Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chavez Will Face Unimaginable Corruption

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Hugo Chavez is making many bold moves all at once. There is a great deal of money floating around in Venezuela. There will be an enormous amount of corruption chasing after it, as the society adjusts to the tumultuous changes Chavez is making. His success, or failure, will largely depend upon his ability to control those corrosive forces.

Chavez is depending upon oil revenues to accomplish what Communism cannot, distributing the wealth of the society to all of its members in order to build a strong and stable middle class. Russia had vast natural resources, but it was destroyed by Jewish subversion and corruption. To this day, the one factor holding Russia back is rampant corruption, which is a legacy of its Jewish Bolshevik past. Former Soviet citizens had no choice but to function through corruption, or starve. If you wanted a doctor to treat you, you first had to treat her to some ham from the farm, or a few bottles of vodka. Such corruption permeated every aspect of Soviet life.

Whenever government takes over businesses, petty tyrant bureaucrats find their way into positions of power they cannot manage and stick there, clotting the arteries of the society. Where there is no competition, where consumers have no choices or alternatives, petty and meanspirited bureaucrats feed off of bribes and treat the general population as if they were prison guards and the people were helpless criminals. Add onto that sorry fact of socialistic life the incentive to generalize wages, and you have a recipe for incompetence, indifference and vast corruption.

Chavez better have systems in place to curb this corruption, without himself becoming a petty tyrant. His survival will depend on his popular support. In order to maintain the People's support, he will have to be just kind enough, and just cruel enough, and no more. He will have powerful enemies fueling his opposition. If he cracks down hard on the corrupt, the people may abandon him. If he allows corruption to spread, the people will lose their respect for him and look elsewhere. The CIA and Mossad will try to spread drugs and prostitution in the country and corrupt it in a million other ways. Organized crime and local politicians will take advantage of the chaos to demand their cut of the profits. When he deals with other nations, he will face their corrupt officials, without the open help of the World Bank behind him, rather with it apparently working against him.

Chavez had better focus on effective wage systems and provide the consumer, the public, with the means to regulate corrupt public officials, and provide incentives for good people to succeed. He had better model his society after Sweden, and not the Soviet Union, or Cuba. If he dumps his wealth into military spending and spreads his empire too thinly over poor countries, the bridge he thinks he is building will collapse from its own weight, and his people will be corrupted by foreign influences. On the other hand, if makes deals to generate wealth and savings for his People, and symbiotically for his neighbors, he may survive for a few years.

Americans ought to act now to improve the lot of our southern neighbors, or we will eventually face a red tidal wave from the South which will sweep away our liberty and then our lives. That is if we survive the Bolshevization taking place from within, and the march toward World War III that Zionist Bush is leading. We have neglected these problems for far too long. Our policy has been, for hundreds of years, to increase the problems of our southern neighbors, so that they will forever be too weak to threaten us. It was an inhumane policy and it will haunt us if we do not act immediately. But we still have time to make amends if we act now.

Chavez is giving the Indian populations hope. That is something the USA has never done. Power is shifting among South and Central American nations. Yet again, Zionist power is subverting American interests. You can bank on the fact that Chavez, like Castro, is working for the Jewish bankers. Without a controlled opposition, they have no means to destroy us. Do not forget that the bankers can work with Bush to destroy Islam, as they work with Chavez to destroy America, as they work with Bush to destroy Chavez. It is easier to bring down a massive structure if you destroy all of its underpinnings simultaneously.