Friday, January 26, 2007

A Clear Pattern Emerges from the Rubble

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I caution Moslem nations to consider the clear pattern of Zionist aggression against your countries. Note especially the use of treacherous "Moslem leaders" and false flag terrorism to provide the Zionists with an illegitimate pretext for illegal aggressive war, and to incite Moslems to kill other Moslems.

The Jewish-led attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine each followed a similar model. The Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Fouad Siniora and Mahmoud Abbas were each products of the Mossad, CIA, British Intelligence and subversive Jewish influence. Each rose to power under the pressure of foreign attacks on sovereign peoples. Each provided pretexts for Jewish leaders to attack the peoples each were duty bound to protect. Following these orchestrated attacks, the peoples suffering under the rule of each of these "leaders" were led into civil war by false flag terrorism and deliberately misguided "leadership". Each of these "leaders" have helped World Jewry to scapegoat the United States for their destructive actions, and to force nations other than Israel to pay for Israel's crimes.

We can expect this pattern to repeat itself for as long as it continues to work. The next target on the Zionist hit list is Iran. Chavez and Ahmadinejad both focus on the USA and work with World Jewry to scapegoat the USA for illegal actions which clearly emanate from orders from World Jewry. Their statements correspond to and bolster statements by Israeli politicians. They are agents of the Jewish bankers who help the bankers to start wars and blame Goys.

After World Jewry has annihilated Iran, and assuming World War III does not begin, Israel will start beating the drums for war against the Sunni, and will use their control over the media to create world-wide hatred for Moslems. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt talk of nuclear development today, because the Sunnis are next on the Zionist hit list after Iran, and the "leaders" of these Sunni Arab nations are Zionist agents and are working for World Jewry to provide it with a series of pretexts for the next series of attacks on Moslem countries. In order that these Zionist agents not be overthrown, they will turn to their peoples and say that they need nuclear weapons for self defense, and offer up the example of Iran, a country they themselves will have helped to destroy. In reality, they will be deliberately providing World Jewry with a pretext to mass murder more Moslems and ruin more nations.

Moslems can seek to protect themselves by promoting Moslem unity and calling for peace and stability in the Middle East. You should offer rewards for the capture and conviction of anyone seeking to commit acts of violence. You should offer especially rich rewards for the capture of foreign intelligence agents and those working with them. It will be much more difficult for Mossad to operate if they face a public with a substantial financial incentive to catch them and turn them, and their agents, in for a large reward. When agents are captured, the events should be highly publicized with emphasis on the heroic persons who turn in the spies, and on the large amounts of money and fame they receive.

Moslems can further protect themselves by increasing the transparency and by diminishing the authoritarian control of their governments. In other words, Moslem peoples should exercise greater popular control over their governments. Be advised that one of oldest and most effective means World Jewry has for subverting and destroying a society is to place dictators in power on a Jew-baiting platform, who are secretly working for World Jewry to help World Jewry to gin up a war against the target nation. World Jewry will usually first build up the nation economically so that it buys up enough arms and builds an army strong enough to dare war. Then World Jewry will weaken the nation through economic means and comparatively minor wars. When it is sufficiently softened up, they will then instigate a major war to utterly destroy the nation.

Watch for the signs and act when it is comparatively easy to act.