act of genocide against the Moslems and exterminate them all. The Israelis do not want a political solution to the political problems of the Middle East. Israelis have always been "Social Darwinist" racists and they have always sought the "final solution" of Jewish supremacy and the extermination of their "enemies", of humanity. That is the official Jewish mindset written into Jewish law and carved on the stone of 2,500 years of Jewish contempt for assimilation, justice and humanity.

We Americans have different interests, which we have already betrayed by obeying the baying Zionist traitors in our midst, who have needlessly brought us into another bloody war with a people who have done us no harm. We Americans, at the behest of racist Israelis, have deliberately destroyed the nation of Iraq and created a political crisis in the entire region. We must resolve this crisis by engaging all the factions within Iraq, as well as Iraq's neighbors Iran, Syria, and Turkey, in good faith talks to bring about an equitable and sustainable peace, which will facilitate trade and good relations in the region. Israel wants instead perpetual war and the continual degradation and extermination of the Gentile Peoples of the Middle East. Israel is the enemy of the United States of America, and of humanity. If Bush were a human being, instead of a Zionist puppet, he would spit in Olmert's face and organize the world to end the threat that Israel poses to its own People and to humanity. It will be interesting to see what the Zionist Puppet Bush does instead. In the meantime, the peoples of Iraq, and its neighbors, ought to sidestep the United States if it continues to create problems instead of solutions, and work together toward a peaceful and equitable solution of the crisis, despite the efforts of racist Jewish warmongers to bring the region into completely unnecessary and highly destructive conflict. Peace and stability are obviously in the best interests of the Americans, as well, and if the Sunnis, Shia and Kurds joined with the Iranians, Syrians and Turks to negotiate a sustainable settlement, the American People would insist that their government welcome and participate in the much needed move toward peace.