Saturday, January 06, 2007

An Admiral from the Navy to Lead CENTCOM?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet,

"When sorrows come, they come not single spies, But in battalias!"

The Zionist traitor who launched a genocide against the People of Iraq, US President George W. Bush, plans to increase US troop levels in Iraq by 20,000. He has placed Navy Admiral William J. Fallon in charge of CENTCOM (United States Central Command).

These additional troops come with additional expenses, which is to say additional profits for Bush's war profiteering friends. Bush is readying a trap for them, which he will spring in the near future. The Zionists want the Iranians to attack these forces, and should they not, the Zionists will commit a false flag terrorist attack on these Americans so as to provoke the United States into attacking Iran with nuclear weapons. The Zionists, Bush among them, are inciting genocide against the Iranian People, and are setting up American forces for an attack to provide them with a pretext for mass murder—the extra billions they make along the way is merely an added bonus for them.

The Zionists are planning a massive naval campaign against Iran, which is why they have placed a Navy Admiral in charge of CENTCOM. This naval force will also provide a sea based platform for attacks on other Persian Gulf Nations, as well as a center for launching nuclear strikes against Pakistan and India, which the Zionists will blame on India and Pakistan—perhaps Communist China and Russia as well—so as to provoke them into annihilating each other.

Americans largely sit idly by while the Zionists destroy us. Some, nay, many cheer on the march over the edge of sanity into the abyss of World War III.

It is incumbent upon the people of the world to rescue ourselves from our Jewish controlled governments and mass media.