Saturday, January 20, 2007

Criminals Dread Exposure

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iran should call on academics around the world to expose the Zionists' criminal plans to aggressively attack Iran. Think of what a difficult time a bank robber would have of robbing the local bank, if his plans to rob it were exposed in the local newspaper. Iran can save itself by pointing a finger of accusation at the criminal Bush Administration and at the Zionists who are deliberately ginning up an illegal aggressive war against peaceful Iran.

Iran should again and again repeat that they are a peaceful nation whose interests are only in peace and stability in the Middle East. Iran should expose the massive amounts of irrefutable evidence of the Zionists' criminal plans to attack Iran. Iran should be proactive, not reactive. Iran should defend its reputation against the Zionists who are defaming the Iranians and Moslems with deliberate and vicious lies. Turn the tables on the Zionists and expose them to the world as the criminal warmongers, hypocrites, liars and genocidal monsters that they are.

Think of what has already been accomplished. We have completely changed the debate in America and shined the spotlight of truth on the fact that Israel was behind American aggression in Iraq, and is behind the plan to illegally attack Iran. The situation is rapidly turning against the criminal Zionists. Jimmy Carter's book is a best seller! Keep up the pressure on the criminals by exposing their criminal plans.

Call for peace and for dialogue. Call for Moslem unity. The Zionists are trying to pit Sunnis against Shia. Expose this trap to the Islamic People.

Do everything you can to buy yourselves more time. Work with the UN. Complain to the UN of the illegal aggressive Zionist plans to commit genocide against your people. Do more than complain. Organize your academic community and press to publish documentary evidence of the Zionists' open calls to aggressive war and genocide. Do not assume that people in America and elsewhere are aware of these facts. Rather make it your goal to inform the world of these facts and explain them in detail. If the UN acts hypocritically, then take the opportunity to expose its bias, its injustice.

Win public support. Show that Iranians are reasonable people and call on the world to help you against this unprovoked American aggression. Prove to the world that Zionists want to murder your people. Prove to the world that Israel and America refuse to live in peace, refuse even to talk about living in peace.

Produce documentary films exposing Zionist crimes against Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians. Prove to the world who is the aggressor and who is the victim of aggression. The Zionists will appear increasingly ridiculous, dishonest and dangerous as you expose their crimes, and their criminal plans. The bankrobber will not be able to rob the bank if you expose his plans.