Saturday, January 06, 2007

An Admiral from the Navy to Lead CENTCOM?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet,

"When sorrows come, they come not single spies, But in battalias!"

The Zionist traitor who launched a genocide against the People of Iraq, US President George W. Bush, plans to increase US troop levels in Iraq by 20,000. He has placed Navy Admiral William J. Fallon in charge of CENTCOM (United States Central Command).

These additional troops come with additional expenses, which is to say additional profits for Bush's war profiteering friends. Bush is readying a trap for them, which he will spring in the near future. The Zionists want the Iranians to attack these forces, and should they not, the Zionists will commit a false flag terrorist attack on these Americans so as to provoke the United States into attacking Iran with nuclear weapons. The Zionists, Bush among them, are inciting genocide against the Iranian People, and are setting up American forces for an attack to provide them with a pretext for mass murder—the extra billions they make along the way is merely an added bonus for them.

The Zionists are planning a massive naval campaign against Iran, which is why they have placed a Navy Admiral in charge of CENTCOM. This naval force will also provide a sea based platform for attacks on other Persian Gulf Nations, as well as a center for launching nuclear strikes against Pakistan and India, which the Zionists will blame on India and Pakistan—perhaps Communist China and Russia as well—so as to provoke them into annihilating each other.

Americans largely sit idly by while the Zionists destroy us. Some, nay, many cheer on the march over the edge of sanity into the abyss of World War III.

It is incumbent upon the people of the world to rescue ourselves from our Jewish controlled governments and mass media.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Palestinians Have Every Right to Deny Israel's False Claim to a "Right to Exist" on Stolen Land: It Is the Israelis Who Are Acting in Bad Faith

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israelis act in "bad faith" when they refuse to talk to any Palestinian leader who refuses to accept the bad faith claim that Israel currently has a "right to exist", which "right to exist" signifies a false right to have stolen the Palestinian's property. There is no logical or legal basis for the Jews of Israel to demand that the Palestinians accept the lie that Israel has a "right to exist", which is to say that the Israeli Jews had a right to terrorize the Palestinians and steal their land.

Negotiations must instead proceed on the good faith basis that Israel recognize that it had no right to steal the Arab's land. The Israelis are thieves, and it is common practice to negotiate with thieves for restitution. Israel can acquire rights to the lands it has stolen, if and only if Israel equitably compensates the Palestinians for the damages it has inflicted upon them. This can only take place through good faith negotiations, and good faith negotiations cannot occur while Israel denies reality and in bad faith falsely claims a deed and title to the land it has in fact stolen. In fact, Israel has lost its privilege to enter claims in a court of equity by acting in bad faith and falsely claiming title to the land on bogus religious and political grounds, those being the "Covenant with Abraham" and the Holocaust of European Jewry. If there were justice in the world, the Jews of Israel would be forcibly expelled.

Short of the forcible expulsion of the Jews of Israel from Palestine, the next best equitable solution is for the Jews to acknowledge that they have no deed to the land and enter into arbitration with the Palestinians to compensate them for the theft of Palestinian territory, and to secure the formation of a sovereign Palestinian State. This already entails a waiver on the part of the Palestinians to enforce their rights against the Israelis for the Israelis' having acted in bad faith and having thereby surrendered any rights to make claims in a court of equity.

In sum, it is the Israelis who act in bad faith by claiming a false title to property which they have stolen. The Palestinians act in good faith when they state that the Israelis have no right to currently claim a "right to exist" on stolen land. Not only is the Palestinian stance an acknowledgment of reality and an act of good faith, it is the legal and just beginning of any negotiation meant to equitably compensate the Palestinians and grant Israelis a future right to exist on what is to this day Palestinian territory. It is the Israelis who willfully and knowingly obstruct justice by falsely claiming rights they do not have to steal from their fellow human beings. It is the Israelis who are violating international law and fundamental human principles of equity, justice and law.

The Zionists Are Undermining the Best Interests of the Americans, Japanese, Taiwanese and South Koreans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Zionist traitors of the Bush Administration have intentionally undermined American interests, and those of our allies, by openly stating that Japan, Taiwan and South Korea will not go nuclear. Before talks began, this treacherous policy took all the pressure off of Red China to end North Korea's nuclear weapons program and leaves only sanctions and war as disincentives to North Koreans and Communist Chinese. The Communist Chinese welcome the deaths of North Koreans, so this is ultimately an incentive for them to push for more nuclear weapons tests in North Korea.

The Zionists want to artificially instigate World War III. By tying the hands of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, they are strengthening the comparatively weak hands of Red China and North Korea in preparation for war. The Zionists cannot have their war, and make it as bloody as possible, until they have ensured that their controlled combatants on both sides are well armed and well trained.

Our authentic allies are foolish to trust in the Zionist controlled government of the United States for their national security. They must instead take steps to ensure their security independently of the traitorous Zionist Bush Administration. This Zionist maneuvering is designed to result in war, then unification of the Eastern Nations in a Jewish-led world government.

I am strongly opposed to nuclear proliferation, but proliferation is the reality, and a balance must be struck. At present, the Zionist controlled regimes are arming themselves to the teeth in preparation for a staged war, whilst concurrently preventing nationalist nations from arming themselves in their own best interests.

From the beginning, nuclear weapons proliferation has been the covert policy of the United States Government, which has been under the domination of Jewish leadership. Jewish leaders can only keep Gentile populations subservient if they artificially create perpetual turmoil and conflict. Given this reality, world peace can only be secured if Japan and Taiwan move toward arming themselves. If they state their intentions to do so, the pressure would then be placed on North Korea and Red China to end their arms race.

The American public should recognize Bush's undermining of our allies' interests as yet another prime example of the Zionist Bush Administration's deliberate subversion of American interests.

A Secular Perspective on Israeli Warmongering: The Risks the Israelis Run and Why They Take Them

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israeli leadership are concurrently fearmongering and warmongering. They want Jews around the world to be "good Jews" and push for war against Iran. In order to create an incentive for this warmongering, Jewish leaders are fearmongering by accusing Iran of plotting to nuke Israel.

This will indeed inspire many Jews to overtly and covertly do what they can to instigate a war against Iran. It will also discourage immigration and tourism to Israel, and encourage emigration out of the "Jewish State". This is likely one reason why Olmert confirmed the existence Israel's nuclear arsenal. He sought to reassure Israelis and Jews that Israel can deter such an hypothetical attack, and to threaten Moslem nations with nuclear annihilation. However, another consequence of Olmert's tacit assurances to world Jewry is to inspire fear and insecurity in Jews, who would otherwise contemplate a move to Israel. Olmert, of course, scapegoats Iran for what he is doing.

Israel is chocking itself demographically by discouraging Jews from moving to Israel, and its leadership knows it. Their policies are counterproductive, unless they plan to expand Israel's borders and increase anti-Semitism around the world so as to increase emigration to Israel.

War would only make sense for world Jewry, if the artificial fulfillment of Jewish prophecies is their goal. In addition to deliberately creating world-wide instability and world war, such plans directly threaten increased dangers to all Jews, assimilated, indifferent and Zionistic.

If world Jewry were truly motivated by secular reasons alone, their best options would be to create a neutral Palestinian State and to stabilize Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. Jews in Israel could then live in peace and security with plenty of room for their current population and an additional increase through immigration, and/or internal growth, of another five million Jews. Quite obviously, they are not interested in merely creating a viable "Jewish State", as they are deliberately discouraging emigration to Israel. They want instead to artificially fulfill Jewish End Times prophecy.

For Jewry, this entails the prophesied deaths of two thirds of extant Jews. For assimilated Jews and Gentiles, the Jewish "End Times" signify world war and certain extinction.